he very late Sunday Spiv.

Christopher Spivey

Good morning, afternoon or evening and a happy Weirdy Beardy Man in the Skyday to you all… Although Sunday will be long gone by the time you read this.
I will tell you what though , it seems a bloody long time ago since I last wrote a Sunday Spiv.
Course, the reason for that is obvious.
Indeed, you may remember me telling you last November that I considered the trial of Michael Adebolajo & Michael Adebowale to be the most important in British history… Well that still stands today.
The government MUST NOT be allowed to get away with the Woolwich stage production.
And in saying that, I am happy to add that I am more than pleased with the response to the evidence that I have put forward so far.
I mean, at one point I looked in danger of becoming as hated as the two Michaels themselves… Something that I was prepared to accept if it meant exposing these corrupt, underhand arseholes for the piss taking cunts that they really are.
However, as far as I can see, the strength of the evidence that I have put forward, careful management by my excellent team and your support has more than smothered that threat.
And make no mistake, this site has the full attention of the government, the full attention of the security services and the full attention of all those who took part in the hoax.
Now, I cannot say too much about The Sun’s disgusting, ill thought out attempt to discredit me since that is still an ongoing case with the IPCC.
However, the way that you all rallied round and shut the brain dead public up with your well thought out comments that you left on the ‘hit piece’ was truly humbling.
Indeed, the very fact that Britain’s biggest selling newspaper was deleting your comments – none of which were rude, or threatening – speaks volumes.
Moreover, it quickly became obvious that the semi-retarded readership of the purveyor of bullshit had no stomach for a fight… That was evidenced by the woeful lack of response to your comments.
It isn’t in fact unfair to say that these ignoramus clowns had no response to the points that you made because it quickly became obvious that the clones who were baying for my blood had not even read the article that they were so very irate about.
A fact that I find very disturbing since this blinkered, uninformed view is the norm and not just exclusive to anything Rigby related.
It is also telling that the only other ‘newspaper’ to respond to my articles was the Manchester Gazette and once again, their biased, attempted hatchet job was swamped under a deluge of comments in support for me… For which I once again thank you.
Course, anyone who has read my evidence cannot refute what I have written… The facts speak for themselves.
Moreover, that fact became blatantly obvious once again by the lack of comments posted in response to yours.
Indeed, at the end of the day there was no real effort whatsoever made in response to my allegations; just a load of threats and character assassination… Absolutely fucking pathetic in fact.
Course, I never expected the MSM to report on my findings, as I am sure most of you didn’t.
However, if you want to know which Alternative News Sites are controlled opposition then look no further than those who haven’t so much as mentioned my findings.
And I say that without a trace of ego or bias.
Indeed, you only need look at the panic my articles have caused to realise that every site worth its salt in the Alternative Media should have been capitalising and looking to expand on that panic.
After all, this is the first time in Dog knows how long where an opportunity has been presented to expose the Sniffenpissin government for the manipulative criminal cunts that they really are and indeed, bring them to their knees.
Moreover, The Queen of England – not fit to sit on a shit pile let alone the throne – had to have sanctioned the Woolwich fraud.
And anyone who thinks different does not know the protocol involved in setting up a false flag.
Never the less, I will continue to do my bit and I hope that you will continue to do yours.
After all, if the Establishment is allowed to get away with this fraud then they can get away with doing practically as they please.
Moreover, the fact that the MSM are still releasing old fanny like the following bullshit from the Mirror demonstrates how confident the cocky cunts are in their belief that they have got away with mugging you off:

Soldiers on high alert for ‘Lee Rigby-style’ attack from Islam extremist former prisoner

A warning notice sent out to troops in the West Midlands – and seen by the Mirror – names and photographs a man who converted to Islam whilst behind bars

Members of the Armed Forces were on high alert last night after being told police and senior officers fear an Islamist extremist may be plotting another “Lee Rigby-syle” attack.
A warning notice sent out to troops – and leaked to the Mirror – in the West Midlands names and photographs a man who converted to Islam whilst behind bars.
The warning came with a mugshot picture of the convicted crook and told troops that the potential terrorist is now wearing a beard.

Do me a fucking favour!
Doesn’t reading shite like that make you clench your buttocks together?
Mind you, I notice that the shit stirring shit rag didn’t print the “mugshot” of this fella “wearing a beard”.
“wearing a beard”?
Shouldn’t he be sporting a beard?
I mean, to me a fella wearing a beard conjures up pictures in my mind of a mush donning one of those false beards that are held on with plastic handles that hook onto your ears.
David Cameron
Never the less, the article then continues:

It is thought the suspect has twice approached individual soldiers and made enquiries about their job and may even have filmed or photographed them in preparation for an attack.
It says the man ‘has approached a serviceman on two separate occasions in the Wolverhampton area asking for information relating to the Armed Forces and possibly photographing and filming personnel in uniform at a military event’.

Well why the fuck didn’t the soldiers grill him them?
Unless of course all service men are like Lee Bent Smiff, all mouth and no bollocks.
And why is “it thought” that the ‘suspect’ had “twice approached individual soldiers”?
He either did or he fucking didn’t, but if they don’t know which of the two it was then it isn’t news it is a fucking guessing game.
A military source told the Daily Mirror: “Troops are having to be extra careful these days because it is known that there are extremists who want to harm them.

I really do despair sometimes.
I mean, “a military source”? Get fucking real
Maybe if these “extremists” attacked an MP for once they might be given more credibility.
And I can tell you, it would be a piece of piss for a terrorist to get at an MP if he wanted to.
But they don’t, because the terrorists are the government… You have no one else to fear.
Course, we are now told that two of the cast of the Woolwich hoax have been sent to mental hospitals.
The first to be carted off was of course Hagrid Kennett:

A woman dubbed the ‘Angel of Woolwich’ for confronting Lee Rigby’s two killers has been detained under the Mental Health Act after allegedly racially abusing a shop worker.
Ingrid Loyau-Kennett was praised by Prime Minister David Cameron for her actions outside Woolwich barracks in May last year.
But today it emerged the 49-year-old has been detained three days after an alleged race row and released into the care of the NHS.  Source

You really couldn’t make this shit up.
I mean, this turd of of woman is still being used by the press to distort the facts as they occurred on the 22nd of May 2013 yet she has the credibility of Samantha Lewthwaite.
Indeed, time and time again she has been touted as a heroine, yet she is a fucking joke with her fake French accent.
Mind you, she has been a right pain in the fucking arse for those wanting the Woolwich hoax to be perceived as a real event ever since she was propelled to fame by our dishonourable, wholly corrupt Prime Minister.
After all, at best he once again showed what a poor judge of character he is… The twat is without doubt a joke – a sick one at that.
Never the less, quite why she was detained is a mystery.
I mean, you cannot be sectioned for being a racist.
I would in fact venture that all the daft fuck is guilty of is letting the fame go to her head, which obviously made her a loose cannon.
Strange really. You see I am convinced that the sectioned Hagrid is not the same Hagrid seen wandering around the Woolwich ‘crime scene’ like a spare fucking part at a wedding.
Never the less, I have written quite extensively about Hagrid and see little point in repeating myself here.
You can however access the articles exposing Kennett for the fraud that she is by clicking HERE HERE and HERE
Now the second fella to be carted off to the asylum is of course Michael Adebowale:

One of Lee Rigby’s killers has been moved to ­Broadmoor Hospital after claiming to hear voices in his head.
Michael Adebowale, 23, who hacked the soldier to death, was transferred to the Berkshire mental health unit after psychotic episodes.
Lee’s mother Lyn was told about the move the day after what would have been her son’s 27th birthday.
She was assured the transfer would not affect his life sentence.
A source said: “All she wants is for justice to be done, and as long as it is she doesn’t have a problem with the move.”


Course, it is quite a coincidence that both of these stooges have been looned off since my evidence on the fraud has been released don’t cha think?
I mean, in the case of Adebowale we had been told by the press that the murder trial was held up last November because of his mental state.
We were then told that he was going to be carted off to the mad house in February when the 2 Michaels were sentenced.
Yet only now, with me having released my evidence of the fraud have the script writers finally decided to act.
Never the less, why the fuck the authorities informed Lyn about Adebowale’s alleged move to Broadmoor is beyond me.
I mean, by her own admittance she is not Lee Rigby’s next of kin:

“Its ripped me apart really. I’ve not really been able to grieve for Lee.
Not being next of kin I’ve had nothing. No possessions of Lee”.
“And we just felt, y’know, we were put in a corner and ‘get on with it’. y’know.
The next of kin gets looked after, we get nothing”. Source

Therefore, it theory it is Hecky Becci who should have been informed.
Indeed, the Mirror have just used the story to gee up more sympathy for Lyn and try to add a bit of credibility to the pantomime.
You do know Lyn don’t you?
The woman who has had more freebies and days out in the past year than she has had in her lifetime yet comes out with old bollox such as: “Every day it feels like I am facing a mountain to climb just to get out of bed.
Which didn’t stop her registering her new company Team Lee United Forces Ltd on April the 2nd and set about CHARITY fund raising at a right old rate of knots… Only to then abruptly stop fundraising for CHARITY having it seems decided that it would now be best to wait until the company get their CHARITY registration.
A decision taken, once again following the release of my evidence of large scale fraud having been committed by all involved in the Woolwich hoax.
The thing is, you would have thought that Team Lee United Forces Ltd would have applied for Charity Registration before launching the Ltd Company.
After all, Lyn’s fellow director Kevin Williams dissolved his own company to climb aboard the new gravy train.
I mean, charity registration should take no more than 30 days to sort out yet 103 days after forming the company they still haven’t got it.
Therefore, you can draw whatever conclusion you like from those fact but to me it fucking stinks.
Untitled2 (1)
Okay, in other news I see some old bird from New Zealand has accused Rofl Arris of groping her 30 years ago:

Rolf Harris faces a new sex abuse probe after a New Zealander claimed the pervert assaulted her almost 30 years ago.
Lee Howden, a make-up artist from Christchurch, said the disgraced entertainer groped her when he was in the city for a TV show in the 1980s.

Now, whilst that is all well and good the charge is small potatoes compared to the child pornography found on the dirty piece of shits computer.
The following is taken from the Daily Chimpanzee last October:

Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris will stand trial next April accused of indecently assaulting young girls, a court heard today.
The 83-year-old faces nine counts of indecent assault and four of making indecent images of a child.  Source

However, those four counts of child porn were just the tip of the iceberg.
Moreover, the child porn charges were made subject to a gagging order:
“any reporting of the proceedings on 30 April and 1 May 2014 at the Crown Court at Southwark in the case of Regina v Rolf Harris, which involved pre-trial legal arguments, be postponed until further order, save for the fact that the hearing has taken place (including the name of the defendant, the names of counsel and solicitors, the identity of the court and the name of the judge) and that it has been adjourned to a further date, 6 May 2014, at this court.” 
After all, had Arris been tried for the child porn at the same time as the sexual assaults then he would have had no chance of beating the rap… Not that he ultimately did.
Course, the presiding judge was none other than Judge Sweeney – the very same judge who presided over the Rigby murder farce.
And reading the following snippet from a recent Chimp article on those child porn charges, you get a clearer understanding of how the law favours the rich:

Rolf Harris’s home computer contained a secret stash of child pornography images, it can now be revealed.
Police found the vile material after the entertainer was arrested on suspicion of indecently assaulting girls as young as seven.
The Crown Prosecution Service wanted to try Harris for possessing the indecent images but dropped the charges amid fears that it could be seen as oppressive following his jailing for the assaults.  Source

How the fuck could it have seemed oppressive?

Indeed, if you believe that then you will believe anything.
The article continues:

Harris’s computer contained images of children under 13 posing suggestively while semi-naked, with teddy bears in the foreground.
Detectives found a total of 33 indecent photographs of boys and girls downloaded from child pornography websites.

It fucking stinks of a cover up and we all know who is really being protected don’t we?
Yet despite the ever growing mountain of evidence suggesting that the royal parasites are active members of the filthy nonce club what does the government do?
The cunts make it even easier for the vile perverted inbreds to hide their sick & illegal activities:
The Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a controversial legal reform designed to draw a veil of secrecy over the affairs of the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William.

Letters, emails and documents relating to the monarch, her heir and the second in line to the throne will no longer be disclosed even if they are in the public interest.
Sweeping changes to the Freedom of Information Act will reverse advances which had briefly shone a light on the royal finances – including an attempt by the Queen to use a state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace – and which had threatened to force the disclosure of the Prince of Wales’s prolific correspondence with ministers.

Course, the royal scum can delude themselves that they can ride out the coming storm all they fucking want.
But deluding themselves they surely are… There is no place for this sick, perverted, half-witted abomination of a family in this country… Not in this day and age.
Indeed, in over 60 years of rule, the cunt hasn’t done a single thing for the inhabitants of this island, yet she could end the suffering of those most in need with a pen stroke and still hardly feel the pinch… The Windsors truly are an insidious institution.
They have to go.
Meanwhile, I see that the Cunt Cameron has pledged £1.1 Billion of your money to fight cyber terrorism:

David Cameron will today pledge £1.1billion for the armed forces to strengthen our defences and combat the threat of cyber terrorism.
The extra money will go to the Special Forces as well as to research into new technology – such as underwater drones.
Cash for the ‘vital’ Ministry of Defence programmes has been found as a result of austerity measures and prudent financial management, the Prime Minister will say.
He will say there would be £800million investment in an ‘Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance’ package, including unmanned aircraft.

Is that useless, piss taking twat for fucking real?
MI5 are the cyber terrorists.
Course, the ultimate aim is to make legal what the kinky clowns already do illegally.
And talking about the men in G-strings, I see that they are being blamed for starting rumours about Leon Brittain being a nonce:

British spies were blamed for spreading ‘lurid sex scandal’ rumours about Cabinet minister Leon Brittan.
MI5 agents were said to have made the baseless claims against the then Home Secretary as he was angry they failed to prevent the disastrous Libyan embassy siege. 
Right-wing elements in the security services also allegedly disliked his Jewish background.
The smears surrounding Lord Brittan became so well known, Downing Street had to issue a warning that they were untrue.
In June 1984, Private Eye revealed that gossip revolved around the Home Secretary. 
It wrote: ‘The “Cabinet Minister Scandal” that surfaced after a lobby briefing by Mr Bernard Ingham, Mrs Thatcher’s press secretary, relates to Home Secretary Leon Brittan.’ 

The dirty sick nonce cunt wants hanging – not protecting.
You can read more about the vile nonce by clicking HERE
But that is what the government have been doing throughout history.
I mean, I have been shouting about Slaggy Thatcher and her paedophile infested cabinet for years but as is the norm, we have to wait until the sick sub-humans are dead for the truth to come out:

Senior Tory politicians took part in drink and drug-fuelled sex parties with underage boys during seaside conferences, it was claimed today.
Former activist Anthony Gilberthorpe says he was handed cash and told to ‘fetch entertainment’ – code for young boys – by members of Margaret Thatcher’s government.
But the claims were today rejected as ‘tittle-tattle’ by former Conservative minister David Mellor, who insisted those named were dead and unable to defend themselves.

I sincerely hope that when the full truth comes out about Slaggy Thatcher, that the least you do is demand that our MP’s reimburse the public money out of their own pockets the amount that they stole to pay for the evil old cunts funeral. 
And while they are at it they can reimburse us the cost of the Rigby funeral too, which was once again a gross insult to all the families of murder victims.
After all, our robbing government handed over £3.6 Million of our money for Thatchers funeral just so as the nonce cunts could all have a posh day out at our expense.
And never forget how the likes of Cameron and Osborne described the depraved old witch as their hero… Certainly, there can be no denying in Cameron’s case that he didn’t know the true nature of Slaggy Maggie.
But then again what do you expect from the big titted, fat jowled Prime Minister when he is/was close friends with the likes of the predatory paedophile Derek Laud.
The following photos of ‘guests’ arriving at Slaggy’s funeral are taken from my article ‘A bit of a do’.
A dustbin lorry would have sufficed.

And Nonce McAlpine never even turned up.
Never the less talking of terrorists – which we actually wasn’t but fuck it anyway – I see the Monkey Boys are still pushing the old ISIS bollox:

ISIS are making nearly $1million a day selling off crude oil from conquered refineries to Kurdish businessmen.
The jihadists, who now call themselves the Islamic State’s caliphate, are smuggling the resources from Iraqi oilfields into Turkey and Iran where they offer it up for $25 (£15) a barrel, making a huge profit.
The lucrative trade was revealed as the Iraqi government were accused of killing 255 Sunni prisoners as revenge for the ISIS advance, which has seen them take large swathes of the country. 
Industry experts believe the fighters are taking the oil from plains south of Mosul and transporting it in tankers, owned by the extremists, so it can be turned into diesel and petrol. 

Course, what the lying shit rag fails to do is name these Kurdish businessmen.
I mean c’mon!  Who makes these figures up?
After all 6 weeks ago no one had so much as heard of ISIS and now they are looting banks taking with them Billions although fuck knows how because billions of pounds is an awful lot of pallets of paper.
Indeed, before ISIS it was all Boko Haram and the 200 plus kidnapped schoolgirls.
What has happened about that?
Nothing because it was just made up bollox.
Moreover, you only need look at the fella who is touted as being the leader of ISIS to know that it is all made up old fanny.
I mean, only the CIA or MI5 could come up with the name Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, and even then the fella is clearly 3 or 4 different people… A sure sign of a security service creation.
images (1)
Honest to Dog, the population needs to get off of their fucking knees and start thinking for themselves.
I was in fact checking statistics yesterday ahead of my appearance on the Lou Collins radio show yesterday morning and this is what I found:
You have a 25million to one chance of being killed by a terrorist in the UK… Or put another way; no fucking chance.
World wide, that figure drops to a hugely improbable chance of 9.3million to one of being killed by a terrorist.
To put that into perspective you are:
One thousand and forty eight times more likely to die in a car crash.
Four hundred and four times more likely to die in a fall.
Eighty seven more times likely to drown and six times more likely to die of the hot weather.
Yet on the back of the Woolwich hoax Cameron has raised the Security Service budget by 3.4 percent taking the total given over to the men in G-strings next year to £1.7Billion.
And for what?
To protect you from a 25million to one chance of being killed by a terrorist, fuck me people get a grip.
Moreover, the counter terrorism police have been made exempt from cuts and at a time when the armed forces bill is being slashed – and rightly so too – the SAS has been given an £800 millon pound boost for counter terrorism.
And the smarmy cunt Cameron knows full well that the real purpose of that budget increase is to allow the security services to spy on us – hence the massive recruitment drive by MI5 & MI6 at the moment.

And whilst our [dis]honourable government are spending Billions on convincing the dumb fucks that they are in real danger of being blown to pieces in order to take us into a phony designer war, where the fuck is the condemnation of Israel and what they are doing to the Palestinian people over on the Gaza Strip:
Israel’s Gaza offensive, which by the sixth day has claimed at least 145 lives, including 28 children, and injured as many as 1,000 people, threatens to bring an even deeper humanitarian disaster to the area, with vital water and sewerage systems being destroyed by Israeli air strikes. 
Palestinian officials on Saturday claimed that the Israelis had targeted water wells in different parts of Gaza City, leaving thousands of families without access to clean drinking water. An Oxfam official said going into the weekend that 90 percent of the water in Gaza was already unsafe to drink.
The sewerage system is also a target, with Israeli warplanes targeting sewage treatment stations in West Gaza City early on Saturday. The areas most affected are Shati refugee camp, Tal al-Hawa, Sheikh Ejleen and most Western districts, according to Saed al-Din Atbash, head of water facilities at Gaza Municipality.
Read More
This is what YOUR evil, nonce infested government is condoning and allowing to happen:

It breaks my fucking heart.
Can you imagine that happening to one of your children?
<img alt="Photo: Protest: BBC Report the Truth on Gaza

Tuesday 15th July – 5.30pm

BBC – New Broadcasting House

Portland Place, W1A 1AA London

To volunteer/get involved:

Join/Donate:” class=”aligncenter” height=”622″ src=”” width=”622″ />
Yet the sick satanic arsewipes feel no guilt whatsoever when they lie to your face and promise you that the following is where the danger lies:

Actors wearing brand new trainers on a fucking film set… Your government is a sick joke, I despise the evil cunts.
Moreover, whilst the sniffenpissin child raping pieces of shit are spending billions of pounds to spy on you, there are stories like the following appearing in newspapers up and down the country:
AN ELDERLY couple are living rough on the streets of Bournemouth, prompting shocked reactions from charity workers.
The two pensioners were evicted from their privately-rented home in Charminster in April, and have been sleeping rough since then – relying on soup kitchens to eat – while an issue with their pension payments is resolved.
It is believed that after the pensions system changed, they were told they had to have their pensions paid electronically into a bank account. Because they were unable to carry on collecting their money in their usual way, they were unable to pay their rent.
Read More
Bournemouth Echo: NOWHERE TO GO: The  streets of Bournemouth are now ‘home’ for this elderly pensioner.
That my friends, I’m afraid to say is totally totally unacceptable.
And finally, any hope of the Monkey Boys getting their act together while I have been leaving them alone these past few weeks quickly evaporated after I read one of the most pointless, fabricated stories ever written by the shit rag:

This car park in China collapsed into a pit after a sudden and heavy rainfall washed away the soil beneath.
The stricken building is next to a construction site in Chengdu, in south-west China’s Sichuan province.
Five cars dropped 30ft into a deep pit and another left hanging precariously over the edge after the incident, which took place earlier today. Several trees were also dragged in, but no casualties were reported.

Now, despite there being nothing newsworthy about a chunk of ground collapsing next to an excavated building site following heavy rain, the fact that it happened in China makes this report even stranger.
However, in an effort to make the story more interesting the Monkey Cunts claim that 5 cars were lost in the collapse… They wasn’t.
Instead what we are treated to is a series of badly photoshopped pictures in order to try and give the old fanny a bit of credibility.
However, this is such a non story that the Chimp was only able to offer one more sentence on the above before heading off to talk about another collapse that happened in China in March – which killed 18 people… Apparently.
So why have I brought the article up?
Well the simple answer is the Chimp is supposed to be a NEWSpaper, yet instead of doing their job, we are treated to fabricated old bollocks that didn’t happen on the other side of the world.
Indeed, a case of the media diverting attention away from the real news by means of made up old fanny designed to captivate the terminally dumb.
We can put a stop to all this and now has never been a better time to do so.
There are big cracks appearing in the establishments foundations at this moment in time.
Carpe Diem.


  1. Rusty
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 06:43:06
    Ref your “After all, if the Establishment is allowed to get away with this fraud then they can get away with doing practically as they please” comment.
    Well let’s face it Chris, they can, will and do – as a decades long and sinister past history proves.
    9/11; Madrid; Bali Sari Club micro-nuke; 7/7 tube bombing; Dr David Kelly; illegal Iraq invasion (plus equally-illegal Afghanistan invasion) – the stifling of the Operation Ore investigation; Cullen’s 100 year gag order on the Dunblane massacre coverup – and that’s to name but a mere sampling. Not enough hours in the day to list the entire litany of their sins and crimes committed against their own people for self-serving purposes.
    • louise
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 14:59:54
      Hi Rusty-just to say if you are the gentleman who’s just been released from prison for supporting Hollie Greig?-If so how i admire your’s and Robert Green’s tenacity to bring this scum to justice.I perfectly understand if you wish not to reply to this email if you are-as i expect there’s a gagging order on you and they’re probably watching you like a hawk.Otherwise Rusty if you’re not the gentleman in question please accept my apologies x
  2. Johnny D
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 07:45:43
    Interesting in the light of the recent “revelations” re VIP child abuse that Wee Willie Hague and Kenneth Clarke are stepping down. Is it too much to hope that their seedy pasts are about to be made public? Probably.
    7 30am and I’m left with a feeling of impotent rage after seeing the photos of dead children in Gaza.
    Also frothing at the mouth that Leon “French Maid” Brittan is still this side of prison bars. Raging that a bill is to be passed today giving the security services the green light to access our email and telecommunications. This has been rushed through on the back of the Rigby farce.
    Nauseated by the pics of Sweaty Betty and the cadaverous old paedophile.
    All in all not a good start to my day.
    • Dam Langden
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 11:58:18
      Totally agree, Johnny. I spent most of last night trying to leave a comment on the Daily Fail to that effect. Comments were not moderated at first but my observations were still not published.
      I suggested that Cameron was embarking on a damage limitation exercise and was removing men like Hague, Clarke, Brittan and Duncan in advance of next week’s headlines. Eventually they did print a watered down version of what I’d said but put it way down the list so no-one will scroll down far enough to read it.
      Thank goodness for this site. More and more people are becoming aware of what is really going on. Our time will come. I am certain of that. And when it does, retribution will be swift and sure. Eventually Chris will add the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.
    • Trevor
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 12:08:22
      When I saw the news about William Hague I immediately thought of Leon Brittan and the rumours that it was Hague who told Brittan that he was being moved from Westminster to Brussels because of his boy-raping ways. Apparently the conversation took place in the early hours on Brighton beach.
      The fact that Brittan’s noncing is blowing up in the Tories’ faces again must be the reason for Hague to exit stage left before the election campaign gets going properly. Cameron thinks he can credibly deny having anything to do with all those Tory paedos.
      As an aside, RT are covering Hague’s departure by showing his speech when he demanded that the world bomb Syria because Assad was using disproportionate and indiscriminate force including artillery, airstrikes and missiles against a civilian population including the most vulnerable and defenceless people. Exactly what the genocidal Israelis are doing today in other words.
      Of course, Syria doesn’t have nukes stashed in their London embassy, primed to go off if the UK vassal government ever strays off-message.
  3. VET
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 08:06:11
    What fucked up country we really live in, we see people starving on the streets. And the fucking mugs giving money away to baby royal Antichrist George. And this joke of a dragon Lyn or whatever the slags real name is.
  4. louise
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 08:12:46
    Hi Chris-first part of your article was hilarious with the captions-see there’s been a Cabinet re-shuffle to protect the nonces once again-how convenient!.Then when i scrolled down and seen those dear little children’s bodies the tears started-it really breaks my heart to see what our soldiers are capable of.Then when one of our soldiers gets ‘killed in action’ and repatriated you’ve got full media coverage calling them ‘heroes’.Judging by the photos don’t look like heroes to me-just a bunch of sadistic murderers-Doesn’t matter what armed forces you sign up to they’re all amalgamating to the same nefarious Adenda co-ordinated by these evil Satanic monsters of TPTB.What concerns me if subscriptions go down on ‘youngsters’ signing up- then they’ll introduce a compulsory subcription act-Whatever happens-these evil evil bastards HAVE to be brought down-and as i’ve said before i will not shut up to expose this sheer and utter filth that they are-They’re not even fit to roll in shit-the lot of them-especially coffin dodger lizzie and the puke of edinburgh.Once again though a faultless article Chris-even though the truth is so ugly it’s no good ‘sweeping under the carpet’-it has to be faced up to.keep safe love to you all Louise xx
    • Crystali
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 10:28:03
      Totally agree with you Louise and Rusty.
      Its almost like they reveal their plans prior to events or at least drop hints like some sick joke or experiment?! Again, ‘promoting the idea’ like a meme readying the populace for some atrocity perpetrated by those that have been psychologically installed into the consciousness of the masses beforehand such as Al-qaeda or Muslims etc. Thats most likely what the false flag ‘army hero’ was all about, using the army to commit atrocity and expound on the idea of ‘needed and justifiable’ war in one form or other, and make the perpetrators acceptable as protecting heroes even though we know today they are just elite protectors and yes men given a licence to kill even children, legal murder with consent of the crown that would see everyone else, or the general public in prison for.
      It’s all psychological manipulation and a form of mass mind control to attempt to convince us to justify army actions in our own minds, we however are not as ignorant and pathetic as they are and see through it.
      You can bet there is going to be events involving the army, maybe a precursor to civil war or connections to Ukraine and Russia and false flags here to attempt a civil war to distract from the filth marginally being revealed in government protection of their own racket on paedophilia and manipulation of the economy and the sucking up to the EU/EC!
  5. Anthony Di’anno
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 08:22:48
    Nice one Chris and team. The dam is ready to burst. It is up to each one of us to push harder and harder.
  6. nan
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 08:40:25
    Do those cracks include Elizabeth sloss resigning and more interesting willy hague? that’s come a bit abruptly don’t ya think. Is this reshuffle Panic! is cunt cameron running around like a headless chicken haha he should be, at this moment i take this to mean they are shitting themselves. I like you get so fucking angry and frustrated with the evil cunts, When people like you and your team work so hard to expose these parasites it feels like nothing is ever gonna happen to bring them to justice. Although justice in this country is a joke, I was especially angry about new laws to cover up for betty and her inbreads the fucking gaul of it Dog i’m so fucking wound up right now i could scream. just wondering if the police have shown any interest in your evidence on rigger’s? oh silly me can’t believe i asked that,,, plenty of interest just not the right sort of interest. Chris i don’t know how you keep it up but i for one would like to thank you for all you are doing, for your compassion and dedication to truth, I keep praying (figure of speach “praying”) for this to break and by that i mean to see it splattered all over the news the fucking lot of it. can you imagine the sheeple’s shock! It’s time as you say the moment is Now!
  7. Penno
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 08:59:50
    Lovely bit of work there Chris. Just one thing. The article about the royal family’s info being kept more secret: this happened around 3 years ago and was reported by the independent. Don’t know why people have just started reporting about it now. But yea here’s the link: h t t p://w w
  8. nan
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 09:02:14
    ps, We should put your name forward, Chris Spivey to head the enquiry into the paedophiles of westminster and hand picked panel of Wolfie, Dogman, fuck the state, Lisa, to name a few LOL now that Sloss is unsuitable for the job! they seem to be stuggling to come up with someone. haha don’t think you would fit the bill though as they need someone who will skirt around the issues and errrmmm COVER UP
  9. L1M80
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 09:08:06
    Enjoy the Sunday Spiv along of course with the multitude of other articles you do Chris…I’ve noticed an immense amount of stories in the media this week and last , since the political pedophile stories emerged that make absolutely no sense in being in the news, Sky particularly, but then mad Murdoch I think is still mates with Dangerous Dave…
    Anyways as always good stuff from you and the team, keep the fine work up…
    P.S.on a side note I’m having trouble getting on the forum it’s not accepting my Username & PW, have emailed board admin but i don’t think they’re getting the emails to reset PW..any chance a message could be passed on and a reset link forwarded thanks.
    • Wolfie
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 09:18:37
      Will get it sorted for you later ok , POA , Legal Advisor to Tittsworth & Grabbe.
    • Wolfie
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 18:01:59
      Cant find your id , is it the same on the forum ? and i cant find that email either so just post on here so one of the admin gets it , it wont be published , its the only way to resolve it , POA , Legal Advisor to Tittsworth & Grabbe.
  10. Cherub
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 09:25:02
    Chris and team, yet another excellent piece summing up the evil running our country. I went to a protest in Bradford on Sunday in support of the people of Palestine and against the biased BBC reporting. It was a shame to see so little white faces in the crowds totaling around 5000 but the passion of the people was great. George Galloway urged people to stop paying the BBC TV licence. I am in total agreement. My licence fee is going to be paid in full, in installments to you, Mr Chris Spivey to support your work exposing the truth. Another point was that the BBC “covered” the Bradford protest. They said a few hundred came out to support Palestine but Israel have confirmed they are only hitting military bases in Palestine! What rubbish! Totally biased and incorrect reporting, as expected from the BBC.
    Covering up and supporting paedophiles too, we own the BBC, if enough stopped paying the licence fee we could get rid of them.
    And we need to overthrow this corrupt establishment…we need to keep making our voices heard, to protest and stand up against the evil paedophiles that govern us…let’s:
    Stop paying the BBC licence.
    Financially support the work of Chris and the team.
    Stand up, attend protests, let your voices be heard.
    Write to the MPs, the local newspapers, share the information on social media, write to the police, the government.
    Let everyone know we WILL NOT accept this ruling elite anymore.
    Keep pushing everyone, our voices WILL be heard! Much love x
  11. Disenchanted
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 09:35:51
    William Hague being moved on is quite interesting because not only was he along with Ian Duncan Smith one of the most odious characters in the whole rancid cabinet but he is also clearly one who must have some very dirty nasty hidden secrets as he has always been a vocal mouth piece for wars, overseas intervention etc etc but that said i’m sure his replacement has already been set up and filmed by our very fine security services in a honey trap with a 12 year old or photographed in a 3 some with Baroness Butler-Sloss and Peter Sutcliffe or some other bizarre love triangle!
  12. Karianne
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 09:52:34
    Clowns/Admin Assistants wanted
    Salary negotiable
    by Security Services
    Must be flexible in all areas. We are preparing for our next hoax. Applicants welcome who have had some drama training or have a keen interest in clowning around and assisting our team. Training will last 3 months and at the end of training you will be a member of a team that will appear in the media both at home and abroad. Serious minded individuals needed for the positions on offer. These will be ideal roles for those with imagination and strong creative ability. We are also looking for office staff who have computer skills. Who will be able to assist us in monitoring Alternative Media Sites. Those with correct qualifications and expertise will support us in rendering these sites non-functioning. You will be given a code name and it will be up to you to treat anything that is said as a lie and you will need to be assertive and tell them that their findings are incorrect. You can start of by agreeing with everything they say and when the coast is clear we will require you to blast them below the belt. As soon as this has been accomplished it will be over to the next assistant to carry on where the previous assistant has left off. Full mind control training given. Free fluorinated tea and coffee also available during these sessions.
  13. Common Porpoise
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 10:15:58
    With Cameron’s seal of approval, how many of his new cabinet ministers are Common Purpose graduates?
    • Crystali
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 12:03:19
      It doesn’t really matter what offshoot they’re from, its all the same ‘club’ in the end with the same goals and motives and they all collude behind the same closed doors to ‘conspire’, because that is what it is, the manipulation of their system around us without our knowledge. Leaving us to mull it all over in conjection and assumption as we see it and to see the facts outside of mainstream in sites like this, purely because it shouldn’t take a genius to see the common bullshit is just that. Sorry state this world is in, or the self proclaimed, installed elite have made it such, but that’s all obvious with anyone who has a conscience.
      • Common Porpoise
        Jul 15, 2014 @ 13:32:28
        So true, but it is always good to catch them out. A small number of people within a small set of families run the world via corrupt systems and utter madness designed to keep everyone down. They have similar DNA, virtually identical mitochondrial DNA, and carry microorganisms that absolutely control their behaviour. These infections normally cannot enter the womb and if they do then severe mutations result. Instead these infections are introduced to their young via sexual transmission either by the Shirley Temple Good Ship Lollipop method involving ejaculation or via bumsex. Parasites, especially brain parasites such as Toxoplasma gondii, fungus such as candida causing cancer, etc. affect infected individual hosts by making them oppressive, power/money obsessed, sexually deviant, warmongers, etc. These families are members of cults of death. They often exhibit no humanity whatsoever. Their programming is to kill the poor (as they fit the systems that they designed to empower themselves least) which is a sport to them. The soldiers that were used for plunder to expand the British Empire to make the elite wealthy were taken from slums and did the bidding of these people. These soldiers were referred to by the elite as scum of the Earth. Money is the means by which they operate. You take the money for something you know is wrong, you build yourself and others a greater prison in which you increasingly live. This type of behaviour within companies is deemed acceptable but leads to fascism. The elite live longer because the infections and chemical exposure that give you cancer died out in generations ages ago in their families. Bum deal.
      • Crystali
        Jul 15, 2014 @ 20:17:19
        CP, although I know how everyone is controlled by money and their wage, I dont refute that of course. I have no proof of the dna part of your post, not saying I refute that as the knowledge of bloodlines is old news, but that is a bit extreme and it is not down to dna that makes people bastards and arseholes even if it is true and can be proven with some, that just lets them off the hook because they could use the its not our fault card. It’s mostly down to selfishness and bad decisions and lack of moral values and can be found in all walks of life, the infection is the mind and lack of compassion and weakness against temptation of money and power.
        But its up to you what extremity you inject into excuses you make for them. Being a bastard is not an infection, it’s a moral deviance, a void of conscience and extreme selfishness as I said, thats all it is! The only infection they inject is their hatred and methods of proving it by yes, actions toward the poor, they have successfully created an extreme two tier fascist communism, one for the rich and one for the poor, the so called middle classes will be pushed one way or the other. They have always followed the template of fascism, fascist dictatorship, it’s been that way for longer than we can remember, it’s a slow fulfilling agenda.
    • Dogman
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 15:33:32
      Check out a list of graduates here – http://www
  14. nan
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 10:20:50
    It’s started police doing a robert green on victims who come forward. just been to uk column, top story Melanie shaw suffered rape and horrific abuse in care home beechwood house nottingham over 100 victims have come forward about the horrors they suffered. Melanie sent a distress txt saying police were after her she doesn’t trust them and was scared and hasn’t done anything wrong, she seemed to have disapeared but it now transpires she is in peterborough prison. no record of court case etc,, thats just the basic story. dont know how to post links sorry, but this ties in with everything Chris is trying to get out cover ups etc. also her child/children taken into care now Melanie is a very vulnerable person in a prison exposed as being very violent.
  15. Benny
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 11:08:34
    Thank you Chris, what a sorry state we have allowed our planet to get into.
    This weeks PROTESTS!
    Friday we will see a demonstration outside parliament against child abuse, as far as i can gather Bill Maloney is part organising this alongside his friend
    Brenda Mumsy Mcnamara, now as it stands its only looking at a turn out of about 400 so far, this really isn’t good enough so lets try and boost the numbers, more information is on the forum, in he massively under viewed UKnews, protest section –
    This section also includes cheep travel information to and from the capital, please check it out and see what you can do.
    Also Saturday will see a huge demonstration to oppose the zionist states offensive against the Palestinians, the stop the war coalition have been out twice already and are planning there biggest event to date, again more information including cheep travel is on the forum –
    Hopefully see some of you there.
    • Karianne
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 11:47:51
      Benny may I intercept please
      “the We demand members of the public are included on the Child Abuse investigation panel to ensure;”Complete confidence in the integrity of the investigation” has reached 4,177 votes so far.”
      Thanks for spreading the word about demonstrations. Justice for the abused those being abused and for the Palestinians.
      • Benny
        Jul 15, 2014 @ 12:16:22
        Of course you can Karianne, be my guest. Thats a great number but we can do more,post the petition everywhere!
        (the 400 i mentioned was just the number of people attending the protest according to the facebook page)
        We all got to do our bit, wether were blogging, commenting or protesting it all pays a vital part in raising awareness. X
    • Cherub
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 12:42:01
      Benny, can you post the Facebook page for Fridays protest on Chris’ Facebook page so we can find it? Chris I hope you don’t mind?
      • Benny
        Jul 15, 2014 @ 12:59:55
        No worries Cherub, all done.
  16. Sane Man
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 11:43:36
    Has Riggers got his own graveyard ? Where are the other gravestones ? Could be to the left of Lyn and Lee possibly , but fuckall behind and to the right , just flat ground and then what looks like a small hill .
  17. Buster
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 11:53:40
    A few people have mentioned the ‘Sloss’ standing down, now call me a conspiracy theorist but these people have a track record of deceit ‘don’tchaknow’, I’ll wager that Sloss was never intended to head the enquiry in the first place, she was put there to cause controversy so they could appoint the fuqqa they always intended to head the enquiry, who has yet to be revealed.
    Typical deception, a classic being the ‘Poll Tax’ which they knew everyone would oppose, then give the impression that they’re backing down and provide what they always wanted all along….your hard earned money/energy! which appeared a lot less, but was a lot more than the nothing they had in the first place!!
    • louise
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 13:44:28
      Hi Buster-you could have a point there-maybe she’s a red herring-funny how’s she stepped down then Scameron announced the’ Shuffle’ of Paedo Parliament x
    • Johnny D
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 17:46:03
      Funny you should say that Buster. Why would “they” put forward someone that’s bound to provoke immediate objections? Bottler Slush was a toe in the water, a sort of “lets see what the reaction will be”.
    • wiggins
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 19:19:42
      Aye! She is also the late Attorney General Sir Michael Havers’ (later Lord Havers) sister……this is one of the creeps recently outed on the angirfan site……shame they are all dead – as usual.
  18. Bluesman
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 12:06:43
    You are *really* going to piss off TPTB if you keep producing the goods like this.
    I’ll share a few thoughts about things you’ve touched on if I may…
    There is a (rapidly) growing World-wide demand for war-crimes trials that are *long* overdue re:Palestine…
    How can an illegal occupier/illegal occupying army be the victim???
    “If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel.
    It is normal; we have taken their country.
    It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs.
    There has been Anti – Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault ?
    They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?”(sic: David Ben Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister))
    Is it really possible that an imaginary-friend gifting another person’s property and/or land to a group, based solely upon the claim that some ancestors possibly lived in the vicinity sometime way back in the dim-distant past, can have *any* validity, or a *real* legal precedent in modern international law???
    I don’t believe it is, is it?
    Once done with Palestine, there’s B-Liar, Shrub and the cabal of thieves that invaded Iraq on a yarn and a prayer (to their god of war), looting, pillaging, and torturing their way to Baghdad, killing100s-of-1000s of innocent civilians in their rush to plunder Iraq’s natural resources.
    Would now be a bad time to mention “Afghanistan”?..
    Maybe, given sufficient pressure, the UK can look at Agent Cameron, the servant of two masters.
    How can he pledge fealty to Israel, and *still* be allowed to be an MP?
    Let alone Prime Minister!
    Isn’t that treason (his pledging allegiance to a foreign power in these circumstances)?
    Do y’think that if found guilty the above-mentioned would get the same sort of justice Saddam got?
    I’m starting to like that old adage “Let the punishment fit the crime”. ;)
    Did I say *that*!
    I’d better get my coat before TPTB notice *me* too…
    You haven’t seen me, all right. ;)
  19. Trevor
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 12:18:55
    On the day that the new, official photo of the leader of ISI was released I happened to have the fascist BBC News channel on and Martine Croxall was speaking to the fascist BBC’s agent in Iraq. She said to him it’s strange that this bloke looks “very different” from his previous picture. That stopped the Iraqi reporter in his tracks, but he then started rabbiting on about the ISI threat in general, totally ignoring what she’d said. She didn’t repeat her question.
    I bet she had some zioqueer screaming in her earpiece that she’d never see her kids again if she mentioned the fake photo.
    • Dogman
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 16:09:26
      Trevor, have you had a butcher’s at this lot who are also called ISIS? Must be an embarassing coincidence.
      ISIS (Management)
      The members of our management team have extensive industry experience, supervising, managing and serving on numerous OGA contracts operating in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa in the protection of U.S. national interests.Collectively, we’ve served as army intelligence officers; in special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Panama and Haiti; as consultants for the U.S. Government on the Counter-Narcotics and Drug Interdiction Task Force, and more. Over the last 10 years, our leadership has successfully obtained and managed millions of dollars worth of government and corporate security contracts
      Search for
      • Trevor
        Jul 15, 2014 @ 19:26:52
        Yes, Dogman, I’ve seen making a lot out of that ISIS. He thinks that the whole ISIS invasion of Iraq is purely that US mercenary firm working for the State Department under their own name, relying on the ziopress to maintain the false jewish narrative that obviously just can’t be real. How can a few thousand “terrorists” in pickup trucks take over a well-armed US satellite state quicker than the whole “coalition of the willing” managed to do it with tanks and air power? How come there just happened to be billions of dollars of cash waiting for them? How come they captured a load of chemical weapons when the US forces never managed to find such things in ten years of occupation? How come the US press is now saying that ISIS have captured 88 lbs of weapons-grade uranium from Mosul university? Why the satanic figure of 88? Will Mossad put it on board flight MH-370 and use it for another 9/11?
        It’s all getting so blatant that the jews who say they are jews but are not might have to nuke London pretty soon just to put people off the scent. Or they might just start a new series of X-factor. Same difference, same protagonists.
      • wiggins
        Jul 15, 2014 @ 19:33:55
        Probably a.k.a. Blackwater or even since 2009 ….Xe Services.
  20. Karianne
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 13:18:41
    Slightly off topic but this relates to child abuse. Child abuse whistleblower, Melanie Shaw, held in Peterborough Prison.
    ‘The Beechwood Children’s Home abuse witness is being held in Peterborough prison after unknown police action on Thursday, 10th July, and a secret court hearing on Friday, 11th July 2014. For the personal safety of the individual and in the wider public interest we are naming the witness as Melanie Shaw. ‘
    The UK Column
    • Maz
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 20:22:43
      Jeez this is so fecking disgusting – the poor lass is being held in prison??? I posted this on another of Chris’ topics (where the feck are MIND when you need them – “sarky comment”)
      According to MIND:
      1. If I commit an offence, will the police arrest me?
      This very much depends on what the offence is and what they know about you. If the offence is a minor one, the police may use their discretion and do nothing. They may choose to refer you to health and social services, if they think it more appropriate, and they may ask you if you want assistance in being referred. This may be done quite informally, if you are happy to co-operate. If the offence is more serious, the police may arrest you and take you to the police station for questioning.
      2. Can the police detain me for any other reason?
      If you are in a public place, the police also have the power to detain you if they think you have a mental disorder (section 136) and that you are in immediate need of care and control. They must take you to a place of safety , preferably a hospital, but possibly a police station. You can be held there, until an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) and either one or two doctors have assessed you, for up to 72 hours. This power cannot, at present, be used to detain you if you are on private premises. They can move you from one place to another within this period; for example, from a police station to a hospital for the assessment.
      Would suggest her family contact MIND for help but then again, aren’t MIND a charidee?
  21. Mick
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 13:31:59
    That picture of Rigby’s supposed mother by his graveside is totally false because the ground around a grave takes time to settle down evenly as it is there, at least two to three years. In the ’80s when somebody close to me died the stonemasons said they wouldn’t be laying the gravestone for at least six months because it takes that long for the mound to settle and if they laid it sooner it would become uneven as the ground settled around it and it would likely fall. You can’t just skim the mound level because six feet of earth still has to settle and that would eventually leave a depression. Once the ground is even the grass grows the same as it grows in any other soil, at first in clumps and patches, taking several summers to grow evenly across a grave.
  22. kozmik
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 14:49:37
    Excellent Chris & Team, I did have a good laugh at the captions. The serious stuff took the smile off my face though.
  23. jefffree
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 15:29:11
    Terrorists in trainers! Do they specialize in hit and RUN?
    I think the only “ISIS” terrorists that threaten us are (some of) those who learn their trade on it’s “riverbank”.
    p.s. Enjoyed your half hour last night with the wide-reaching “Big Jim”, rocking.
    • Dogman
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 16:05:52
      After the old AQI leadership was killed in April 2010, al-Baghdadi took over and AQI became increasingly well organised, even issuing detailed annual reports over the last two years, itemising its operations in each Iraqi province. Recalling the fate of his predecessors as AQI leader, he insisted on extreme secrecy, so few people knew where he was. AQI prisoners either say they have never met him or, when they did, that he was wearing a mask.
      Taking advantage of the Syrian civil war, al-Baghdadi sent experienced fighters and funds to Syria to set up Jabhat al-Nusra as al-Qa’ida’s affiliate in Syria. He split from it last year, but remains in control of a great swathe of territory in northern Syria and Iraq.
      Aaron Klein, reporting for WorldNetDaily, revealed that members of ISIS fighting against the al-Assad government in Syria were trained by U.S. military instructors in Jordan. According to Jordanian officials, the trainees “were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.” Hmm….vetting isn’t up to much obviously.
      The CIA has a long history of hands-on experience with terrorists who have allegedly attacked the United States. Ramzi Yousef, the supposed mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the planned Bojinka attack, was recruited by the CIA and fought with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.
  24. cupod
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 16:49:41
    Great work Chris!
    Exposing these belligerent, self centered, narsarsistic pseudo power heads in westminster for all their shady surreptious behavior is highly respected.
    Little by little the somnambulists will wake up to the corruption that bestows them on a daily basis.
    Great site mate..keep up the good work fella.
  25. Mogs
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 16:50:43
    If I was a grieving mother, I doubt I would wear the same top to go out partying as I would to attend my dead son’s grave. Doesn’t seem right somehow, maybe I’m old fashioned.
  26. John Martin
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 17:06:35
    As super great all this story is more and more all the time,Im still thinking and shouting and writing everyday , that I think the biggest scandal, if thats the right word , is the Fact that Elizabeth Mountbatten is a criminal guilty of high treason and massive fraud . There is nothing and no one royal and all her family and others who say they are and parade about accepting wealth, should all be jailed . I received a new comment because I said that it was the duty of every police officer in the country,of any rank, to arrest them all for the crimes stated as some of them will be appearing at the Glasgow games coming up ,. I was called a mooslim, the worst person on the planet , where do you live you fat mouthed cunt and a list of others Seven MSP s said 21 emails to them are lost.and the SNP said I was just playing into the hands of the vote no voters. Pish of course as I told them because im telling everyone from SKY news to Irish Republicans over and over .. My post back said i didnt give a flying fuck about hate comments as I really believe in telling the truth and the proof is sitting in Edinburgh Castle, a lump of red sandstone Mountbatten wants everyone to forget about . Chris s stuff as always is an education into the shite thats going on in this fucking cuntry as are all the comments in here from everyone so we all need to protect him and stand up for him against Zionist controlled MSM and silly stupid sheeple rat cunts that threaten him and his . He s a tower of strength.
  27. G. Travers
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 17:27:05
    Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi cannot possibly be a made-up name by the men in G-strings. It is 100% genuine. After all, I believe the media in Iraq often refer to the Mayor of London as “Abu Boris Looni Bin Al Londondaddy.
    • wiggins
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 20:19:18
      LOl…………I seem to recall Private Eye taking the piss out of Roy Hattersley when he was MP for Sparkbrook in Birmingham which had a large Asian Community as….Roysanjani Hatterjee.
  28. Barney
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 17:33:33
    Every thinking person knows we’re ruled by the vilest of perverts, and that the despicable LIZ-ARD in the palace and it’s evil husband are among the worst, and then there are the REAL rulers of the entire world, the satanic Rothschilds, or as a former friend of mine prefers to call them, the infantile and evil “wrath-child”.
    The wrath-child types a number on a computer, calls it “money” and charges us compound interest (rent) FOREVER from that instant. What couldn’t we buy if we all had that power?
    Now you all owe me, and the amount of the “debt”, like every country’s equally imaginary “national debt”, increases every minute until the end of time – or until the general public sees the scam for what it is and does something to end it.
    We’re being allowed to know about a few of the perverts in power for two main reasons.
    1 – Sacrificing a few “disposable” perverts draws attention away from the worst offenders, and the ones that end up entering the prisons by the main gates will (I’m convinced) very shortly be leaving by the back door with new identities and a wad of money for “services rendered”.
    2 – It gives zog an excuse to (pretend to) “crack down” on their favourite sites hosting the vilest images of child abuse, almost certainly set up by themselves. Only trouble is, those sites are (presumably) still there while completely unconnected sites are closed down or blocked throughout Europe.
    Try accessing most of the sites that allow people to watch films on-line without having to pay. You can’t. Instead you get a message saying “error – site blocked”.
    Try accessing certain “truth” sites. You can’t unless you use something like Tor.
    Two examples. The site “The Forbidden Truth” appears to have been taken down, and, a site that tells the TRUTH about jews and non-White crime, mainly in America, can only be accessed through a proxy.
    http ://
    All that in the name of eliminating vile images of kids being abused and worse, and about “stopping terrorism” while the perverts in power ensure that their favourite child porn sites (presumably) remain up, and we all know who the terrorists are.
    They could block the filth as easily as they block “truth” and “dissident” sites. No need to ask why they don’t.
    I predict that the pervert known as “Cliff Richard” (alias “Kitty”) will become the next “Jimmy So-Vile” (Saville) if he dies soon enough. Until then, he’ll continue to be protected like all the others on the Elm House guest list.
    How does a criminal get a “super injunction” protecting him from the consequences of his evil? Shouldn’t the legal system be about protecting US (our kids anyway) from the likes of HIM?
    No, silly me. It was never about justice.
  29. Michael M
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 20:08:00
    Dear Chris,
    Very thought provoking piece and very humorous in parts, particularly the funeral stuff.
    The Israeli terrorism directed against defenceless Palestinian people is depressing though, but this is of course justified since, according to the BBC and the rest of the MSM, they are busy firing rockets into some empty space in the stolen piece of real estate now called Israel. Quite how these people who call themselves ‘journalists’ can sleep at night is beyond me. Do they have no shame at all?
    The other thing that occurs to me regularly when I read your stuff is that surely there must be some (a few?) members of the terror, oops sorry, security services who do not go with the flow…. mustn’t there. Is there no possibility at all that there might be rumblings inside these organisations by those who have not yet sold their souls to the sick scum running the show?
    By the way, I was talking to a Pakistani bloke yesterday about the criminal actions of the UK and other governments. He said “I don’t understand British people. It’s obvious the BBC, CNN, etc are just spouting government propaganda. Nobody in Pakistan believes their stories. Why do British people accept everything the BBC tell them?”
    My response: “Because they’re stupid. They have been made stupid by education, TV, MSM, football, beer, etc, etc.”
  30. Lisa
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 20:21:55
    Breaking News! Never mind the reshuffling of cabinet, Sean the Sheep has beaten the Wombles as favorite children’s character! I say NEVER does a Sheep beat a Womble… not in our world. ;). xx
    • Dogman
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 20:32:34
      “We’re all in the pretend game so I figured why not!”
      Interesting choice of words ryan.

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