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Man sentenced to 5 years prison after co-worker finds child pornography on his iPod

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Xavier Barac Lopez 

By: Wayne Morin

A man in Texas, was jailed after his co-worker found child pornography on his iPod and reported it to the police.

Now, Xavier Barac Lopez was sentenced to five years in prison after he owned an iPod that contained 33 images of child pornography.

The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office said that a co-worker found the iPod in a bathroom at work.

Lopez,23, worked at Dairy Queen in Brownsville, where he left his iPod in the bathroom. A co-worker found the iPod, and in an attempt to see who it belonged to, the co-worker discovered child pornography.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Lopez had at least 33 images of child pornography on the iPod, which was labeled “Xavier.”

The images showed children younger than the age of 18, engaging in sexual conduct.

Lopez was charged and convicted on all 33 counts of child pornography.

State District Judge Ronaldo Olvera sentenced the man to five years in prison.

“Children cannot willingly consent to such behavior, and its short and long-term effects consist of scarring a child for life,” said District Attorney Luis V. Saenz.


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