How Jimmy was able to Fix it !!!

Quote Leon Brittan Update. Bill Maloney & Chris Fay.

Warning it contains horrific details

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeAc6UwfOuM

Thanks Billy ‘Snuff movies’ have been talked about for
decades , the description of the ‘London tape’ by Chris
Flay is horrific, but probably only the tip of the iceburg.

Leon Britton in his own underage sex tape !!

These lastest allegations and I’m sure there
are more now and historical, adds
credence to allegations former PM Edward Heath
was a child sex abuser and murder. These attacks
took place aboard his various yachts Morning cloud,
using boys procured by Saville from children homes
in Jersey article by Michael Shrimpton and others…


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9ABUEu4XlU?rel=0]
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9ABUEu4XlU

Published on 13 Mar 2013

michael shrimpton,barrister and author of the book Spyhunter names
Ted Heath,UK prime minister in the 1970s as a paedophile and child
muderer(or at least an accessory).According to Shrimpton,Jimmy Savile
procured children from Haute de Gaurenne childrens home in jersey and
took them to Heaths boat,Morning Cloud,where they were abused and
murdered and thrown overboard.This is why no bodies were found at
Haute de gaurenne.Michael shrimpton was speaking on
Bristol Community radio in january 2013

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Full interview which has been posted many times…..

Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath (and others)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNelt33QP_8?rel=0]
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNelt33QP_8

Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath (and others)

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Published on 17 Jan 2013

What David Icke has said since 1998 about paedophile and child killing Prime
Minister Ted Heath is backed-up here by barrister Michael Shrimpton, an
Intelligence and national security consultant, from his own contacts and inside

Michael Shrimpton says that Prime Minister Heath (1916–2005) was a paedophile
who murdered his young boy victims or had others do it, often by throwing them
into the sea after Heath had abused them on his yacht.

The record-breaking paedophile and BBC ‘star’ Jimmy Savile supplied boys for
Heath – many of them from the Jersey children’s home, Haut de la Garenne, with
the support of those who ran the home.

These facts were covered up by Heath Cabinet Secretary John Hunt, Baron Hunt of
Tanworth, who Shrimpton says was also a paedophile. Hunt was appointed by the
Queen to be a Companion, Knight Commander and Knight Grand Cross of the
British Order of chivalry known as the The Most Honourable Order of the Bath of
which the Queen is the head and Prince Charles the Grand Master. Hunt was also
given a Papal Knighthood by Pope John Paul II – so was Jimmy Savile who was also
knighted by the Queen.

Jimmy Savile was a close friend of Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip and Prince
Charles from the 1960s and this continued for decades AFTER the cover up of
Heath’s paedophilia and child murder in league with Savile. You mean they didn’t
KNOW? Is someone having a laugh? British Intelligence didn’t know? Ditto.

What’s more … AFTER the Heath-Savile cover up, Savile became such a close
friend of Heath’s successor and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her husband
Denis that he was invited to be with them on New Year’s Eve every year for more
than a decade.

Thatcher’s government and circle of associates and aides was alive with
paedophiles including Chester MP Peter Morrison, a close aide to Thatcher from
1975 to 1990. He was a notorious paedophile, well known to colleagues and the
media, and yet Thatcher and her Cabinet and inner circle did NOTHING while he
was abusing boys in North Wales children’s homes and elsewhere. Anyone in that
circle MUST have known. Thatcher minister Edwina Currie wrote in her published diaries:

‘One appointment in the recent reshuffle has attracted a lot of gossip and could be
very dangerous: Peter Morrison has become the PM’s PPS [Parliamentary Private
Secretary]. Now he’s what they call a ‘noted pederast’, with a liking for young boys;
he admitted as much to [Conservative Party chairman] Norman Tebbit when he
became deputy chairman of the party but added’ ‘However, I’m very discreet’ – and
he must be! She [Thatcher] either knows and is taking a chance, or doesn’t; either
way, it’s a really dumb move.

[Conservative MP] Teresa Gorman told me this evening (in a taxi coming back from
a drinks party at the BBC) that she inherited Morrison’s (woman) agent, who
claimed to have been offered money to keep quiet about his activities. It scares me
as all the press know, and as we get closer to the election someone is going to
make trouble, very close to her indeed.’

I named Edward Heath as a serial paedophile and child killer in my book, The
Biggest Secret, first published in 1998 — seven years before he died. I also named
him and his Chancellor of the Exchequer Anthony Barber as practicing Satanists, as
I did the leading members of the royal family. Heath was read what I said by an
excuse for a ‘journalist’ days after publication and he did nothing because to do so
would have had the truth exposed in court — as it would be now if anyone from the
Thatcher cesspit wants a go. Michael Shrimpton mentions Barber in this interview
as being in league with Heath and Cabinet Secretary Hunt.

If Operations Fairbank and Fernbridge, the police investigations into political
and ‘elite’ paedophilia, don’t not make arrests of big political and royal names so
they can be questioned under caution then it, too, will be shown to be a cover up
given the evidence that mounts all the time.

Michael Shrimpton goes on to talk about what he says happened to the abducted
little girl Madeleine McCann, the assassination of Princess Diana, the murder of
weapons expert David Kelly who could have trashed the lies used to justify the Blair
invasion of Iraq, and what Shimpton says was the murder of former British Foreign
Secretary Robin Cook.

I can’t confirm what he says about Madeleine or Cook but for sure I can with
everything else with regard to Heath, Savile and the Conservative Party and
government. Nor do I agree with all of his assumptions about who was behind it all,
and certainly not that British Intelligence are the ‘good guys’. But it is very
interesting information very much worth hearing.

Michael Shrimpton is the author of the book, Spyhunter, which he hopes to publish
this year.

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I posted this earlier in the thread….


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq6lJsBz9UY?rel=0]
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq6lJsBz9UY

Published on 31 Mar 2012

A hard-hitting emotionally charged 60 min documentary by Bill Maloney (Award
winning independent film director) who’s family were all brought up in the UK care

It covers Maloney’s visit and interpretation of Jersey, Channel Islands, following the
ongoing child abuse investigations of the children’s care home ‘Haut de la Garenne’.
It highlights connections with the Sea Cadets and children being brought from
London care homes for ‘sailing holidays’ on the Island. The documentary contains
strong language and strong opinions.

Due to his and his family’s experiences of Establishment care homes Maloney felt
compelled to see first hand the response of Islanders to the alleged abuse claims
and their general feeling for the Governing States. A mixed response of silence,
anger and insensitivity is catalogued from this island of geographical beauty with an
ugly underbelly. The film includes mainstream news reports with Jeremy Paxman,
Stuart Syvret, Lenny Harper, Esther Rantzen and Frank Walker.

It is the opinion of Bill Maloney that if a child was required – Haut de la Garenne
was the venue; if an adult was required – St Saviours Mental Hospital was the


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With your help we can raise the awareness of the consequences of abuse by
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