Keelan Balderson failed “business” man  of  VIEW PICS FIRST LIMITED said

Did you know that Robert Green met with a Christian lobby group that includes dubious psychotherapist Valerie Sinason, MPs and Lords, who appeared to want Green to sex up the satanic side of the story in to a “satanic panic” like they did in the 90s, although was subsequently debunked?

No Keelan Robert met with anyone who would given him a decent hearing,he met with the council Muslim council of Great Britain,what does that prove?

He really hates Satanist,who disnae,but because people mention it doesnt mean that the abuse ISNT REAL.

and then again here

Why is Keelan so keen to deny Satanism used by some  in sex abusecases.

We know Satin isnt real but Satanisim is,just like all the beliefs.

The devil is in the detail Keelan.

Funnily enough Keelan  doesnt rate any one ,except Keelan bit like hmm Charlie Veitch.

Keelan there is more proof for Hollies abuse than ANY OTHER SINGLE item on your site.

Maybe best sticking to being a wrestling commentator and the Houston Oilers,very radical!!search/profile/person?personId=1176773268&targetid=profile

Employment History

  • Houston Oilers

  • MTV Wrestling Society X

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