Operation Ore; Why did Tony Blair order a D-notice on the MET’s largest investiagation into Pedophelia?

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About 2 years ago the computer I had been using, that had been switched on for weeks at a time for around 4 years, decided to finally give up the ghost and move on to a new state of electrical harmony. Fair enough I understood. I am in a constant state of battle with technology. Since the GCP out of Princeton concluded that human consciousness has an effect on random number generators and thus, something in the electrical fields of technology and consciousness is projecting and picking up interference patters, I have come to conclude that my computer is well aware of the fact i think it’s acting like a cunt and denying me bandwidth or losing files I know I fucking saved, and thus has decided to be as much of a dick as possible, beginning a war that ill probably ensure skynet drones will appear at my house first just to piss me off. Something I would find funny if it weren’t for the fact there is a company called Skynet and they are fucking building drones. (I didn’t give this page that tagline for nothing y’know)
Anyway this has relevance for one reason. in the absence of my beloved tower PC i had to use my mothers dilapidated laptop, which was one of those deals where you had to instantly Ctrl+alt+del when you booted up in order to try to close down the multitude of shitty virus programmes before the computer decided to restart and you had to do it all over again. One night I was working away when my mother asked me what I was doing, I told her that I had been made aware of Operation Ore, an on-going police investigation, and the speculation that the naming of high profile paedophiles within the labour cabinet was being used by Bush as a tool to blackmail Blair into war. She politely asked me not to use her computer to write letters to my MP, calling for questions to be asked in parliament as to why this was being covered up, and I kind of suddenly realized that the subject, for a lot of people, is too much to handle. There were hundreds of conflicting theories at the time as to why Blair was losing grip on power and possibly saw a war in Iraq as the solution to whitewash the cash-for-honours scandal, the allegations of strange pagan, quasi masonic rites and religious practices within number 10, and strange circumstances leading up to the so called “War on Terror”. as i was aware of Operation avalanche within the unites states, I felt this was worth investigating. The sordid tale I was about delve into was at once both unbelievable and obvious.
in the years preceding 1999, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation ran an operation called “operation Avalanche” This started when the Dallas Police and the U.S. postal inspection service raided the offices of “Landslide Productions” in Forth Worth. They confiscated the records of thousands of people all over the globe who were suspected in using the firm for chid pornography.  This was whilst a man with a history of rampant Drug use, military desertion and what the vast majority of people would term a ‘deviant’ sexual lifestyle, George W. Bush was the governor of Texas. (let us not forget that whist president, George Bush was shown to be bringing gay porn stars into the white house to fraternize with his guests) The investigation led to the breaking up of a well staffed child porn ring and the investigation of over 35,000 individuals whose credit cards had been used to access online services such as landslide.
In 1999, the FBI concluded its investigation and as for all intents and purposes operation Avalanche was a closed case. Because of this FBI felt it was pertinent to hand it’s evidence over to the Metropolitan force of the united kingdom, as there were several names thrown up by operation avalanche that the British Police would want to follow. The Met subsequently launched “Operation Ore”, an international investigation of child pornographers and paedophiles run by Britain’s National Criminal Intelligence Service. It was the largest investigation of it’s kind ever to be conducted in the UK and focused primarily on those persons whose names the FBI had handed over to the Met. Of 7,250 suspects identified by the FBI, 1,850 were subsequently criminally charged and an eventual tally of 1,451 were criminally convicted. around 500 were questioned as suspects and at the time of the ‘Blair intervention’ (which we will get to in a moment) there were still 900 individuals under investigation, as of early 2003, it was being reported that the Met were beginning to close in on some of the higher profile suspects in the case, including high ranking members of the Blair Government.
In early-2003, The Sunday Times was given a list of suspected paedophiles either under investigation, or wanted for questioning in connection with using credit cards to access child pornography on the internet according to Operation Ore. The list was quoted by several sources as containing; “The former chairman of one of the City’s biggest firms of stockbrokers, a senior director of a well known drinks company, a millionaire business colleague of one of Britain’s best-known entrepreneurs, a director of one of the country’s biggest construction companies, a prominent City PR man who acts as an intermediary between boardrooms, the media and the government. He said last week that police had not visited his home, a former director of one of the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals companies. a senior partner at a multinational accountancy firm, a top executive at a large manufacturing company. Others on the list include a senior teacher at an exclusive girls’ public school, services personnel from at least five military bases, GPs, university academics and civil servants. Many are married and respected members of their local communities.
www.sundaytimes.co.uk” (registration required, and obviously now redacted) It was at this point that Blair used one of Britain’s most draconian practices  the D-Notice, to shut down and prohibit all further reporting on the subject under the penalty of imprisonment. Unfortunately for Blair, he was unable to do this quick enough to save the hide of his closest personal advisor, Philip Lyon.

Lyon worked in the Upper Table Office, where he met MPs, the Speaker, and Deputy Speaker while checking parliamentary questions and administering early day motions. “He needed skills in computing and the internet,” said Ms Karmy-Jones. “He is an intelligent individual, and knew full well what he was doing.” When first interviewed, he allegedly told police he did not distribute material – “I just look at pictures.”
Ms Karmy-Jones told jurors: “This case is about child pornography – what others might call photos of child abuse. When I say child abuse, it may sound harsh, but it is the nature of these images which is central to the case. They are unpleasant and disturbing.”
She said the issue might be whether it was Lyon who downloaded the images. “We say it is clear he was that man.”                                     {…..}

Blair’s reasoning behind the issuing of the D-notice was that it would interfere with his lying in preparation for the lead up to the Iraq invasion. It was therefore technically issued under the dubious auspice of national security. But as one of several lists of convicted offenders within government shows, there was obviously no national security benefit to keeping this data hidden from the public, Tony Blair did it out of a simple fear that the known occult pedophilia running rampant in the halls of power would finally be exposed. As it is once again threatening to be a decade later.
The story did not immediately go away however. In the Sunday Herald of the 19th January 2003 it was reported by Neil McKay that senior members of Blair’s cabinet were under investigation on charges of pedophilia, and had confirmed via a senior source in British Intelligence (sic) that there were allegedly 2  high level cabinet ministers and possibly on former cabinet minister among the suspects and that a rolling cabinet committee had been set up to “deal with the fallout” of the investigation. It is not known whether or not one of the confirmed child abusers was Philip Lyon, thanks to the D-Notice it is also impossible to confirm who the source was, as Neil Mckay woud face serious jail time if he were to continue investigating and reporting on the story. At the time, before it was known that a D-Notice had been issued, London freelance Journalist Bob Kearly remarked:
“Whether or not a D-Notice has been issued is not clear. But based on some of the feedback I’ve been getting it’s apparent that editors and media owners have voluntarily agreed not to cover the story at this time. Operation Ore is still being reported, but not in regard to government ministers, and it’s taking up very few column inches on the third or fourth page. Don’t forget that the intelligence services are involved here, and Blair is anxious to ensure that the scandal does not rock the boat at a time when the country is about to go to war.”
And it is indeed possible to see exactly how the celebrity angle of Operation Ore was overstated as the Bair government and its ascorbic media focused in on the cases of people like Chris Langham, Pete Townshend, and more recently the now infamous Jimmy Savile case. Savile is someone to pay attention to, because his psychopathic lack of conscience actually allowed him to write about what he had been doing, and more explosively, how he got away with it:

“It is God’s truth that the absconder came in that night. Taking her into the office I said, ‘Run now if you want but you can’t run for the rest of your life’. She listened to the alternative and agreed that I hand her over if she could stay at the dance, come home with me, and that I would promise to see her when they let her out. At 11.30 the next morning she was willingly presented to an astounded lady of the law. The officer was dissuaded from bringing charges against me by her colleagues, for it was well known that were I to go I would probably take half the station with me…

“A notice for volunteers in the paper brought well over a hundred lady applicants, all determined to spend a night on the moors. The council had to decide which six, so they called a special meeting. Some of the members only then realised what they were doing. ‘We can’t have a council meeting to decide which six of our girls sleep with this man’, said several, more bewildered than outraged. So half the council left and half stayed. Six girls were selected and all of them were given matching mini skirts and white boots, as befitting a ceremonial bodyguard. They looked good enough to eat. I duly arrived in the town and it was the start of an incredible evening. The first thing was that the father of one of the girls arrived and hauled her off home. She protested loudly but dad would have none of this preposterous situation. For company I had brought along a millionaire pal who just didn’t believe my story. When he saw the crumpet his eyes shot out a mile and his total conversation for the evening was an incredulous ‘Are we kipping with them?’          Jimmy Savile “Love is an Uphill Thing” 1974

Understand what is being said here. “If I go down i could take half the station with me”, why? because paedophilia is rampant among freemasonic orders, and as a man who actively wore his knighthood around his neck, Savile would be well aware of which members of the judiciary and Police force he could ‘take down with him’ for also being paedophiles. As the vast preponderance of paedophile rings uncovered by Operation Avalanche show, these fuckers like to stick together. However having seen a lot of this happen before to feckless celebrities sick enough to engage in this kind of activity, I was incredibly interested to see exactly why Savile’s case was being highlighted and pushed to the forefront, which is when the hard nosed Journalist Phillip Scholfield handed a list of suspected paedophiles in the British Government to David Cameron live on air, and Cameron’s long trumpeted public speaking and PR skills deserted him for a brief moment, and the dreaded “oh shit” look came across his face.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m-5BUNXfNU?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]

Lord Robertson Takes Legal Action

Now if people reading this are having trouble digesting the fact the spurious details involved with this case point to Philip Lyon being merely one of many paedophiles practicing their perversions out of the Houses of Parliament, things get even more shadowy when one begins to look at the Thomas Hamilton case of the Dunblane Massacre. In 1996 Thomas Hamilton, a mentally unstable Freemason who had already been investigated by Scotland Yard under allegations of child abuse, acquired a gun license, and went on to commit a massacre at the Dunblane primary school, ruthlessly killing most of the children in the grade one class.
after the enquiry, lead by freemason Lord Cullen was concluded, it was decided by the Scottish Office, the Crown Office and Lord Cullen himself advised that parts of the enquiry remain under a 100 year gag-order. These parts would not even be allowed to be referred to. This was again done under the ridiculous auspices of not wanting to distress family members of the victims. Media surrounding the information blackout was quick to reassure the pubic that this had nothing to do with wanting to conceal the circumstances under which Mr Hamilton had successfully gained a permit for 6 handguns, after previously being turned down for being deemed mentally unfit and having been involved in child sex investigations. After two years of the relatives of the victims the politicians and judiciary said they were trying to protect, campaigning agaist said politicians and judiciary for the release of  the restricted information, the Crown office decided to lift the ban on information, with the massive caveat that even this new uncensored version would be “edited”. Meaning they released fluff, the stuff they don’t want being talked about for another century (I.E. when these people are dead and can no longer be punished for their crimes) is still hidden.

What many were trying to highlight however, was the strange connection between Thomas Hamilton and Lord George Robertson, at the time the acting NATO secretary general (Robertson resigned his post just before the publication of the Sunday times list and Blair’s subsequent D-Notice.)
as a now redacted article in the Scotsman stated:

Lord Robertson told Lord Cullen’s public inquiry he became increasingly concerned about Hamilton’s militaristic camps after his own son attended Dunblane Rovers, run by Hamilton in 1983. After speaking of his fears to Michael Forsyth, then a newly elected MP for Stirling, Lord Robertson kept him informed of publicity relating to Hamilton’s clubs.
Yesterday, the Mail on Sunday claimed the letters between the two politicians drew a detailed picture of Hamilton’s perverted behaviour towards young boys in his care as well as his firearms obsession.
The paper states that letters from Mr Forsyth “campaigned on behalf” of Hamilton from 1983 onwards, but that he also passed to police parental concerns about Hamilton’s personality. After receiving letters from Hamilton complaining about a police investigation into his 1988 summer camp, Mr Forsyth raised the issue with Central Scotland Police.
A year later, Hamilton met the force’s deputy chief constable and, the Mail says, shortly afterwards the killer wrote to Mr Forsyth “thanking him for his assistance”. (…)

Lord Robertson did not follow through with his legal action, the mere threat of the forces he could shitstorm down on a local newspaper was enough for the article to be pulled (thank Christ for diligent page savers!), but the fact remains his and his colleague MP Michael Forsythe were no strangers to the psychopathic tendencies of Hamilton, and were tracking his case. Hamilton was also allegedly found by the Cullen Enquiry to have allegedly exchanged letters with the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth. Once again, as Neil Mackey reported, the around 100 documents censored under the century long gagging order there were included letter by both Tory and Labour ministers, including the alleged letter by MP Forsythe, extolling Hamilton’s virtues. This was encouraged by a letter by Lord Robertson in which he had enclosed flyer for Hamilton’s boys club, and as the Sunday Times article had shown, Robertson must have been positive in his references to the psychopathic suspected paedophile, or surely the glowing reference from Forsythe, much less the eventual gun license, would not have been issued.
A possible reason for this could be seen in the articles still under censorship in the Cullen enquiry, these include:

  • A ‘comparative analysis of Thomas Hamilton’ by Central Scotland Police
  • Information about Hamilton’s ‘use and possession of firearms’
  • Pathology reports, Hamilton’s autopsy report, and analysis by Glasgow University’s forensic science lab on blood, urine and liver samples from Hamilton’s body
  • Details on firearms licensing policies
  • A review by Alfred Vannet, regional procurator fiscal of Grampian, Highland and Islands, of ‘reports and information in respect of Thomas Hamilton submitted to the procurator fiscals of Dumbarton and Stirling by Strathclyde Police and Central Police’
  • A psychological report on Hamilton
  • Guidance from the British Medical Association on granting firearms licences
  • ‘Transcript of and correspondence relating to answering-machine tape which accidentally recorded conversation between police officers at the scene of the Dunblane incident’

And most importantly;

  • Correspondence and witness statements ‘relating to allegations of sexual abuse made against Hamilton’

Hamilton was not just a psychopathic child killer, he was also a serial child abuser, and many complaints as well as police investigations bore this theory out. He was, it seemed, always able to evade prosecution on this issue, but the circumstances of his eventual death and the fact he ran Boy’s Camps that were subject to scrutiny, only for that scrutiny to seemingly disappear with the kind words of a Lord and an MP, is more than highly suspicious, it warrants a police investigation of its own.

Robert Green, Hollie Grieg and the Attempt to Join the Dots.

The cover ups in the Cullen Enquiry were, essentially, do do with Hamilton’s activity as a freemason, a paedophile, who was allowed to roam freely around the Queen Victoria School in the years before the atrocity.
As the article above reported, Glenn Harrison, a former housemaster at the school, had found Hamilton creeping around the dormitories at night, and stated on the record that Hamilton and a teacher had links with a high figure in the police force, and that he was “’astonished’ when he was not asked to give evidence at the Cullen Enquiry. The pupils at QVS, who’s patron is the Duke of Edinburgh himself, had reported being repeatedly and systematically taken away and abused by a paedophile ring, and it can be only the logical conclusion that Hamilton’s presence there, as a suspected paedophile, could only mean that he was working and procuring.
It is absolutely essential that the article above be taken for exactly what it is, Lord Burton, an ex grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, went on record and did something no freemason would ever dream of doing, and made public an internal battle he encountered whilst attempting to look into Thomas Hamilton’s own service to freemasonry. He was looking to dispel what he labelled conspiracy theories revolving around masonic connections to Thomas Hamilton. It is here he states he ran up against a splinter group of freemasons, which he calls ‘speculative freemasonry’. The speculative freemasons, according to works by manly P. Hall and Albert Pike, can be more readily identified as the “Scottish Rite” freemasons, of whom the Queen herself is the Patron, and Lord Cullen also is counted among the ranks. Lord Barton stated he was bullied and intimidated when he tried to raise questions in the house of lords as to why this suspected paedophile was allowed virtual free reign around a school. Burton told Glen Harrison that he was most likely not called to the Cullen enquiry because of the explosive nature of his testimony and the threat he posed to figures in the legal establishment implicated in the QVC scandal.
And so, we see Thomas Hamilton was working procuring children from the QVS for the enjoyment of high level establishment figures, and that it was reported in the mainstream media that his work colleagues had raised concerns about this year in advance of his eventual atrocity, where letters to his MP and the Lord who allowed his son to go on Hamilton’s summer camps, allowed him to procure a gun licence. It can certainly be seen that the government would want to bury tis story as soon as humanly possible, and through careful redactment of stories and media blackouts they at least managed to get rid of the association to Dunblane and possible paedophile activity being behind the horrific massacre, but the shadow cast by the QVS scandal,and the implication that there are high level figures in the Scottish establishment engaged in paedophile rings linked to freemasonry and the judicial system, certainly did not go away.
In 2000, A girl from Aberdeen suffering from downs syndrome came forward and alleged that she was raped by her father and a gang of serial abusers operating in Aberdeen, among whom were several high level members of the Scottish establishment including Sheriff Graeme Buchanan. The ties here run deep. Dr Ian Oliver, who was the head of the Grampian police force at the time Hollie was abused, ended up stepping down over his ‘mis-handling’ of an investigation into a murder of a 9 year old by a convicted paedophile. Oliver has also been  chairman for the Key Trust, a ‘charity for the mentally handicapped’.
Colin McKerrcher, the following head of the Grampian force also had charitable (sic) intentions towards children. Whilst jailing journalists like Robert Green who attempted to follow the evidence and report on the story, refusing even to have his police force investigate the allegations, he was also Chairman of the North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee NESCPC. He is the main signatory of NESCPC’s 2008 – 2009 business plan. I would not be the first to notice that Mr McKerrcher seems to think he has more power and influence to make sure the children are safe in his personal endeavours than as the head of the Grampian Police force. it must be remembered that after Hollies original case was hard, she was awarded £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, in spite of the fact that none of the perpetrators were ever named by the court or charged with the crime, and despite Miss Greggs’ apparent ability to name her attackers, the lack of a real police investigation is gross negligence if you’re being naive, a blatant cover up if your cynical. As Robert Green reported, Hollies initial accusation were met with a shocking over-reaction by the local authorities. As Green States:

“On 5th September 2000, just eleven days after Hollie had named a large number of abusers and other child victims to Grampian Police. Ten people, including police officers, arrived at Anne and Hollie`s home that day to drag Anne to a local mental institution and to assault her publicly by thrusting a needle into one of her buttocks, in full view of the neighbours and a terrified Hollie. Hollie was then taken by social workers to her rapist father. Anne had the wherewithall to get away from the institution at Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen, a few days later and then, supported by her solicitor, Yvonne McKenna, was sent to a prominent specialist, Dr Margaret Smith for an analysis of her condition, said to be schizophrenia by Dr Alistair Palin, the doctor responsible at Cornhill. Dr Smith’s report contained the following quotes:

~ She was articulate, fluent and coherent with a good verbal ability. She appeared to be functioning intellectually within the high average range.

~ Anne is not suffering from any major mental illness.

~ She is not suffering from mental handicap nor intellectual impairment.

~ There is no evidence that her behaviour is a danger to herself or others.

~ There is no evidence that she requires detention within the terms of the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984.

The solicitor then followed up by demanding a copy of the necessary sectioning warrant. On 1st November, Yvonne Osman of the Scottish Welfare Commission replied to say that no record of the required document could be discovered. Even Dr Palin had to concede, meanwhile, that he had to support Dr Smith`s analysis and that no trace of schizophrenia existed. On 23rd January 2001 Dr Palin wrote to Anne’s GP to “confirm that I have now closed her case from a psychiatric point of view”.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MKt4RlDktA?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]It is difficult to suggest any other reasons than another high level paedophilia cover up for this vast fabrication and overreaction of the authorities to the claims made by Hollie Gregg, much less her pay out, which is an admission of the truth of her abuse, despite the fact nobody has yet to be charged with the crimes the judicial system knows were committed against her. What we are left with here is a simple situation. Hollie Grieg was abused, but the police refuses to investigate her case further because it would seem to involve investigating the people she named, who lead straight back, or so it seems, to senior figures within the Scottish police and Judiciary.
The fact that cannot be gotten away from, is even though there are many who have thrown enough shit at the fan to muddy the issue, there is absolutely no reason as to why the Grampian police force should not have investigated the claims of Hollie Grieg. there are professional looking websites that attempt to pick apart Hollies’ testimony and Robert Greens imprisonment and the defamation of Anne Grieg are all par for the course when dealing with such a contentious, controversial issue, but again, all this does is muddy the water with character assassination, it still does not answer the question as to why this has not been properly and thoroughly investigated, and the men accused either cleared fully or jailed for their crimes. This is just one example of such a case, albeit a highly controversial and publicised (at least originally) one, that has engendered the unsettled cry for truth in Scotland over it’s judiciary, police service and politicians role in many cases of systematic child kidnapping for the express purposes of rape.(subscription required) Whether or not the case is ever heard or the truth about the individual case is ever revealed, in either direction innocent or guilty, it still does not quell the growing voice in Scotland for the whole matter to be flung open and fully investigated in the open, as it should be in England.
So why wouldn’t they investigate? well, a quick look at one of the many websites set up to monitor paedophile investigations within government and their convictions makes it patently clear how rampant this sickening habit was amongst both the political elite and the rank and file of the labour party.
In 1978, an organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange affiliated itself to the National Council for Civil Liberties, a think tank organisation known today as liberty. PIE members were reportedly attracted to young boys and girls and set out to make paedophilia acceptable in wider society. The NCCL was a perfect bed mate, as it had been campaigning to liberalise attitudes towards paedophilia and reduce the age of sexual consent to 14. In 1976, the NCCL stated ‘childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult, result in no identifiable damage’. In 1977 it said: ‘NCCL has no policy on [PIE’s] aims, other than the evidence that children are harmed if, after a mutual relationship with an adult, they are exposed to the attentions of the police, Press and court.’  The assumption that paedophilia did not harm a child, yet during this time whilst PIE members were being prosecuted on indecency and pornography charges, the General Secretary of the NCCL was Patricia Hewitt a woman later to become a Labour Cabinet minister.
Harriet Harman, another Labour minister and eventual Leader of the house of commons, served as the NCCL’s legal officer for four years from 1978. Despite her recent public PR statements against the likes of Jimmy Savile, she campaigned for a liberalisation of child porn laws. In the NCCL’s response to a Bill that aimed to ban indecent images of under-16s, she campaigned with the intention of having pornographic movies or pictures of children should not be considered indecent unless it could be shown the subject had ‘suffered’, claiming that the new law could lead to ‘damaging and absurd prosecutions’ and ‘increase censorship’. In this current climate of course, Harman has made many statements to seemingly distance herself from the implications of her own campaigning. Maybe she has genuinely had a change of heart, or maybe her PR people told her it may not be wise for the Leader of the House of Commons to be suggesting that the burden of proof in child abuse cases should be put on the child, to prove that they ‘suffered’ as their uncle took naked photos of them to pass out to his friend’s, business colleagues and most likely, his MP.
As Mike James, one of the original independent reporters who covered the questions raised by the Cullen enquiry, continued researching he came to the conclusion that there was indeed a cover up of high level child abuse in Westminster. When the Jersy/Islington sex scandal broke it was Jack Straw who led the ineffectual investigation. Straws own brother is a convicted paedophile, and he essentially made it illegal in 2009 for a child in care to report any incident of abuse. He was also responsible for the english end of the Cullen 100 year silencing order. Margaret Hodge MP has been implicated several times as having a role in the Islington/Jersey ritual abuse and murder scandal whilst she was head of the Islington council at the time of the cover up. Tony Blair went on to create a specific role for Hodge in 2003 of Minister for children, to the horrified gasps of her detractors whom she called the “gutter press” and the victims, whom she labelled “extremely disturbed”. It will not surprise anyone to learn she was very close to Both Jack Straw and Harriet Harman. Another strong supporter of the lowering of the age of consent is Peter Mandelson, a man who holidays with the Rothschild’s and has several D-notices in place on certain aspects of his private life. Mandleson held at one time 35 separate cabinet posts, was speculated to be one of the men named in the operation Ore documents. It all makes for some pretty uneasy reading, especially in the light of the more recent allegations involving Savile and his many cohorts, the fact is mike James has continued reporting, and continued finding incidences where cover ups appear to be in place.
And so, we come full circle, a few more years down the line these ugly accusations come back to the forefront, with a fresh set of celebrity scapegoats to take the fall, however it now seems as if the calls for an investigation into how far this reaches into the echelons of governmental power is now stronger, hopefully it will be enough to get this matter at the very least, publically investigated. Thus we come back to to Phillip Schofield handing David Cameron a list of suspected paedophiles within the halls of power, something that his intricate links to Whitehall, the banking sector, and the Bullingdon/Hellfire club secret society nonsense that our current political cabinet is involved with, would suggest that he would be well aware of any such activity going on. In the united states, former FBI chief Ted Gunderson has made a living since he quit the bureau talking at seminar and conventions about the links he and his FBI team found between ritual child abuse, Satanism and the CIA.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCOF2WmNHOk?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]Yet despite his credentials, his apparent sincerity and his evidence, he is not taken seriously or even listened to. It paints a worrying picture for how this issue will continue to be dealt with in British public life.
Cameron is now on the back foot, trying his best to characterise any such allegations as a “homosexual witch-hunt” which any logical minded person can see is not the case. there are threads of evidence to be followed here, and when it comes to the safety of children they must be followed, something Grampian police are yet to grasp. the equation of chid abuse with homosexuality is done by Cameron alone, in order to attempt to dispel a vast swathe of people that will be taken in by this argument. but nobody here is being homophobic, child abuse is both a straight and gay issue, and a ‘straight’ woman protecting paedophiles should be investigated as much as a gay man doing so. the government will always be divisive on these issues, trying to say that to have concerns about child abuse is to exhibit homophobia is a clear example of deliberate misrepresentation of the argument, in the vein hope that the stupid with consider it guilt by association and stop researching the topic.
The fact is this subject has now come to light, and because of this it is possible that the entire sordid affair will be blown open. It is fair to say that the article I COULD have written on this subject is at least 3 times as long, and involves everything from Cherie and Tony Blair’s pagan belief system to the Boys-town USA paedophile network that was covered in the conspiracy of silence documentary,
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asvl6kO1Vo8?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]For posterity’s sake I feel it is worth here highlighting the main cases and the issues that surround them, issues that are yet to be resolved but which must be taken into contextual consideration  when looking into the allegations Cameron had to face on the This Morning programme. There it was characterized as an “internet campaign” whereas in true fact there are many people in the journalistic community who have raised these questions, and met an equal amount of resistance that grandmaster Lord Burton did. For this reason alone, this subject deserves further study.
As a recent interview with former child actor and activist Ben Fellows highlights in an article titled “I Ran the Gauntlet of Paedophiles in the Entertainment Industry”, the accusations at the BBC are just beginning. Lets hope they dont get in the way of those levelled at government.
(Edit: Over the 2 days this article was written, subsequent allegations have come to light regarding Newsnight’s accusations towards Lord McAlpine. In the previous hour or so, BBC Director General George Entwhistle has resigned over the scandal. This is obviously an ongoing investigtion and whilst it must be remembered that Lord McAlpine is innocent until proven guilty, it must be remembered that this is not the first time the Lord has been implicated in such a case, and an open mind must be kept until an enquiry is held. Lord McAlpine absolutely must not be allowed to intimidate his way out of investigation.)
[To be continued]
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