How paedophile pressure groups were allowed to lobby and infiltrate the Home Office

Strange Days: How paedophile pressure groups were allowed to lobby and infiltrate the Home Office

This is a very important piece, based upon extensive archival research. There is much more to come out on these subjects, difficult though it will be to handle for some – there is little doubt that the infiltration of gay rights’ and lobbying organisations by paedophiles in the 1970s was quite comprehensive.

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Strange Days (published with many thanks to the author who wishes to remain anonymous)

As we await publication of the Wanless/Whittam review, here are some brief sentences on the strange atmosphere that allowed groups calling for the decriminalization of paedophilia to lobby and infiltrate the Home Office.
It was an era of turbulence and change. Things now illegal had yet to be so defined; and things then illegal had not yet been repealed. Laws and ideas relating to sex were bitterly fought over. Many paedophiles felt emboldened in such an atmosphere and thought their moment had come.
Their lobby, presented as part of broader liberation movements, was said to stand for modernity and common sense. This actually convinced some people. One editor of Gay News claimed that: “We were fighting against a lot of outmoded laws, and perhaps the ones against paedophilia were as outmoded as those against homosexuality or…

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