If there’s nothing in the Westminster paedophile ring stories, then prove it

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If there’s nothing in the Westminster paedophile ring stories, then prove it

It should not be this arduous or tricky to find the truth about the Westminster paedophile ring stories

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Westminster Palace at Dusk

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Over the weekend, more startling – or more accurately revolting, jarring, nightmarish – allegations were made about an alleged 1970s and 80s Westminster paedophile ring. Here is a story that over 2014 has refused to die. One from a relatively recent era, where the clue trail is far from stone cold and many of its witnesses, its accused offenders and its preliminary amateur investigators are still living.
If this supposed ring’s existence is hogwash, a massive politically fuelled red herring, it puzzles me why no one has managed to prove it so. These fresh allegations from a man known only as “Nick” recall his repeated rape as a child aged 10 by groups of men, including an MP, in London town houses. Crucially, “Nick” claims to remember another boy being murdered, dying from strangulation during a gang rape.
What I – and many others, I’m certain – would like now, more than ever before, are some firm answers. In the past, we may have been forgiven for turning our faces away from unfeasible horrors such as this. We may have written off headlines about murdered boys and mass orgies as fantasy, or as grudge-settling skulduggery, or as the askew “memories” of a mad person, or as the chunterings of an attention-seeker who had read too many of David Peace’s Red Riding books.

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We rushed with reasons to disbelieve those abused by Jimmy Savile because, well, as if Savile could have used BBC flagship shows as rendezvous points for himself and girls from children’s homes… How grimly ridiculous! As if respected medical institutions would allow Savile access to patients and then hush up their complaints!
What Savile’s reign of darkness has taught us is that, in modern times, it is simply not good enough to half-listen to the memories of men such as “Nick”. Nor does it seem good enough, in this case, to sit calmly waiting for an inquiry. Which political figures are rushing, as we head towards a general election, to expose this seedy underbelly? This is a case that should be investigated far, far away from the political parties, the business connections and the family ties of the people involved.

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