Agence France Presse, 13th February 2002
A French pedophile who once called in a newspaper article for children to be sodomised and promoted sex attacks on children on the Internet began a 30-year prison term Wednesday.
Jacques Dugue, 66, was sentenced as a recidivist sex criminal Tuesday after a court, meeting behind closed doors, heard that he had raped and molested two minors, the children of one of his previous victims.
He had previously been convicted of pedophile offences in 1981 and 1983 and had been sentenced to eight years in jail in 1990.
The court heard that police investigating Dugue found a message from him on the computer of a US pedophile that read: “We must pervert children so that a new generation of perverts can take over where we leave off.”
Dugue enjoyed brief notoriety in January 1979 when the left-wing daily Liberation published an article in which he defended “a friend” who, he said, regularly raped his own 11-year-old stepson.
“The kid himself would ask to be sodomised and took a real pleasure in it, both physically and as affection,” he wrote.
He added that children treated in such as way were “better balanced and happier than the little thugs brought up by intolerant heterosexuals.”
At the case this week Dugue admitted he had fondled the children but denied rape.
The children’s father, identified only as Jean-Michel, and their mother refused to pursue charges against him put the case was brought at the request of local social services.
Jean-Michel had previously been identified as the victim in one of Dugue’s earlier trials but still lived next door to him in the Alpine town Chambery and allowed his children to go skiing with their “Granpa Jacques”.

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