MPs demand action over claims magistrate’s son was murdered by VIP paedophile ring

Seeking justice: Vishambar Mehrotra wants to know how his son Vishal was taken and killed
Updated: 15:26, 19 November 2014

Politicians today demanded a full police investigation into chilling claims that an eight-year-old London schoolboy may have been snatched and murdered by a VIP paedophile ring that included MPs and ministers.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told LBC radio it was time for “a kind of reckoning with our past” after yet more allegations that a network of Westminster child abusers was covered up for decades.
He added: “You cannot think of a more serious and grotesque allegation than that. Clearly it needs to be looked into.”
The latest testimony comes from a retired magistrate whose son was abducted and killed three decades ago in mysterious circumstances.
Vishambar Mehrotra, 69, was phoned by a male prostitute who said his son may have been snatched by the alleged ring and taken to the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes.
The father passed a tape recording of the conversation to the police but says they declined to investigate claims that involved “judges and politicians”. Mr Mehrotra now believes there was a “huge cover-up”.
Labour MP Tom Watson, who first raised allegations of a Westminster abuse ring in the Commons, said: “The police must urgently find out if this tape recording and any other records of this allegation still exist in their archives.
“After detailed searches the Met have already discovered intelligence from previous inquiries that have proved useful to their investigations. This could be a similar case.”


Simon Danczuk, the MP whose book exposed former MP Cyril Smith as a serial abuser of boys, said he may raise the issue in the Commons tomorrow.  “We need to find out whether this tape recording still exists,” he said. “The episode raises questions about the role and conduct of the Metropolitan Police.”
Mr Mehrotra said he believed Scotland Yard may have “sheltered” a paedophile ring of top politicians who killed his son Vishal, who was abducted from the street as he walked home to Putney after watching the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer in July 1981.
Mr Mehrotra said: “I gave a copy of the recording of the conversation I had with a young man on the phone who claimed my son had been abducted by politicians and judges. As far as I know they ignored it and classed it as a crank call.
“From what we know about Jimmy Savile’s abuse and the climate at the time it is quite possible the police were sheltering a group of very powerful people.”
The Met refused to comment on the latest claims today.

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