Robert says Thank you

A tiny vid of Robert published today thanking everyone for our continued support. He seems relaxed and cheerful and ever so slightly plumper than when I last saw him in early June – good!
It must be continuously remembered however that Robert is anything but free. Summer holiday? Weekend by the sea? Forget it, he has to check in every evening at the local police station and he can’t even go online!  Even Sheriff Fleetwood when considering the matter of bail for the fourth time referred to the conditions put forward by Robert’s solicitor Gerry Sweeney as ‘draconian’, hence saw no option but to concede to them and grant bail at long last.
Mr Sweeney & team are now working on an application for the conditions to be relaxed, there still being 5 out of 6 months to go until Robert’s case comes at last to trial on 21st January 2015. (Forget 27th June & 16th July, the usual delaying tactics, shades of the 18 Interim Diets prior to the previous case being heard at Stonehaven in January 2012…).

Original Article at Free Robert Green http://www.freerobertgreen.co.uk/robert-says-thank-you/

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