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  • McCann sponsor Brian Kennedy’s Swettenham Hall bought from the McAlpine family

    I – In a bizarre twist that leading McCann accuser, Anthony Bennett thinks is too ‘exciting’ to publish on his Jill Havern Forum, it appears that Brian Kennedy’s Swettenhall Hall was previously owned by Construction magnate, Bobby McAlpine.
    As some readers may be aware, Bobby is the son of Jimmie McAlpine who was implicated in the Bryn Estyn Care Homes Scandal in which it was alleged that boys were routinely subjected to abuse.
    In 2002 both Bennett and the McAlpine Construction family featured in an elaborate anti-metric stunt. The stunt had originally been conceived to arouse press interest in Britian’s controversial adoption of Metric System at the direction of the EU. Bennett was accused of taking a number of signs from roads in Kent and damaging another, all of which were owned by by McAlpine PPF Joint Venture. The road signs – which were there to warn of roadworks – broke a series of Highway regulations.
    For the defence, Michael Shrimpton said the case should not have been brought. He pointed out that Mr Bennett, who denied the charges of theft, had offered to return them to Transco. All charges of theft were dropped on appeal. In a series of unrelated incidents, Shrimpton was recently convicted on charges relating to child pornography and hoax bomb threats. He was sentenced to one year in prison in February this year.
    Swettenham Hall is located in Swettenham near Congleton. This 12,590 square foot Georgian mansion dates to 1795. It is now owned by Kennedy and his wife Christine.
    When The Sargeants Inn approached Bennett about this rather ironic discovery 12 months ago it drew little response from the dedicated campaigner. When reapproached last week, Bennett admitted that he was concerned that revealing the discovery about Swettenham Hall on the forum was likely to ‘excite’ forum members and generally detract from serious discussion about the case.
    The campaigner’s Jill Havern Forum recently came under criticism from self-styled criminal profiler, Pat Brown who made the outrageous claim that the Forum’s “convoluted scenarios” were actively helping the McCanns avoid justice by taking “the focus off of a simple crime that points to them being involved”.
    A former bridge chum of Lord Lucan and UKIP Donor, Stuart Wheeler, Bobby McAlpine was High Sheriff of Chester during the mid-1990s. Bobby was also a chairman at Chester Racecourse only to be replaced by Nigel Churton, the CEO of Control Risks Group who were subsequently hired by Kennedy on behalf of the McCanns. Churton had been a director there since the early 90s. His father before him had also been Chairman at the racecourse.

    Kennedy’s Alphaig Ltd registered by controversial nominee director, Turner Little

    The Jill Havern Forum has discussed at length the involvement of Brian Kennedy’s property partner, Brian Dickman in the formation of Alphaig Ltd, the detective agency speaheading Kennedy’s private investigation into the disappearence of Madeleine McCann. It was, the forum alleges, Dickman on behalf of Kennedy’s Latium Group, that registered the internet domain name ‘’ on 12 January 2009.
    The ‘hate forum’ members allege that the detective agency was formed specifically for the investigation and was not operational as a company prior to this date. According to Companies House, it was incorporated in June 2009.
    According to Forum administrators this was only a matter of months before Alphaig were awarded their contract. This mirrored a similar development the previous year as Kevin Halligen’s Oakley International was incorporated as a company only weeks prior to being awarded a contract by Brian Kennedy. During early 2008, Andre Hollis, Chief-Executive at Oakley International, provided lobbying services to the Forensic Science Services based in Birmingham and very much at the centre of the Madeleine McCann investigation.
    The formations company that incorporated Alphaig Ltd on behalf of Kennedy’s team was Turner Little, who were featured in a Panaroma Special about offshore tax avoidance scams. The controversial ‘nominee’ or ‘sham director’ scheme allows companies to nominate a third-party to front a company who may have little or no real input into the running of the business. They would effectively be a front. James Turner of Turner Little in York, which specialises in forming companies, assured Panaoram’s undercover reporter that his company already had 10,000 of these such entities already up and running with secrecy guaranteed. “We’ve had Inland Revenue investigations on clients that have used companies like this… and they haven’t got to the money,” Mr Turner said during secret filming. The complicated structure proposed by Mr Turner also involved the use of nominee directors to help keep the undercover reporter’s name off company paperwork.
    Interestingly Turner Little also have a curious connection to Anthony Gilberthorpe, the former Conservative MP turned whistleblower who said he procured underage rent boys for sex with leading political figures during the 1980s. Turner Little were responsible for incoporating Anthony Gilberthorpe’s Navigation Direct Ltd in February 2006. The company was dissolved within 12 months after customers complained of misleading claims about the product.
    Gilberthorpe has twice escaped death. The first was at the bombing in Brighton in 1984 and the second was in June 2007, when a building collapsed in Westminster.

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