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GRAPHIC: FBI found ‘bucket of heads, arms and legs’; bodies sewn together in Arizona

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Testimony has begun in a horror story out of Arizona after buckets of body parts and heads, bodies and genetalia of different people were sewn together and hung up on a wall.
The FBI raided Biological Resource Center in 2014. Now a lawsuit is providing more gruesome details at the body donation and tissue bank facility in Phoenix.

Testimony released about condition of body donation center during 2014 raid: “Bucket of heads”
Published at: 17:36, Wed Jul 24 2019

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FBI raided the business on accusations of illegal human trafficking and sale of human body parts.

Here is an exert from what one FBI agent found:
“A cooler filled with male genitalia bucket of heads, arms and legs, infected heads…”
The testimony included one of the most disturbing findings, “A small woman’s head sewn onto a large male torso like Frankenstein and hung up on the wall.”

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