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  1. Gordon Anglesea was ‘appalled’ by child abuse claims, court hears

  2. Theresa May’s ‘govern for everyone’ pledge is in tatters after this one shocking move

  3. Pro Paedophile BBC Banned Johnny Rotten In 1978 After Exposing Jimmy Savile
  4. ‘Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in England & Wales,’ & the Official Secrets Act

  5. “‘Deeply corrupt’ Church of England tried to silence me, abuse victim claims.” 05.10.15

  6. – When will have answers! When will the protection of those who harm/have harmed children ever end.
  7. Operation Midland: VIP child sex abuse report will not be published in full

  8. My opinion then! And nothing has changed These are victims lives you are destroying further! sort it Jo!

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