I don’t know much about art, but…

Dear Karen,
This week, we were invited by a friend to her very first art exhibit. We were thrilled to attend and very interested to see what she would have on offer. Roz Evans Flagg is a lovely woman, slightly younger than I, and since meeting her a few short months ago, I’ve come to appreciate her humour, style, and passion for exploring her own creativity.
Roz works with found things, so if ever I have an odd-shaped box or extra buttons hanging around, I send them her way, sure she’ll find a use for them in one of her projects.
This particular evening, she was exhibiting with 3 other artists. I took photos of her work and that of another, Judith Jeffrey. You’ll see why Judith’s work fascinated me as soon as you look at the picture. Karen, I know you have what might be politely described as an insane passion for knitting and all things woolly; Judith knits as well, but with copper wire, and nothing she knits can be worn. Ever. Here is one of her pieces:

And one more, a female baby newborn, with her shadow on the wall behind. The baby is screaming in protest at having been born into a world which doesn’t love females, I was told.  Judith warned me that getting a good shot would be difficult. She was right.

Here are some photos I took of Roz’s work. You can see it’s quite different and definitely quirky!

Lars and I bought two of Roz’s pieces—they’re still at her studio, but as soon as they come home, I’ll show them to you. We bought dioramas which were funny, personal, and thought-provoking. What I love best about them, though, is that they’ll always remind me of my new friendship with a funny, generous woman.


  1. Teresa Cleveland WendelNOVEMBER 18, 2012 AT 2:36 PM
    I’m glad you splurged on some mementos that’ll remind you of your friend. That, to me, is what art is all about.

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