The Hollie Demands Justice ein Ima just quit as admin >>>

Been up thinking all night about things am nae wanting to be admin of this group anymore because ima got good reason to say shove it because of idiots talking bollox behind my back and if that was not bad enough an out right lie from Belinda… Ima really pray Hollie does get some sort of justice some time soon but really Ima know personally that there is NO chance from my own experience of the so called law in Aberdeen which since Ima learned is as disturbingly rotten all over this rock, shameful that not one person has been arrested in Hollies case and water boarded for thats what they damn well need for starts but nah they arrest the man that enlightened as many folks as possible of Hollies case which needs to be independently investigated by a non crooked law force and one with brains as Aberdeens may have a few clever plods Ima met but they are all ignorant towards doing anything against child abuse and will do nothing against the corrupt clowns within Aberdeens services including the law that are out to snatch children… Ima know for a fact not all solicitors are bad in this city they are just ALL bound by the clowns that run the courts that act if they are some kinda rotten royalty that does what they want in a demonic manner at times when it suits them from what Ima have seen… Maybe they need retrained or fresh blood in because these rotten ole sods are clueless and kindly benevolent to folks that are criminals and they are rotters to the innocent for their own kicks out of destroying lives…But Belinda ima can not be admin of this group for you anymore due to your calculated LIE in my opinion about my daughters abuse case which every way Ima look at it that it is to cause myself legal problems and given that fkn clown of my daughters mother the cherry to put on top of the poison Ima know that she does so feed my daughters head with… WHY? NVM ima really dunni want to know and cancelled that stale friendship request Ima have sent donkers ago…

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