Rochdale MP says Coffey Report is ‘dangerous’

Simon Danczuk tels the Rochdale Observer the Coffey report into child sex abuse focuses too much on society instead of the police

Ann Coffey MP delivers her report into child sexual exploitation. Picture: Chris Bull

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has accused the Coffey Report into child sex abuse of not going far enough, claiming some aspects of the report are ‘dangerous’.
Part of the report blames society as a whole and jurors in child sex abuse trials for a failure to convict offenders.
Mr Danczuk told the Rochdale Observer : “Where I think the report is dangerous is that it seems to be moving the blame away from the perpetrators and failing of the police to act, more towards the public and the public’s attitude towards these sorts of crimes – which I find strange and unhelpful.”
He went on: “The reason there hasn’t been prosecutions is not because of the jurors, it’s because police failed to build a case against the perpetrators.”
The Coffey Report into child sexual exploitation – launched as a result of the infamous Rochdale grooming scandal – has warned that the Rochdale case should not be used as the only example of horrendous abuse against children.
Read the full story in this weekend’s Rochdale Observer

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