The Scottish people in general have been wonderful in their support for Hollie Greig, for justice, for the protection of Scottish children and the disabled and for me personally, despite the almost total blackout of the case by the mainstream media. Two gallant Scots have already gone to jail and countless others have risked arrest at the hands of the current regime for merely trying to raise awareness of this horrific issue that is transparently in the public interest.

These are the true Scots, patriotic, brave and humane, a credit to their country and worthy of its well-deserved reputation for valour.

Unfortunately, these fine qualities are not immediately apparent within the higher echelons of Scottish politics, the police, the judiciary or most media editors. Therefore, I would be grateful for any suggestions in identifying even one Scot among the establishment with the degree of integrity and courage sufficient to publicly stand up for Scottish child and disabled rape victims.

It is fair to say that I have found a number whose compassion and sympathy cannot be questioned, but not one also possessing the cardinal virtue of bravery, a necessity in the circumstances. All seem to be terrified of the possibility of repercussions by the regime should they speak out.

It is interesting to note that of all those politicians who have publicly expressed support for Hollie Greig and spoken about  the injustices and irregularities surrounding the case, not one of them is Scottish.

Four of us have already sacrificed our freedom in trying to perform our humanitarian duty in trying to protect our fellow British citizens, our most vulnerable people, who would otherwise be left defenceless in Scotland.

A more glaring example of mass cowardice by a national parliament could scarcely be imagined. Not a single member of the Scottish parliament has yet demonstrated the courage to protect its own children  and the disabled from the terrors of sexual abuse. It constitutes a most shameful scandal of the first magnitude.

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  1. Bravo Robert, and the same sad factor applies to most of the Westminster / Parliamentary hierarchy – especially Hollie’s own MP, the less than useless Owen ‘The Cobbler’ Paterson (North Shropshire).
    A pity he doesn’t spent as much time supporting his sexually abused constituent’s interests (Hollie’s – and Anne’s) and less opposing the fox hunting ban – while using his Defra post to promote GM Mutant Meal Frankenfoods – and a nation-wide badger cull – and going off tear-arsing around Mongolia on a sodding horse.
    So why not drop Owen a line to remind him of Hollie’s continued plight and cry for a long overdue measure of justice.

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