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Australian toddler who was so badly starved by her vegan parents she had no teeth and couldn’t stand up is now obese – with her carer saying ‘it’s like she’s storing calories in case she needs them in the future’

Pictured: The toddler whose parents' vegan diet left her so malnourished she weighed 5kg

Harrowing pictures show how a toddler fed on an extreme vegan diet became so malnourished she looked like she lived in a Third World country. Photographs (right) tendered to a Sydney court showed the girl in intensive care after she was taken to hospital for the first time since her birth after suffering a seizure. The girls’ parents (left) are facing up to five years in prison. The mother, who claims she was depressed after her daughter’s birth, says the girl was well looked after in all ways other than nourishment.

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