Christine Oprean 26 November 20:02
!!! IF YOU WERE SEXUALLY ASSULTED as a child, anytime during the ages of 0 months -18 years old and NOTHING BECAME AS A RESULT OF YOUR REPORT!

You are a parent advocating for your child now, or you are a sexual abuse survivor of any age, who holds to the truth of your assult.

I am here to unify our voices to show America that unsubstantiated sexual abuse reports never mean sexual violations didn’t occur.

This is how survivors are going to take the power back, stop the hostile dependency on the system that denies, minimizes and blames us for keeping our truth and wanting to expose it.

Together, we will be the new social workers for American survivors of sexual abuse. We will be the new advocates, who have nothing more to lose which time has not already depleted us from. We are taking back all that the locusts ate from us, for the ones who gave up, for the ones struggling in addictions, for the ones incarcerated in prisons and silenced by gag orders, and for the murdered sexually abused.

“You’ll never silence the voice of the voiceless!” – Zach de la Roacha, Rage Against the Machine

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