Nick Clegg’s Budget 2014 photo-op interrupted by angry protester Bill Maloney

The demonstrator also barged on camera during a BBC News broadcast

As if straight from an episode of the The Thick of It, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was made to abandon both a staged photo opportunity and a BBC interview on Wednesday, after he was accosted by an angry protester outside the Houses of Parliament.
Demonstrator Bill Maloney reportedly shouted at Nick Clegg, forcing him to move the Lib Dem photo-call aimed at promoting their role in the £10,500 tax threshold that was announced in the 2014 Budget, the Huffington Post reported.
In footage from a BBC News broadcast, Mr Maloney is shown interrupting presenter Norman Smith live on air as he explains why his interview with Mr Clegg was scrapped.
“[I] had to abort [the interview], because we were here for a little photo-call the Lib Dems have organised to flag up what they say is their key tax measure, which is raising the lower threshold.”
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1vSLzcjrqQ]He continued: “Mr Clegg was there, all his Lib Dem people were there, but the whole thing had to be aborted because a few protesters came along and spoiled the occasion. So Mr Clegg has gone over there.”
“I don’t know if he’ll be coming back in the near future,” Smith added.
“International paedophile rings are operating in this country, now!” Mr Maloney shouts on screen, as Mr Smith attempts to nudge him out of shot.
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and senior Liberal Democrats in the photo taken as originally intendedDeputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and senior Liberal Democrats in the photo taken as originally intended

In a postponed interview, Mr Clegg later told BBC News that the coalition has “over delivered” on the Liberal Democrat’s flagship policy.
“I’m extremely proud of what we’ve presented for savers, for workers, to make sure that we keep energy intensive industries in this country employing thousands of people,” he said.
Mr Maloney, whose Twitter profile reads: “Maverick, Outspoken, Fearless, Filmmaker, Abuse Survivor and THORN in the side of the Establishment,” tweeted after the incident: “#Budget2014 A good days work. More 2 follow soon.”
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carron stick
carron stick 4 hours ago
good work bill,watch the full video on youtube. that wiped the smug smiles off there faces.


Forest Runner
Forest Runner 7 hours ago
Clegg tries to gain the credit for everything, yet he tries to stop the good ideas, such as an EU referendum. He’s “Nick no-mates” now, he doesn’t seem to see it. The Yesterday Man, who has lied himself out of the election.


49niner 6 hours ago
What’s so good about an EU referendum? If the one they’re having in Scotland at the moment is anything to go by it’s likely to involve months of wall to wall claim and counter-claim which will leave the public thoroughly confused.

We elect people to govern and pay them a good salary to do so. Why have a dog and bark yourself? We get to choose between one set of scoundrels or another every 5 years. That’s quite enough politics for most people thank you.



Dimitrios Kiousis
Dimitrios Kiousis 16 hours ago
Nick Clegg you will never get my vote again


  1. The bbc are still not interested in exposing high level child abuse. At no point did these complicit bastards repeat bill maloneys facts and they just smeared this as a protest with no detail or interest in what bill had to say

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