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Historic child abuse – 10:20 am, Fri 24th Oct 2014

It is the biggest and most extraordinary scandal that I have ever seen or could ever imagine. Just last Friday, I heard two more cases of child sex abuse in Bassetlaw. One was a victim of Jimmy Savile, the other was horribly abused whilst they were in local children’s homes. These victims have the right to remain anonymous and they will, but this is now, it’s on our doorsteps and in our communities. This is someone’s neighbour, son or daughter, mother or brother. People you might work with or socialise with. And more keep coming forward. The spotlight is now on children’s homes in our area.  It is everywhere and at last the hidden victims are speaking out.
I have been given evidence which I have already passed on, proving that the Home Office in London under Home Secretary, Leon Brittan investigated these matters. Yet the files have vanished. A now dead MP, Geoffrey Dickens passed on a file of an alleged paedophile ring involving MPs and others.
I have been shown evidence of two murders in Lambeth where the victim was about to speak out. I have been given lists from many sources, most highly credible, of names of prominent people involved. These allegations are as mind blowing as the lists of MPs and names of high profile people. It is a who’s who of politics. Some names are obscure and there are other names you would know.
I have put these lists together, but I know there is a vast amount of information still out there.  I have copied this to a few trusted others and its being acted upon. The trigger has already been pressed.
The last time I investigated this was when I was a councillor in Lambeth in 1988 and 1989 and nobody acted. I had no proof then, just rumours and I could only find small chinks of evidence. But those chinks were true and the police investigation was blocked on high. This is what the police have told me.
I managed to get action taken on council corruption, which was the main thrust of my investigation and lots of it was stopped. But I have returned to those chinks of evidence which indicated that there was a ring of prominent paedophiles and I am working with journalists to expose it.
If the police gave it the importance that the media have we would have had more arrests by now. I predict some arrests. So called honourable Members of Parliament will be held to public account.
But every alleged name will go before the two public inquiries already under way. The Dickens file is so convincing that I believe more victims will emerge and with that some justice and closure.  The sex abusers may run. But you cannot hide any longer. 
And in our community, it is time that we got our house in order. There are good people out there with information and I ask you to come forward. This scandal is a huge jigsaw with very many pieces and so many of those pieces lie there unrecognised, not understandable until they are put together. There are many people out there with one small fragment of the jigsaw. I will be doing my bit to help piece it all together



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