Lord Janner ‘raped and tortured young boys

Lord Janner ‘raped and tortured young boys INSIDE Parliament’ claims MP 2015

Lord Janner ‘raped and tortured young boys INSIDE Parliament’ claims Simon Danczuk MP

The Labour MP said police had shown him allegations of
“children being violated, raped and tortured, some in the very building
in which we sit”

Lord Greville Janner
More claims: Lord Greville Janner will not stand trial for historic sex abuse allegations because of his dementia

Young boys were violated, raped and tortured inside Parliament by Labour peer Lord Janner, an MP has sensationally claimed.
Simon Danczuk
said police have shown him allegations against the 86-year-old peer and
listed 16 indecent assaults and six serious sexual assaults against
underage boys between 1969 and 1988.
He told a hushed Parliament: “Children being violated, raped and tortured, some in the very building in which we sit.”
The MP added that police are fuming over the Crown Prosecution Service decision in April not to press charges due to Lord Janner’s dementia – despite his continuing attendance in the Lords.
He said: “Why is he able to contribute to the law-making process in the Lords, but unable to face the law himself?

Manchester Evening News
Simon Danczuk MP
Demanding answers: Simon Danczuk MP

“If Lord Janner really is too ill to face prosecution, why can’t the courts establish this with a ‘fitness-to-plead’ process?”
Mr Danczuk argued if it were shown Lord Janner is too sick for court, there should at least be a “trial of the facts”.
he added: “The DPP has said it would not be in the public interest. I
fail to see how the knowledge a peer of the realm is a serial child
abuser is not.”
Lord Janner denied the allegations in Parliament
when they were first raised in 1991. His family issued a statement in
April insisting he is innocent.
Another MP warned abuse is still being covered up “at the highest level” with allegations reaching “the top of society”.
Labour’s John Mann
said “hundreds of thousands” were “just starting to come forward” with
allegations – but added they were just “the tip of the iceberg”.

John Mann (Pic: SM)
Covered up: John Mann MP says

He claimed the Establishment was still preventing damaging revelations about the “systemic” abuse being made public.
He said: “It gives a strong message that there are different layers in society and some people can get away with things.
“Why was Cyril Smith, when repeatedly apprehended, not prosecuted?”
Mr Mann believes this question is key to the truth behind the alleged cover-up.
Smith, who died in 2010, was held during an 80s probe into alleged orgies with teenage boys in South London.
An undercover police operation was scrapped shortly after Smith’s arrest.

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