Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn Protected By The UK Justice System

Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn Protected By The UK Justice System

Whilst searching for images of Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn I find this.
So, there you go, that is the state of affairs. Gwent police have refused to release an image and it appears as if images online of him have been removed.
It is not enough for the judicial establishment to release an unrepentant child rapist into the community on a very flimsy legal technicality after serving only 2 years, a man who the Judge that released him described as  “a very dangerous offender indeed”.
That isn’t enough.
They have also decided to delete from search engine results images of Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn.
So, if he moves in next door to you, you won’t know.
Who are they supposed to protect, the predatory paedophiles or children ?
Search for yourself.
I’m actually not sure that EU data protection law is supposed to be used by the UK Government and judiciary to censor public access to information. I suspect this use of EU law  is itself illegal’
There is no way that that application to the EU could have been processed that quickly without the complicity of the UK government.
Two words- Public Interest

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