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Prince Philip’s reputed infidelity, the Duke of Windsor’s connections with the Nazis, and Princess Margaret’s role as the royal family’s Amy Winehouse… Claire Foy as the Queen dazzles in Season Two of The Crown, by Jim Shelley

Claire Foy shines in The Crown Season Two, by Jim Shelley

The Crown is high-class television, however you feel about the Monarchy or choose to watch it. It is gripping and seductive, intelligent and accessible – whether as a thought-provoking political drama, an old-fashioned love story, or a royal soap opera so sophisticated it makes everyone in Downton Abbey look common. For this alone we should cheer: God bless the Queen. Writer Peter Morgan’s 10-part series patently tries to portray her life with sensitivity and respect – and recognise her contribution to our history – but is (ironically) thoroughly democratic too. It should appeal equally to viewers who are pro, anti, or indifferent to the Royal family.

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