Is trick DICKY Dearman got another id?

From the comments in the youtube video: 
George Dufort ITCCS world HQ Brussels is really Tricky Deadman [“Ricky Dearman”] using a newly made fake youtube a/c [he has many] – check it for yourselves + see the facts of the horrific abuse associated with this evil conman and criminal and the abuse he dealt out in what came to be known as the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse case. Deadman is a professional liar, loser, serial abuser and police nark and asset, and much more, as the facts plainly show. He is truly evil and he even left the country to live abroad to get away from the truth and the multitude of people who know the truth who wish to see him behind bars for the suffering he has caused so many, including and especially the poor victims in the family he befriended and subsequently destroyed outright through his evil actions.

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