Justice For Abused Children – Melania’s story

Justice For Abused Children – Melania’s story

By JS2

G Reid 2

DS Reid on Met Police’s inaction against pederast Phelim O’Neill

Observations by DS Gareth Reid regarding the case of:
Melania Vicario V the Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis

Having instigated the re-investigation into the allegations of (Child) Sexual Abuse made by Melania, Valentina and Florencia Vicario, in November 2001, against a Mr Phelim O’Neill, I was recently informed by Collette Neville, MPS Solicitor, that Melania Vicario was now taking legal action against the Commissioner.
I was asked by Collette Neville to provide my perspective of investigations into the 1993 allegations, and the repeated allegations made by the sisters stated again in 2001. I spoke briefly to Ms Neville, expressing some concern that the DLS on behalf of the MPS was in the process of striking out any claim made against the Commissioner by the applicants stated. In essence, I stated that the MPS in my opinion was entirely wrong to challenge any claims of ‘negligence’ or ‘lack of investigation’. Put simply, I stated to her that the MPS had in fact let those sisters down in 1993, and from the evidence I had seen from Harrow Social Services, there was a recommendation and agreement to refer the matter to the CPS, with a further recommendation to charge Mr O’Neill with offences consistent with allegations made by the claimants.
Inexplicably, the case and claimants seem to have been abandoned with no audit-trail of decision-making processes determining why.
At the request of Ms Neville, I attended the DLS offices at Wellington House on Wednesday 14th November 2007. I was met by Ms Sung Wai Ping, Ms Neville’s assistant, who handed me one large General Registry (GR) dockets attached to two very small GR dockets and two 1993 GR dockets. I immediately noticed that the bundle appeared much reduced in size. In 2001, I recall handing over one large 1993 GR, one medium sized 1993 GR docket, and two large blue ring binders of documents contained in see-through sleeves. I had expected to see these ring binders and informed Ms Sung Wai Ping of this. I had initially thought that the very large docket might have contained material once housed in the blue binders, however, upon inspection of this I found that the newer large docket actually contained documentation relating to the Croydon Crown Court case re-investigation, conducted by DS Jacqueline Lucas. After viewing the bundle presented to me, I conclude that there are significant amounts of documents missing from the submission I gave to the CPT Officers in 2001.
I spent approximately five hours looking through the bundle given to me by Ms Sung Wai Ping
Below is a summary of what I understand the legal position to be, as far as the MPS and the claimant (against the MPS), are concerned: My observations are based entirely of my understanding of this case from information and evidence I have seen to date.
The claim brought by the applicant against the Commissioner was heard at the Central London County Court on the 26th June 2006. The MPS had applied to Visit Site

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