Joe Kerr

20+ years ago, when that programme
was made, you either had to be very rich or (ironically enough) very
poor to stand any chance of standing up to a vicious female. Very often
the follow-on generation produced by these people (almost always women)
are well educated in the family business of manipulation.

False SAID allegations are but one part of it. A starting point is to
look into the often-acrimonious nature of divorce cases generally.
We’re often taken-in by the sanctity of motherhood and the system is
plagued – no driven – by misandry, especially among Housing and Social
services. Women are no-less likely to be corrupt and socio/psychopathic
than men. And often the men in these cases are just seen as cash
machines by all of ex-partners lawyers and support services. Often
children seem to be produced merely as trapbait, and when the trap
doesn’t work used as weapons and/or meal tickets.

I know of several people where attempts were made to burn them out of
their houses by ex-partners and/or the families of ex-partners to
‘persuade’ them to drop access and/or custody actions. One particular
case springs to mind where a ground floor flat in a block of six had
burning papers and paraffin put through the letterbox in the dead of
night. If the man in question hadn’t happened to be up making a
sandwich, and was able to extinguish the fire, another five families
each with 2-3 kids could have been killed. The local council then turned
on the man and his new partner for ‘putting other families at risk’
eventually illegally evicting him! It would have cost him tens of
thousands to even begin fighting his case! The same man was forced to
pay out over £180,000 over a period of sixteen years for a child that
isn’t even his! – Once she had her own way the ex-wife moved in with
the child’s actual father with whom she’d been having an affair before
the split!

Others were lead ‘merry dances’ when married and even merrier ones
afterwards as their ex-partners knew enough about their former partner
to commit financial frauds in their name. One chap I know was told
bluntly by his own lawyer that the law was utterly biased towards the
female, despite what its letter said, and that if he wanted to retain
his sanity and have any chance of moving on with his life his only
option was to walk away. And that was sound advice! I know many men who
lost their children, their sanity and in one tragic case their life
simply because there was (and I think still is) no support for fathers
seeking custody or even access….. And little or no practical defence
against a vicious mother.

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