William Stewart sentenced for raping two children

A teenager who raped a six-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl has been sentenced to five years and six months detention.

William Stewart, 17, admitted the offences which took place in Aberdeen when he was aged between 12 and 13.

Judge Lord Armstrong also placed Stewart on the sex offenders’ register and told him the crimes were “abhorrent and grave.”

Stewart’s defence had argued that he should be spared a custodial sentence.

Frances McMenamin QC said that he should instead be put on a programme to address his sexual abusive offending.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Judge Lord Armstrong told Stewart: “You robbed these children of their innocence and forced on them experiences which no child should have to endure.

“Your family has effectively disowned you.

“At the time of these offences you were young, but these crimes of which you stand convicted are abhorrent and grave. It is important that young people should be protected.”

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