Brady and Hindley were making tapes of child torture for vile idiots in government like that Lord who came to visit her for decades; all arranged by the Security Services to compromise and blackmail members of the establisment.

The Wests were doing the same thing basically. When daftie Fred looked like starting to talk about all the “Satanic” rings and extent of it he was hanged by slavemason prison guards to keep him quiet.

The kids in Bridgened that have “commited suicide”; murdered to cover up a paedophile ring and keep the others quiet; all covered up by complicit slavemason police.

Dunblane was set up by the Security Services to keep the lid on a paedophile ring that involved many of their politican and loyalist assets and to act as an excuse to bring in tighter gun control.

That stuff is not even the tip of the iceberg. What makes Britain Great again?

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