katen irving is el coyote. Fabooka lays it out

Fabooka De Stait

Sep 22, 9:50 PM

So this is the ugly, fucked-up lying bitch El Coyote is….haha

I always knew it was a bitch…. Satanic Karen ugly fucking slag Irving also a total ass-hole guilty of using illegally obtained information based on Royden Jones’ ‘Perverting The Course Of Justice’ for further criminal offences such as intimidation, stalking and harassment via HOAXSTEADRESEARCH and its JOKE Sock-Puppets as they try to defend Ricky Dearman with his approval. lol….but given he was so under pressure he put his kids out in the open and given that was the ‘secret’ they were all screaming about at everyone else – the Blog came to the realization it is fucking pointless – something I have known since they came to my attention.

Oh dear… what a sad bunch of daft little cunts you are.

You and Royden both like Spinning Yarns, I take it.


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