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please accept this as my final submission
i find it very upsetting that the scottish government who wants independence wants to rely on west minster.
The alarms down south regarding child abuse and children are extremely worrying because i feel they are breaking down the barriers in regards to sexuality with children. The following has been in discussion by west minster
-teaching children in schools about orgasms
-a whistle blower teacher revealing that english schools are targeting autistic children into same sex relationships
-not making online child abuse a priority (statement made by cressida dick)
-trafficked children not been given the right compensation because a court had to tell west minster
the sums of money was one million short
-west minster “accidentally” sending children to known sex traffickers. Yet again no prosecution
IF the scottish government was truly opposed to stopping child abuse then they could of easily used technology as mentioned in my petition two years ago to tackle this serious problem. But they continually undermine the independent csa inquiry and defer to england. Thus committing a crime that will never be punished.  They also implement LGBT into schools. If they really wanted to stop child abuse they could implement mandatory reporting and technology TODAY. They made the decision before any other UK authority had implemented LGBT. Proving they can make decisions about our children before west minster acts.
the same scottish government who funds sex education for 2 year olds. The barriers are being taken down one by one and nicola sturgeons government want to normalize so many dangers in our society.
More recently police scotland have targeted me. Two CID officers came to my house and tried to get me to confess to crimes i had not committed. The NCA put out a non legitimate cease and desist order against myself because i had dared to investigate a establishment child abuse network. This very network who i have recently obtained hard evidence about. This evidence points towards government funding into children being abused and even MURDERED.
This is why i started this petition because i know there is involvement at the highest levels. These two officers who left my home empty handed are in my opinion cowards. They have targeted a vulnerable adult who has been abused. They tried to accuse me of “being involved in the viewing of child abuse images” This accusation after all the hard work i have done makes me sick to my stomach and angry.
I have since had legal representation and sent police scotland a cease and desist order. I will no longer be a victim of police bullying because it is not a crime to expose child abuse. I know of at least two pedophile networks that the police will not touch. This must STOP. The scottish government must take accountability and act.
Scott Pattinson

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