The Sad Saga of Former Lostprophets Vocalist Ian Watkins Continues: Ex-Girlfriend Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

Joanna Majic and Ian Watkins
Just when you thought the Ian Watkins child sex crimes case couldn’t become any more unsettling…
Remember Joanne Mjadzelics (above left — she’s sometimes known as Joanna Majic), the call girl who not only claimed she was Watkins’ ex, but also alleged that she “warned police repeatedly for FOUR years” that the former Lostprophets singer was a pedophile? Well, hey, guess what? According to Wales Online, Mjadzelics, age 38, has been  charged with seven — SEVEN — counts of possessing and distributing indecent images of children:
“She is charged with four counts of possession of an indecent image, two counts of distributing an indecent image and one count of encouraging another to distribute an indecent image.
“The possession charges relate to images categorised as Level Four, the second most serious.”
Mjadzelics was busted as part of the ongoing investigation into Watkins’ criminal activities.
Although the irony of a woman who was telling anyone who would listen that Watkins was a sex criminal turning out to possibly be a sex criminal herself isn’t lost on me, I mostly just hope Mjadzelics is actually innocent, because that would, presumably, mean fewer children suffered.
Mjadzelics is due court to face these charges on March 21.

11 thoughts on “JOANNES DAY JOB BLOWN”

  1. She is actually due up in court in January 2015. The Icke forum removes anything related to her disgusting porn interview where she talked about incest(with her sister!) and doing meth and ecstacy with Ian Watkins etc.
    She has some Facebook supporters and all of them refuse to believe the video interview is even real.
    And these are so called truthseekers LOL!
    Please look a lot further into this subject because there is so much more to it.

  2. The video link is out of date. It has been removed by the cyber police …Joanne must of phoned up Google head office.

  3. Just posting a link to your Hollie blog gets people BANNED from the David Icke Forum.

  4. I heard that two of her trolls have been arrested this month, or one has and another is about to be. Different police forces are involved in it

  5. LOL!! The latest comment is Joanne posting. (You will notice a Doncaster IP address )
    Yes because ofcourse the police call her and say “hey Joanne we are going to arrest someone, dont say anything ok..hush hush ;-)”
    She seems to think that people noticing holes in her story on Twitter are in someway breaking the law by pointing out her blatant lies. Her trial is gonna be a total circus. Cant wait!!

  6. Only few weeks till her trial, hopefully she won't run out of custard by then…

  7. You need to sort out your search engine on this blog cos a search of MJADZELICS does not throw up all the great articles you have wrote about this vile women,yet Gooogle does.

    Her porn interview “Pretty Kinky Bitch AKA NIkki” is the biggest smoking gun there is! So glad that MSM will have it streaming in late January 2015 (This i know for a fact! mainstream newspaper is gonna stream it no matter what the outcome. so you will all see that she is just as rotten as can be!) Her loudest supporter of recent months is the Youtube post-op transexual Chloe George/Danielle De Verite . He/she is in for a big cockshock soon!!

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