Date: Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 12:17 AM
To: nicola.sturgeon.msp@scottish.parliament.uk
Cc: graeme.pearson.msp@scottish.parliament.uk

             20th November 2014              The CONTINUING REQUIREMENT for a  CHILD SEX ABUSE INQUIRY in SCOTLAND
                      OPEN LETTER
Dear Miss Sturgeon,
May I congratulate you on becoming the first woman to be chosen as First Minister of Scotland.
As you have been lady-in-waiting, in effect, for this job, the content of the most pressing pile of papers on your desk cannot come as a surprise to you; those pertaining to the urgent need for an Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse in Scotland, both current and historical.
Given that the Scotsman reported on 17th November 2014 that 13 new child sex abuse cases are presented every day in Scotland, this would mean a figure not far short of 5,000 per annum. I cannot see that there is any argument whatsoever to dismiss the proposed CSA Inquiry.
In your inaugural speech today, you invite rival politicians to come forward with their ideas so you may work with them. Graeme Pearson, Shadow Justice Secretary, has already emerged from the shadows in his calls for proper investigation into historical CSA. If you are to stand by your words, I  would like to suggest that you work closely with him on this topic, as hitherto the SNP seem to have prevented any serious progress for an Inquiry.  It is imperative that all parties work together to bring to an end the persistent problems of CSA within Scottish society.
There are several unresolved issues that you have inherited as the new First Minister.
One is that of the perceived cover up of the Hollie Greig case. I would like to remind you that Ms Greig reported her allegations in 2000 and as yet, no satisfactory conclusion has been reached. Apparently about £2.5 million of tax payer’s money has been spent on preventing both Robert Green and Timothy Rustige from speaking out about this specific case. Perhaps you can confirm the exact figure?
The obvious reason as to why this is not satisfactory, is that the public have not been made aware that their money has been spent in this way. Contrast this with the extraordinary case of Madeleine McCann, where media coverage around the world continues, but the public are at least aware that around £10 million of tax payer monies has been used. Therefore, they do have the choice as to what they wish to do about this information, whereas the Hollie Greig case is kept out of the mainstream media.
It would be helpful to know if this black out is to continue, as I cannot see how any meaningful Scottish CSA Inquiry can take place without the inclusion of the Hollie Greig case, as she has alleged she was abused by 22 perpetrators, in other words, a paedophile ring, operating in the Aberdeen area, and is the one Child Sex Abuse case in Scotland that is internationally recognised.
It is also totally incomprehensible as to why, given we are still one United Kingdom, a Westminster parliamentarian has nominated Robert Green for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015, notably for his work in helping to expose CSA in Scotland, in particular with reference to the Hollie Greig case, and yet the Scottish authorities see fit to impose draconian conditions on him, following a questionable period of remand in Perth HMP. In the nomination letter he is praised to the hilt by the member of Parliament in London, and yet, with the exception of Graeme Pearson, no Scottish Minister is seen to mention the name of Robert Green.
Paedophile rings established in the past need to be fully investigated, even where the alleged members are deceased. The fact that Susie Henderson, daughter of eminent QC Robert Henderson, alleges that she was abused by her father and shared with a paedophile ring including Nicholas Fairbairn, former Solicitor General for Scotland needs to be examined in detail. The Dunblane massacre has a D-notice imposed on it, which should be removed to allow full and thorough investigation, as it appears that Thomas Hamilton was an alleged paedophile.
I would suggest that even going back to the Fred West case might prove to have links to other paedophile rings.
Sadly, it is reported that paedophile rings continue through the generations.
The very notion of Child Sex Abuse is distasteful to all decent members of society. It seems that it is often described as Child Sex Exploitation, even when money has not changed hands. This is, in my opinion, diluting the hard hitting truth that in reality, Child Sex Abuse is Cruelty to Children through Sex and Torture.
As a woman, I hope you will be able bring much needed compassion and sensitivity to this highlighted subject in the United Kingdom at the present time. If Scotland is to become an independent country in the future, why not lead the way by leaving no stone unturned on what currently ranks as “Mission Impossible”.  We owe it to future generations to remove this cancer from within our society.
I welcome your personal views upon this matter and trust you will act swiftly to put in place an Inquiry to investigate Child Sex Abuse in Scotland that is worthy of the victims who have suffered in silence, who place so much trust in you to bring them justice, and above all, the knowledge that they are believed fully.
Please give those victims, and the public, your assurance as the new First Minister, that you will treat this as a major priority.
Since Graeme Pearson was previously a senior member of the Scottish Police Force, he is well placed to implement a CSA Inquiry.  I challenge you to fulfil your offer to work with those outside your own political party, and ask his advice as to how best to effect an Inclusive Inquiry into Scottish Child Sex Abuse.
Finally, after all that the Referendum did or didn’t bring, could Scotland show Westminster how to do things properly by example?  By starting with an effective and speedy Child Sex Abuse Inquiry that produces satisfactory results to all.
I look forward to hearing from you.
  Yours sincerely,
   Lorna Fulford

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