The disgraceful lack of attendance by MPs at the Child Sex Abuse debate in the House of Commons, 27th November 2014

                                           OPEN LETTER
1st December 2014
Dear Mr Weir,
I note that a miniscule number of MPs attended the debate on child sex abuse in the House of Commons on 27th November, last Thursday.
I do not believe you were there, or any other Scottish MP. Please correct me if I am wrong.
The entire population of the United Kingdom is now completely aware of the need for a proper Child Sex Abuse Inquiry, and it is scandalous that our paid representatives, you, our MPs, were not present at this vital debate. Not only does it show gross disrespect to the victims of appalling crimes, it is disrespectful to the public.
21 weeks have elapsed since the Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced that there would be an  national over-arching Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse. If we let Christmas go past, it will be a full 6 months. We, the public, have no respect for those elected officials that do not take seriously the abhorrent subject of paedophilia, and this will undoubtedly be reflected in the General Election next year. Much, much more is needed to make this Inquiry credible to all.
The time has come for us to stand and be counted. Not speaking out for all those sexually abused can mean but one thing, that in doing so, one is complicit with the crimes being committed.
How can any decent human being tolerate the knowledge that children are sexually abused and tortured?
I hope that all future debates in Parliament on Child Sex Abuse are marked in your diary as permanent fixtures.
Yours sincerely,
   Lorna Fulford

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