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And if those people were innocent, (which he doubted having heard what Hollie has had to say about them), they should blame Grampian police for failing to investigate and clear their names right at the start, then none of this would have happened!

Can you get your fucking breath!!!

I cannot believe the total fucking cheek of these people……they ALL need to be locked up for GOOD!!

And Hollie needs to be saved and live the rest of her life with a sane person.

The total lack of responsibility from BOTH Robert and Anne, AND BELINDA is astounding!!!

As if it is OK to accuse people of being PEDOPHILES with no evidence, and then say “but if they are innocent it’s not our problem because the police should have cleared their names”….SERIOUSLY BELINDA I WOULD LOCK YOU UP JUST FOR THAT LET ALONE YOUR EXTREMELY QUESTIONABLE AND CHECKERED PAST!!!!!

You’re all completely insane…….NO! I take that back…’re all desperate for MONEY!!

And the way you pander to Green’s ego is truly NAUSEATING!!

But we all know it’s necessary as the Sheriff explained he was a person obsessed with his own importance!

If I had the time I would make it my life’s ambition to stop you fuckers from fooling and conning the general public and the vulnerable individuals you have already impacted on.

I just hope very soon that the authorities SORT YOU OUT and I am going to help them anyway I can!

Ok, end of rant….back to work.


Turn left and emergency stop,

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