its Christmas time…time for more Mccann PISH

‘I still buy Christmas presents for Maddie’:


is it a whistle or a intercom?

Kate McCann reveals her festive tribute to her daughter who went missing ten years ago and would be 14-years-old now

Kate McCann reveals she still buys Maddie presents at Xmas

The former GP, who has never given up hope that her daughter could still be alive, said the festive period can still be a ‘hugely painful’ time for the family. Madeleine was three when she went missing from their rented family holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal in 2007. Her mother revealed the last Christmas present she ever opened was a toy cooker in 2006. She said: ‘I remember seeing her face when she walked in – she was beside herself. She got straight to work and was preparing us all a meal. Mrs McCann remains hopeful that one day her little girl will walk through the door. She revealed ‘she couldn’t do anything… buy her cards or even put up the tree’ the first Christmas after she disappeared

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