Jim Gamble Child Protection Expert… #allegedly

Jim Gamble Child Protection Expert… #allegedly

Jim Gamble, Child Protection Expert, former chief executive for CEOP.
I’ve known of Jim Gamble for a few years, but to be honest he was never of any interest to me. The reason being is he works/ed for the system. The same system that fails children and young people on a daily basis throughout the UK and the world.
Also that ‘Allegedly’ he knows more than most regarding the safeguarding and protection of children from abuse and exploitation. It’s just a shame he makes himself look stupid in public. To those that know otherwise of course.
Those who have no idea of the failings from CEOP, Jim Gamble and Simon Bailey in general regarding the online safety of our children and young people.

So Jim Gamble former senior British police officer from Bangor in County Down, Northern Ireland.
He is the former chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), a police unit affiliated to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in the United Kingdom. He resigned in October 2010 after the home secretary at the time Theresa Mays decision to merge CEOP with SOCA and other bodies into a new National Crime Agency. Mr Gamble wanted CEOP to remain independent.

Earlier in his career he was head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit in Belfast, then Deputy Director General (with the rank of Deputy Chief Constable) of the National Crime Squad, which in April 2006, merged into the Serious Organised Crime Agency.
Gamble led the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) fight against child sex abuse. He also presided over Operation Ore. He led the work to set up the National Crime Squad’s specialist response cell – the Paedophile and Online Investigation Team (POLIT). He was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal (QPM) in the New Year Honours 2008.

So…. By reading the above you’d assume Jim Gamble would know what he is talking about, yet continuously contradicts his intent towards ‘self appointed paedophile hunters’.
From as long a go as 2014 Gamble has be quoted as saying after the stinson hunter film.

“Some people with very low training have proven just how easy it is to go out there and catch individuals. Very quickly they are shooting fish in a barrel. The fact of the matter is this – that needs to be done by law enforcement.”

So obviously even back then they knew the obvious scale of the problem! This was 4 months before I appeared and shook the foundations.
Simon Bailey said in November 2014…

‘The Chief Constable of Norfolk Simon Bailey set out the scale of the problem last year when he told us that up to 100,000 UK IP addresses are downloading indecent images; of someone’s child everyday.’
So the problem is growing and has been for well over a decade and yet there are still absolutely no action put into place!

Then they suggest an army of volunteers…. just weeks after the above quotes.

‘The prosecution came as one of the country’s leading sex crime experts, Jim Gamble, former director of the national Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency, called for vigilantes to be brought in from the cold to form “a volunteer army” of 1,000 “digital detectives” managed by police.

Gamble attacked the “confused, muddled and incompetent approach by government” to patrolling the internet and said each force could train 20 volunteers to work in police stations on police computers equipped to gather evidence for prosecutions. Such a scheme would cost £1.5m, Gamble said.

“The vigilantes won’t go away until we give people a viable alternative,” he said. “I understand the type of anger that fuels many of the vigilantes who go online but they are not the answer. They do, however, prove that you don’t need to be a police officer to catch these people.”

2 years later in September 2016 
A FORMER police chief has urged the government to fund training for vigilante ‘paedophile hunters’ – in a bid to create a ‘Citizens’ Army’ of detectives.
Jim Gamble QPM, the Association of Chief Police Officers’ former lead on Child Protection and Child Trafficking, said the vigilantes should be vetted.


1 year later in september 2017

A former senior police officer who was once in charge of preventing child exploitation online has said police forces should tap into the frustration people fell over child abuse and recruit them to hunt down offenders.

Figures revealed this week showed that police forces in England and Wales used evidence from so-called “paedophile hunters” to secure convictions. There have been no cases in Northern Ireland which used evidence from the vigilantes and the PSNI has sent a strong message saying that only its officers should handle the crime fighting.

Jim Gamble, former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and ex-RUC officer, said proper police vetting should be able to bring the right people on board to help hunt down those child abusers.

He told the BBC police should create a special role of online detectives, similar to special constables, who would not have full officer powers.

“Capture the frustration that people feel, recruit public-spirited individuals, make sure they’ve got the right character,” he said.

“Then train them, equip them to carry out this job as digital detectives and we could create an army of over 1,000, if every force just recruited 25 volunteers.”

He added: “These are volunteers, these are publicly-minded, good citizens who want to make a difference.”

Jim Gamble, I want to make a difference and have a good proven track record, I’ve a higher success rate than most long time serving detectives. That much is evident!
I’m not stupid to assume you’d even consider my experience and wealth of knowledge in both awareness and prevention. But then again I’m a leader not a follower, it wont be too long until I’m where I need to be, I’m here to make a difference, I’m here to pick up where ‘the system’ is failing to the point we now have an epidemic that in the words of Chief Constable Simon Bailey head of CEOP Command early in 2017.
‘It’s at saturation point!’ and Jim Gamble was recorded as saying the issue of online grooming and sexual exploitation is ‘Like a tsunami’.

Jim Gamble, the former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency, described the growing number of child sexual exploitation cases as a “tsunami.”

He said was “almost overwhelming” for his former colleagues.

“I doubt there are more than 30 officers across the UK who are actually online at this very moment masquerading undercover to engage that lower hanging fruit which is out there.

“They simply haven’t got the resources to meet this head on or to even create an active and meaningful deterrent.

“They have to be extremely unlucky to be caught in some instances so we do need to turn the tables.”

Mr Gamble called for 1,500 volunteers to be recruited.

He said: “I’d like to see the government engage in a sensible conversation about how we can empower and educate ordinary citizens across the UK by giving them the opportunity to sign up to a special digital detectives programme.”

The Home Office declined to comment on Mr Gamble’s suggestion, but said it had given the National Crime Agency an extra £30m between 2015 and 2020 to tackle child sexual exploitation online.

Jeff Cuthbert  was reported as saying, in July 2017

So-called “paedophile hunters” should be given a greater role in the ongoing battle against child sexual exploitation.

That’s the message from Gwent police and crime commissioner, Jeff Cuthbert, who told BBC Wales’ Week In Week Out programme police could work alongside members of so-called paedophile hunter groups.

In the West Midlands, a paedophile hunter who calls himself The Phantom says he has been deluged with messages from perverts since setting up fake dating profiles three months ago.

Mr Cuthbert has said he believes groups of vigilantes could work alongside police within official channels to catch child abusers.

He said he understood the “frustration” of the public when it came to a perceived lack of progress in tackling abusers.

And he added: “We need to find a way to ensure that this type of activity is carried out as safely as possible, with appropriate focus on minimising the risks to the volunteers and the subjects of their activity, while maximising the chance of getting a conviction.

“Working within the policing framework, with their assistance and support is the best way forward.”

So at what point are these threats going to be carried out? or are they passed that point now, willing to hound those who take it upon themselves to do the work of law enforcement agencies, at no charge to the public purse and no cost to the police. Our investigations are signed sealed and delivered with evidence to prove beyond all reasonable doubt those exposed are more than guilty of the offences I’m accusing them of. Only 3 investigations have fallen through from our work, 1 was due to the suspect repeatedly ‘attempting suicide’ before his cases.
Another guy from reading who was met at Fratton ASDA, that investigation was a complete shambles to be honest. The copper who took the evidence was clueless to say the least.
There was also another man from ruislip, who was bang to rights another shambles by Hampshire, this time in Southampton. It was after that the I.C.A.T Internet Child Abuse Team was set up in Hampshire. It helped to a degree, but control and officers on the ground often made a mess of things., The rest have or will be convicted upon our evidence.

I’m confused as to what this ‘Expert’ in Child Protection is trying to or wanting to say, or  whether he does in fact actually even know what he’s talking about?
When I post further blogs I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.



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