Kirsty Wark (& Boris) Exposes Keith Vaz’s Vacuous Ignorance

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kirsty Wark (& Boris) Exposes Keith Vaz’s Vacuous Ignorance

always found Keith Vaz to be one of the most odious members of the
House of Commons. Time and gain he has deserved to get his comeuppance.
Yesterday, he did. Twice. First of all Boris Johnson exposed him for
abusing his position as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee by
giving details of a private conversation to the press. Vaz spluttered
about the fact that he had been insulted by Boris’s language. Good.
Boris gave Vaz both barrels and he deserved them.

Then on
Newsnight, Vaz was exposed for his ignorance of the Fitna film. He was
involved in a 15 minute discussion without actually have watched it.
Enjoy the look on Kirsty Wark’s face when he admits he hasn’t seen it.

in politics knows about Vaz. He’s got one of the most affected voices
in politics – the political equivalent of Brian Sewell. He’s been caught
out so many times it makes you wonder how he has survived all these
years. And yet Labour appointed him to chair one of the most powerful
select committees in parliament. Says it all, really.

Watch the Newsnight debate HERE. Scroll in 7 minutes.

UPDATE: Alastair Campbell has written a blogpost about Boris’s outburst. Needless to say, he has some sympathy.



But Ian you blogged on the subject yesterday without seeing the film.
Why not just wait until you had seen it before commenting / speculating.

Iain Dale

On the face of it, a very fair point. However, this is a blog, not
Newsnight. If I had been going on Newsnight to talk about it, I’d have
made damned sure i had seen it.


Can I use my freedom of expression to comment that Keith Vaz is a clueless tosser.

No wonder Boris was a little irritated with him

Richard Abbot

Is there such a crime as ‘incitement to think Keith Vaz is an arse?’


You got it spot on there Iain, Vaz is odious in the extreme.

How can he possibly defend the banning of Wilders when he hasn’t seen the film…..Tosser!


Fully agree with the distinction but poor Keith did have a lot on his plate yesterday ****ing **** 🙂


Oh, he’s a dreadful little man, one who spouts the kind of drifting,
ambivalent nonsense that characterises the majority of new Labour
utterances. I do find it appalling that Geert Wilders was refused entry
to this country an hour ago; appalling behaviour. if Baron Ahmed can
hold a book launch for Israel Shamir, the anti-semitic writer, we can
damn’ well listen – or not, the choice is ours, after all – to what
Wilders has to say. I am heartily ashamed of having been born in this
benighted country.

The Penguin

Keith Vaz is not merely ignorant and odious he is completely corrupt.

The Penguin.

Jonathan Cook


Personally for me, Keith Vaz is ‘the’ most odious politician.

his fall from grace, although it is squalid to point out, Vaz has made
himself useful to Labour again as the person who is sent out to “pull
the race card” on the topic-du-jour.

James D

Perhaps the inclusion of Mr Vaz only serves to demonstrate that the Home
Affairs Select Committee is no longer “one of the most powerful select
committees in Parliament”, but a select committee without a purpose now
that the ministry is scrutinizes is equally lacking. Since the MoJ was
split off, the Home Office has done nothing useful that could not be
accommodated at the DCLG, the FCO, the MoJ, or the MoD.

Yes, Vaz
and Smith should be sacked, but it would be far better simply to abolish
their roles. It would be a shame to see the titles go for sure, but it
is better than filling hollow shells with self-important non-entities,
incapable of any good, whilst seeking to create publicity for

rob’s uncle

Thanks for the Newsnight link!

Wrinkled Weasel

Vaz is a prize tit. A fake tit in an uplift bra.

Even Kirsty, the Labourette, looked genuinely gobsmacked.

What an utter tosser, and what a wonderful advert for “equal opportunities”


Oh, let’s not get too upset about Vaz. After all, he hasn’t killed anyone by text messaging at speed in his Jaguar….



Can’t watch these online in Spain “Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only”. Petty!


iain – i have always found brian sewell an interesting speaker (alright i
accept his speech takes a little getting used to as he doesn’t use the
‘mockney’ or ‘estuary english’so beloved of our media giants)
he is
an original presenter and for example his programme on replicating a
meal shown in a medievial painting certainly rose above the level of
say gordon ramsey (not difficult one might say)and without the
gratuitous swearing.
not someone to be associated with keith vaz even by a ‘throw away’ comment

David Boothroyd

I have never ever seen ‘The Sound of Music’. However I know that it’s
got a lot of nuns in it, there’s a lot of singing, and there’s a theme
of escaping the Nazis.

You don’t have to actually see something to find out about it. Kirsty Wark made herself look an idiot for her overreaction.


Regardless of what you may think of Mr Vaz, surely we cannot defend such
oafish behaviour by the London Mayor? I think it about time some
curtesy was reintroduced into our democratic exchanges.

Not a sheep

To only call Keith Vaz odious is to praise him unduly. He is one of the
10 most despicable people in the Labour party, maybe you could have a
poll on this Iain?

I have seen Fitna, I was not shocked by it as
I already knew how the Koran’s verses were being used by certain
“Islamic scholars” to turn the heads of some of their audience.

amount of hate screamed at the Jews on the streets of London is out of
all proportion to the showing of one, albeit controversial, film.

truth of the matter may be that the establishment are scared of what
might happen if Lord Ahmed’s “10,000” becomes 50,000, 100,000 and so on.
They are not worried that any part of the Jewish community will take
violent action against those calling “death to the Jews”.

Chris Paul

Why did Vaz deserve both barrels Iain? Given the opportunity to postpone
a meeting until he was ready Boris could not be arsed and got found out
entering the conference room naked. Ooooh look the flipping Tory
flipping mayor of flipping London’s got no clothes on.

Simon’s right you did blog on the Winders film with no attempt to view
it, even musing that you’d like the chance to see it. Well, it’s been
available since it was made. At least 10 months at google videos for

You just don’t like Vaz do you? And considering your
response would you really have viewed this thing if say you were
reviewing the papers? Didn’t you make an almighty cock up by claiming
that Thatcher’s Golliwog reference was in fact to Andy Murray? Not a
great sign of any rigour there Iain.

Positive Vaz Anecdote: band I
managed touring with Bhundu Boys back in the late 80s or so. Booked in a
Leicester hotel. Owner saw the lads from the band and refused them
admission as they were very black and very African. Willing to let my
band stay when I tried to overturn this pure unadulterated racism. Even
though our lead singer was also black.

Perhaps the boys reminded the poor befuddled racist hotelier of Golliwogs or something?

We didn’t stay and Keith Vaz MP sorted the Racist F*****s out for us all.

Iain Dale

Warelane, it was not a democratic exchange, it was a private telephone conversation.

Simon Harley

“I have never ever seen ‘The Sound of Music’. However I know that it’s
got a lot of nuns in it, there’s a lot of singing, and there’s a theme
of escaping the Nazis.”

There aren’t that many nuns in it (how
does one define “a lot of nuns” anyway?), yes there is a lot of singing,
and they only escape from the Nazis at the end. Hardly a “theme” is
it. “Stop singing, children, the bloody Nazis have turned up again!
Leg it!”

So you don’t really know much about “The Sound of Music” do you, and by your analogy Vaz doesn’t really know much about “Fitna”.


Mr Boothroyd – that’s like saying that the Oscar panel didn’t need to see the film before awarding all those little statues.

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