Thank you, Reptilian Overlords!

Dear Karen,
Today I’d planned to tell you all about my trip to Denmark.
About how the family fell in love with my grandson, and how he fell in love with them.  About the food.  The cold.  The beauty of that nordic country.
I think I’ll save all that for next week though, because something really odd happened  when I got home on Wednesday.

It was odd.  Seriously.

I checked out our stats for the week I was away.
They showed me more or less what I’d expected.  Our top post was the current one, your hexipuffs post was going strong (as always!), and…then I noticed a post from 2 years ago, about an art exhibit I’d attended and written about.  For some reason it had been hit 92 times.
Now, that’s just bizarre.  Why the sudden interest in a 2-year old post?
I clicked on the referrals to find out more.
My  rudimentary detective work told me that a group of loonies has uncovered a satanic cult in Hampstead, a village about 20 minutes north of my front door.  Co-incidentally, this is where my art friend Roz lives.
Or maybe not so co-incidentally (cue spooky violin here).

You might want to take notes, it’s about to get confusing…

Roz is married to a school trustee in Hampstead.  This particular school is apparently over-run with witches and satan worshippers.  Because they’re desperate to make a connection between these two facts (Roz + trustee husband) and one bit of insane fantasy, the pitchfork-wielding villagers began clicking on our site to drool over Roz’s evil devil-worshipping symbols.
Weird, right?
First, because we didn’t want our comments section flooded with their particular brand of rationale, we closed it.
Next, I notified Roz.  Head cases are head cases and soon they’ll get bored and move on, she said.
Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?  As a devil-worshipping baby-killer, I mean.
What I find peculiar about all of this, is that it’s not just about baby-killing paedophile cult at a London school.  It’s that the cult is somehow, inexplicably, related to Reptilian Overlords, who use mind control to make humans believe everything is jim-dandy.  I suppose that means that I’m under their control at this very minute, because I happen to think everything they say and write is absolute rubbish.
Oh well.
An example of their impeccable logic can be found on their comments page.  Herewith, I give you the following garbled message, from one Anonymous to another:

I posted the info as Anonymous when I am not Anonymous. I then posted it to Anonymous with a link to Aang. Anonymous made the second comment to acknowledge via Aagn their receipt of it.
You see, it was hidden in plain sight! We can do that, too, especially those who know the workings of the web.
Where would the weaving spiders be without them, eh?

Indeed.  That’s a question I ask myself often.
So, why am I telling you all this?  Well, it’s actually a kind of thank-you note to the Reptilian Ding-Dongs, to say how grateful I am that they want to read my work and look at my pretty pictures.  Plus, they helped make Wednesday the strongest day of our week, by hitting my post over 200 times.  Good going, fellow Lizard-combatants!
As my thank-you for boosting our stats, I’m including some more of Roz’s art, from her second exhibition:
Roz uses found items to make her art, and I think it’s quirky, amusing and thought-provoking.  I doubt it represents anything other than the inner workings of her fertile imagination, though.
Anyway, must run now, the torch-wielding villagers are at my door, chanting.  I hope they’ve brought marshmallows, I’m absolutely starving.

Since I wrote this, I’ve noticed the following disclaimer on one of the sites that’s been referring people here: “There is no suggestion that any of these people are involved in anything improper.”
Oh, phew. Well that’s taken care of, then.
Of course, this doesn’t answer the question of why the link existed in the first place, nor why it’s still there.
And only one of the referring sites has seen fit to offer any cautionary note. Maybe the conspiracy theorists need to work on their inter-blog communication skills.
But hey, what do we know? We’re just your average tools of the reptilian overlords, going about our business….

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