Lazy Cops Let Down 400 Rape Victims

UPDATED May 18, 2013. CAUTIONS STAY ON RECORD 100-YRS. Police cautions lead to a 100-year criminal record that can wreck prospects of getting a job or going to university. Report at MailOnline, click this link.

New Shock BBC Report Reveals Over 1000 Cautions for Sex Offences in East England Alone
UPDATED May 8, 2013. “Across the region, more than 1,000 cautions have been issued in the past five years for sexual offences, including rape. In nearly all cases those cautioned were adults,” says the BBC website (click to read)

UPDATED March 1, and May 5, 2013. Important question by reader Tom Cahill: “Is there any evidence to suggest that they’re actually knocking people back on this basis of being too clever?” What do you think? You can find Tom’s question in “COMMENTS”, scroll down or click through to read it in full. What do you think? Let’s have your views.

This misuse of police powers is a scandal

No Justice For Rape Victims

No Justice For Rape Victims

The Mail on Sunday, a British Sunday newspaper, reported that “more than half a million criminals have been let off with warnings for serious offences including rape, burglary and arson”. Where the Mail says “warnings” it means cautions, they are not the same thing, however, career criminals see getting a caution as getting away with it.
A caution is a legal instrument given to British police to deal with minor offences. In effect it makes them judge, jury and executioner. It was invented as a way to appear to be dealing with crime and increase clear up rates. This deceptive instrument has been around for many years now and is being increasingly used by police throughout Britain for crimes that it was never designed for. It was only ever meant to deal with very minor and first-time crimes such as vandalism and shoplifting and, in particular to deal with young offenders.
However, the police being the police use this power in ways that can only be described as a scandal. How can it be right that rapists and attempted rapists can be saved the embarrassment of going before a court and receive an appropriate sentence? Over the last 15-years 400 such sex offenders have. That’s at least 400 rape victims who have been violated and, despite having the courage to report the crime then find that the lazy cops let the pervert off. Where is the justice in that?
In the same 15-year period 90,000 burglary victims, 8,000 victims of serious assault and 7,000 victims of robbery got the same disgraceful treatment from the police. There is only one place for these types of crimes to be judged; before jury of “12 good men and true”, not by a cop or for that matter by the CPS. See NOTE:
Note: “12 good men and true” is the ancient description of a jury when men were considered (by men) better and more intelligent. That is no longer an acceptable belief and TheDuckShoot blog does not subscribe to such stupid sexism. CPS is the initials of the Crown Prosecution Service and like the police are a corrupt government organisation designed to crush the people and serve the wishes of the Elite class.
When a caution should NEVER be accepted
Very often the police accuse people falsely and then offer the option of a caution to settle the matter. You could be accused of ‘assaulting the police’, ‘resisting arrest’; ‘carrying an offensive weapon’, ‘jumping a red light’ when in fact you are guilty of no such thing. So why should you take the cop’s “easy option” and be marked for life?
You DO have a choice and your choice should be NO THANK YOU, here’s why; a caution IS a conviction however some dodgy cops and The Mail on Sunday portray it. A decent, honest cop will tell you that accepting a caution could affect your employment. You may not have to tell an existing or potential employer but if an employer asks for a police report it is recorded on it. I am not making that up; I accepted a caution once after an altercation in the street and subsequently several years later lost a very lucrative job. The altercation was “six of one and half dozen of the other” but the other person had witnesses, I didn’t.
The honest cop will also tell you that if you are charged with an offense within a certain number of years that caution you have accepted at the side of the road, in your home or at a police station will be taken into consideration when sentencing.
The dodgy cop, and that is most of them, will concentrate on telling you that it saves you the trouble of appearing in court, that you pay no fine and, of course you don’t face those peegs in weegs. See NOTE. He is not concerned with your welfare despite him having a duty of care towards you.

British Police Officer

British Police Officer

NOTE: “peegs in weegs” – A friend of mine describes judges thus. Pigs in Wigs see? Yes I know my British readers will get it but I have readers all over the world and some may not.

Now let’s examine the reality
Scenario One: You are exercising your lawful right to protest in Parliament Square and one of the Agents of the State commonly known as a cop pushes you to the ground and assaults you with a steel baton. He then accuses you of “assaulting a police officer” and in the confines of the fortress, they call a police station, they offer to drop the charge provided you accept a caution. You did nothing wrong, but the cop is suggesting you accept a police record.
Scenario Two: You are in a public place taking photos of interesting subjects, statues, architecture and ornamental gardens. A stroppy cop asks you what you doing. You are tempted to be sarcastic and suggest you waiting for him/her to arrive to ask stupid questions. You resist the temptation and ask him/her politely if he/she considers what you are doing to be illegal. He/she asks you for your name and address and you ask, again, “am I doing anything illegal?” He/she says that it is illegal to take photos in a public place. You reply “no it is not”, Mr Policeman, “I can photograph what like in public including you”. The cop may then say we have had a lot of robberies in this area and you may be collecting information to do one yourself. Tiring of this crap you ask him if you are free to go. He replies “yes when you have provided your details”. You reply “I have committed no crime you are not entitled to my details so I am leaving”. You walk away but the cop Tasers you and in great pain you fall to the ground. Because of the effect of the Taser you can’t physical put your arms behind your back to be handcuffed. Eventually he cuffs you and charges you with resisting arrest. Meanwhile when you are back at the police station they offer to drop the charge provided you accept a caution. You did nothing wrong, but the cop is suggesting you accept a police record that will impact on your life.
The police caution should be abolished
Yes, the police caution is applied to many completely innocent people and to the worst criminals who should face a real judge, real jury and in the case of violent offenders be sentenced to a very long period in prison.
The police caution an offense to real justice should be abolished immediately.

UPDATE January 2, 2012: Since writing this piece I have become aware of some changes in the law with regard to rehabilitation of offenders. The new rules apply to cautions as well. Here is an excerpt from a Ministry of Justice PDF:
Does the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act cover cautions?
Yes. The law was changed on 19 December 2008. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act now covers simple cautions, reprimands and warnings (which become spent immediately) and conditional cautions (which become spent after 3 months). The change covers all cautions, reprimands, and warnings including those administered before 19 December 2008. The full PDF can be read here: Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

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