Ally’s comment posted above regarding Rusty’s February 2014 trial in Aberdeen being the required The People’s Voice / UK Column publicised catalyst to wake up our somnambulist population to this despicable pederast scandal is 100% on the ball.
The fact that nine of the twenty-plus named by Hollie as her abusers testified under oath at Robert Green’s Stonehaven trial last year that none of them had ever been interviewed by the police regarding the charges ‘and’ the police officer who gave sworn testimony at the trial was forced – again under oath – to concede the verity of this detail, and thus admit no investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse and serial rape was ever undertaken – should be grounds for an outcry of injustice – or rather justice denied – and prompt a Holyrood Parliamentary level graft and corruption inquiry as to what the hell is going on in a Scotland which now deems itself ready fr Independence.


Pity the he keeps company with Maggs Shaw aka Slaggie Maggie aks Mags ONeill
Bernard ONeills ex ,you remember Bernie who is in charge of the Police board who refuse to lift Greg Lance Watkins,the man who by naming the accused MADE sure it could NEVER go to trial,the man who still names the alledged victims,illegally and who the cops wont lift.Greg lance Watkins the  man who hates UKIP.


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