Lacey Spears: “Baby Killer” Tortured With Salt In Prison


August 31, 2016 4:43 pm.

In 2015, Lacey Spears charged with second-degree murder and
first-degree manslaughter following the death of her five-year-old son,

Now, Spears is serving a 20-year sentence for allegedly poisoning her
son with high levels of salt, a crime which is coming back to haunt the
28-year-old Kentucky native.

The former mommy blogger gave a prison interview to true crime author and biographer John Glatt for his upcoming book, My Sweet Angel, in which she described the kind of torture other inmates are putting her through.

“It’s been brutal here. Crimes involving children are considered the worst here,” Spears said, according to Radar Online.

“I hear them talking behind my back, calling me ‘baby killer,’ ‘child
killer,’ and ‘mother of the year.’ But I know it’s not who I am.”

This doesn’t come as a surprise, given that it’s common knowledge that
those accused of crimes against children are usually assaulted by fellow

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“It’s been very hard, adjusting to being here,” Spears told Glatt.

“You always have to look behind your back, and I don’t trust anyone. I don’t have any friends, but I have people to talk to.”

Spears’ sister, Rebecca recalls stories from her incarcerated sibling, in particular the bullying.

“When she walked through the line [in the cafeteria] and it would be
her turn to pick up the tray [someone] would put salt packets over her
meal and then hand the tray to her,” Rebecca Spears said.

Spears was suspected of suffering from Munchausen by proxy, and was
offered to go into protective custody (which would force her to spend 23
hours per day in solitude), but she declined.

Spears maintains her innocence, and at one point claimed that it was the hospital’s fault that he died, not hers.

“I didn’t hurt him,” Spears told 48 Hours‘ Troy Roberts.

“I never poisoned him with salt.”

Garnett Spears passed away in January 2014.

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