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Mandatory Reporting Of Child Abuse Becomes Law In Ireland

While England is still twiddling its thumbs over whether or not to make reporting concerns about child abuse a legal duty, Ireland has gone ahead and done it. 

The new law means that professionals in Ireland who work with children, including teachers, doctors, nurses and police will be required to report any suspicions of child abuse they have to the Child and Family Agency.

Whilst Ireland’s social workers are panicking about a potential reporting floodgate being opened, which they fear might overwhelm the system, the current research on mandatory reporting offers reassurance. To date, there has been little to no evidence of a mandatory duty to report significantly weighing down child protection systems.

Children’s charity Barnardo’s welcomed the move, and Ireland’s Republican Party Fianna Fáil went one step further, calling for the extension of mandatory reporting to cover suspicions of abuse relating to adults with disabilities.

Ministers, what are you waiting for – and when are you going to publish the findings from our consultation on mandatory reporting, which was launched over a year ago?



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  1. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Mandatory whistle-blowing about all cases of abuse, whether on children or adults, is essential – but the safety of whistle-blowers from reprisals by the abusers is also essential.


  2. Maggie tuttlesaid:

    Natasha, nothing will happen re child abuse the Governments say this that or other to shut us up and lets us think they are doing all in a child,s best interest, it is time the governments listened to the nation, as i have always told them the truth lies with the nation, but child abuse has been for centuries and still the kids are screaming to be heard, as for the ministers and judges Lords and the rest of them most of them are pensioners, and are just stupid cold hearted idiots/


  3. How can some and I repeat some social workers report them selves for sex crimes or even metal physical abuse of children. Will one of there relations or work mates report them. I have disclosed social workers sex abuse against children, many have been jailed, so its not fake evidence

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