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This one could be your downfall Dom. Have you ever interviewed Robert Green? Have you ever seen the documentation he has? Have you seen the evidence of the smear campaign waged against Green and Hollie’s mother and anybody who dares to question the hoax group? You are well out of your league here – this is about massive child abuse covered up by heads of government. Paedophile rings notoriously smear those on their tail, it is classic modus operandi. Be careful you don’t get yourself labelled a paedophile enabler and protector. Whilst you cast all these doubts you would do well to remember a real man languishes in jail for standing up to these sick fuckers! Stop looking for controversy to further your cause – look for the TRUTH – it’s all out there.
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  • Lee Ryan You should have called this group the Hollie Greig Hoax, hoax. None of you have the bottle to say who you are – pathetic! You wouldn’t last two minutes in a group which stands for the truth – Hollie Greig Justice
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  • Lee Ryan Now your name rings a fair few bells…
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  • Lee Ryan Ah Wyn Dragon-Smith!
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  • Lee Ryan Ha ha, cowards
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  • Lee Ryan So you’re not going to give your name then? What are you hiding from?
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  • Hollie Greig Hoax We hide from nothing – you should know that!!
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  • Hollie Greig Hoax Yes remember that Lee Ryan. THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS OUT !!
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  • Hollie Greig Hoax Lee Ryan you wouldn’t know the truth from the people you obviously follow. Just conspiracy junkies I’m afraid.
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  • Hollie Greig Hoax The so called ‘real man’ has been lying for years and naming innocent people. There is no massive cover-up just people ready to believe anything they are told, without reading the facts. Robert Green refuses to be interviewed by anyone who questions him. Why would this be I wonder??
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  • Wyn Dragon-Smith Cat got his tongue Steven.
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  • Steven Milne Please share the documentation proving a cover up Lee.
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  • Wyn Dragon-Smith Well here I am Lee Ryan. Nobody is hiding I can assure you. If you really knew the real facts, you would perhaps be very apologetic but most of your type shun from ‘truth’ because you love the conspiracy. I suggest you go play with your guns!!
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  • Lee Ryan Ah is that Jon Stevenson? If it is, do stop stalking Sonia Poulton. I think you are the one with something to hide. Justice for Hollie Greig has your cards well marked – and no matter what, the truth will always out
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  • Lee Ryan Whoever you are behind this page – that is an absolute lie! If it is you Dom, shame on you for siding with paedo’s
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