NZ working together to fight child sex abuse crimes

Hon Judith Collins
Minister of

Hon Nicky

Minister of

Hon Peter

Minister of Internal

21 August 2016 Media

NZ working together to
fight child sex abuse crimes

The Ministers of
Police, Customs, and Internal Affairs have congratulated
their departments for their efforts in fighting online child
sexual abuse.
The Ministers say identification and rescue
of victims, both within New Zealand and internationally,
will continue to be a priority of their departments’ work.
Police, Customs and Internal Affairs recently worked
together to create a national database of images to assist
in the assessment of child abuse material and victim
“Police have been leading large
international operations that have resulted in multiple
offenders being arrested and a number of children being
rescued from abuse. One such example was an operation this
year which saw 11 offenders from around the world arrested
and 19 vulnerable children rescued,” Ms Collins
“In the past financial year, Customs prosecuted
six individuals caught either travelling with objectionable
material or sharing it through the internet. Forensic
examination of their computers and phones located 537,636
images and videos,” Ms Wagner says.
“Behind each image
or video is a child, often suffering horrendous and
unimaginable abuse. People who keep or share these
publications make the victims’ suffering worse. Our
departments are working together to identify and catch
perpetrators, and protect children.”

Recent New Zealand
investigations led to the identification of an offender in
Houston, Texas, who was subsequently jailed for 60 years for
continuous sexual abuse of a child, the detection of a
United Kingdom offender distributing child sexual abuse
images online and, in a joint Customs-Internal Affairs
operation, the recent prosecution and jailing of a New
Plymouth man for possessing and exporting objectionable
“A recent letter from Interpol, the
international criminal police organisation, says New Zealand
is an example to the rest of the world in how online child
exploitation is dealt with, especially the working
relationship between Internal Affairs, Police and
Customs,” says Mr Dunne.
The Ministers commended their
departments’ commitment to exploring opportunities for
closer cooperation, pooling their resources and expertise to
foster an even more connected New Zealand Inc

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