Whats it all about?

Whats it all about?

Christopher Spivey

Is it something that I said?
Fuck me, I woke up today only to find that I am the most impoverished famous fella that I know!
And let me tell you now, not one of you would want to be in my shoes.
Talk about a lamb to the slaughter.
This is not a fucking game… I don’t play games.
I’m in the Star, on the front page of the Southend Echo and page 2 of the Daily Chimpanzee – who have inexplicably disabled their comments on the article.
What’s up you monkey cunts? Afraid of the backlash?
I have also had Gary O’Shea from the Sun on my case.
I answered his questions and gave him some information… Let’s now see how much integrity he has.
In fact, lets see if he has a spine.
Course, the most damaging article was the one in the Southend Echo with a large photo of my shiny bald head on its front page.
After all, I live in Southend and I don’t exactly blend in with the background do I?
Moreover, except for O’Shea none of the other 3 shit rags have so much as even tried to contact me and all have in effect, put my life and the safety of my family in real danger.
Indeed, it now looks like I am going to have to move Stacey and Clayton out for their own safety.
I will tell you this though. Any cunt who comes round here looking to do me or my family damage better be fucking serious because you can be absolutely 100 percent certain that I will be.
You will also notice that none of the newspapers shit rags have put a link to this site, which would make it easy for people to read what I have written for themselves and as such, that fact should tell you all that you need to know about the real intent behind the articles.
Indeed, it is a blatant stitch up, just like the Odd Bod Plod Squads visit at 1.30 AM on Wednesday morning.
Let me tell you about that.
The knock was very, very loud and in the empty stairwell of my block of flats would just about have woken all my neighbours up.
There were 4 of them in total – 3 fellas and a bird, all looking like blue Michelin men with a big ‘fuck off’ wasp in their bonnets.
They immediately asked to come in which I refused since they didn’t have a warrant.
Cocky 1 then said “fine I am arresting you blah, blah , blah” at which point Stacey came out of her bedroom hysterical and as I turned round to tell her everything was okay Cocky 1 walked into my home uninvited.
I told him that they were not searching the place without a warrant and that they had a proper fucking cheek coming around here.
Cocky’s 1, 2 and 3 had by now surrounded me in an extremely aggressive manner whilst Cock 4 – the bird – went to speak to Stacey who I had ordered back into her bedroom… The same bedroom where my 1 year old grandson was asleep.
I again told them that they were not searching the place to which I was told that they were and were going to do so under section 32 and I could either be here for the search or one of them would take me down the station and they would still search in my absence.
By now the female plod had started searching Stacey’s room where Clayton was asleep in his cot. This was despite my expressed demand that she didn’t do so.
I asked Cocky 1,2 & 3 to show me a copy of section 32 to which they told me that I could look at it when I got to the station.
However, I persisted and finally one of the Cocky’s let me have a look although I wasn’t allowed to hold it… Must have been fragile or something.
Anyway, the following is what section 38 says and I have underlined the all important word.
You see, the all important word is indictable and harassment is not an indictable offence… No wonder the cunts didn’t want me to read it.
At this point I told the Cocky’s that what they were doing was illegal and although they continued to bluster they had become visibly less confident… Until one of them sloped off to call his Sargent or whoever.
When he came back he told me that they were allowed to do the search although I didn’t believe him for a minute so I demanded to speak to whoever he had spoken to.
Again the robot said no and I could discuss it while I was down the nick – which of course is no fucking good whatsoever.
Never the less, is it not against the law for a plod to quote a law when he clearly didn’t know it?
Again, they gave me the choice of staying till the search was over or going to the nick while they carried out the search and seizure in my absence… And the dumb fuck population believe that we live in a free society… Twats.
Course with Stacey so upset there was no way that I could leave her there with the thug arseholes who were just as aggressive to her as they were to me.
I was then herded into Stacey’s bedroom where Stacey was sat on the bed crying and Clayton was still asleep in his cot – despite the noise.
Meanwhile, Officer Jobsworth was busy making herself busy by going through Stacey’s clothes – literally lifting them out of the drawers one by one and opening up every purse and bag that she came across.
When they were satisfied that Stacey had no computers stashed away amongst her under-crackers, they went into the living room and began their search in there.
I wasn’t allowed to witness the search and Stacey was in no fit state to do it despite the fact that even if I had consented to the search I would still be entitled to do so… Indeed they stationed Ginger Cockey at Stacey’s bedroom door so as I couldn’t go anywhere.
He even came with me when I went for a piss, which is fucking strange because after searching the living room they appeared to get bored and did not search the bathroom, the kitchen or my bedroom whatsoever… Now why the fuck would that be after going through Stacey’s bedroom with a fine tooth comb and the living room with equal care?
I mean, logic would dictate that if I had any computers stashed they would be in my bedroom not Staceys – yet not one of them so much as stepped foot in there although one of them stuck his head in the room when Stacey went in there to get a pair of jeans from the clean washing pile.
By now two of Staceys friends had arrived to sit with her whilst I was gone. They were made to give their names, addresses and date of births and told that if they didn’t comply they would have to leave.
The Cocky’s were all as aggressive towards Stacey’s friends as they were towards me and Stacey… Remember, this illegal raid was on the back of suspicion of harassment, not fucking armed robbery.
Now, my front door closes itself and when the Cocky’s were carrying the computers that they had stolen to their car they continually let the door slam behind them despite Stacey asking them not to because she didn’t want Clayton to wake.
I didn’t have that much to do with the bird plod but certainly the 3 stooges were spoiling for a fight.
Now according to Stacey me and the odd bod plod squad left about 3.30 AM although I thought it was about 4.30.
Never the less, that is irrelevant and once down the station I was put in a cell where I did what any sensible mush would do; I went to sleep.
Meanwhile, unbeknown to me Stacey had been told that I would be interviewed at 9 AM – which would be somewhere between 3 – 4 hours after I arrived at the station.
Yet in the event, I wasn’t interviewed until around 11.30 – maybe later.
However at around 10.15 I had to go and see the doctor to have my blood sugar level checked to make sure that I was fit to be interviewed. I am a type 2 diabetic you see.
Anyway, the doctor asked me if I knew what was going on in so much as why I had not been interviewed so far.
She then told me there was some confusion as to who was going to do the interview; Essex police or Greater Manchester police.
Therefore if the Greater Manchester Police were going to do it, fuck knows what time it would have been.
In the end Pinky and Perky from Essex Police CID did the interview. Got that?
The CID interviewing someone on suspicion of harassment!
The interview didn’t last long and I was taken back to the cell until I was finally bailed at around 6 – 6.30 PM.
And for what?
Well basically for revealing what this slag government gets up to.
I have harassed nobody… Get that, NOBODY.
I have told the TRUTH, and it now appears to be a crime in this country to do so… Ask yourself why?
So what was it all about really?
The simple answer is that they wanted my computers at any cost.
Indeed they wanted them so bad that they had to resort to illegal tactics to get them.
I mean, what I have written has been up on this site for 5 or 6 weeks, so why didn’t they get a search warrant?
After all, that takes less than 24 hours to do so… Were they worried that I would skip the country within 24 hours? For HARASSMENT?
I will tell you why they didn’t apply for one.
It is because they know that they would not have been granted one because not only is harassment not a serious enough charge to qualify; the old bill have to give you two warnings before they can take action… I have received no warnings whatsoever.
The reason I haven’t is because I have NOT harassed anyone. I have better things to do with my time.
Besides, how the fuck can you harass anyone by writing your own personal views on your own website.
Moreover, my Facebook page which I only use to post THE LINKS to articles on this site has been reported to Facebook hundreds upon hundreds of times yet is still up… Facebook does not tolerate harassment.
Therefore, I have not harassed anyone on social media either.
Indeed, the harassment charge is bullshit and I would imagine that is the reason that no charges are mentioned WHATSOEVER on my bail sheet.
Therefore, since I have never contacted anyone involved with the hoax except for sending a couple of Facebook friend requests, sent only the ONCE at least 6 months months ago – none of which were accepted – the harassment can only be related to the articles on my site.
Now, the police asked me to take certain articles down – a request that I refused because I stand by EVERY word that I have written.
Therefore, since those articles are still up I cannot have harassed anyone by what I have written thus far. If I had, then I would be guilty of continuing to harass ‘people’ wouldn’t I.
So why haven’t they arrested me again?
Therefore, the only conclusion can be is that I have not harassed ANYONE and as such I was illegally arrested.
And ANYONE who thinks that is fair enough, regardless of whether or not you agree with my views, and regardless of whether you can’t stand the sight of me, then they deserve all they get in the very near future.
Moreover, the raid on my home went against police rules. After all, 1.30 AM on a ‘suspicion of harassment‘ charge can never be justified.
The following is some information regarding harassment:
2.5 Elements of the offence
To obtain a conviction for criminal harassment the prosecution will need to prove beyond reasonable doubt the three specific elements of harassment laid out in s1(1). The accused must pursue a course of conduct, the course of conduct must amount to harassment of another person and the accused must know or ought to know that the course of conduct amounted to harassment.
None of the above apply to me.
Under s1(3) it is a defence to a charge of criminal harassment for the accused to show
‘(a) that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime
(b) that it was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment, or
(c) that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable
Now, I do not think that anyone would be able to class what I have written as being for any other purpose than preventing or detecting crime.
That is what I do for fucks sake.
And again i state that the reason for that is because I have exposed this scum government for the perverted, corrupt bunch of gangsters that they really are.
Now since I started writing this article last night, I can tell you that after hearing noises outside Stacey was terrified and I have now had to send her and Clayton to live at my parents house where they will be safe.
So, doing the right thing has now split my family up.
Indeed, it is fair to say that doing this shit has left me not only much financially worse off than I was before I started writing, it has cost me any semblance of a normal life, my health & fitness and put me and my family in grave danger.
And as I say, anyone who believes that is justified – regardless of what they think of me and my work – when I have done NOTHING other than expose the truth is nothing more than a cunt.
Remember, it is me who they are trying to destroy now but next time it could be you.
As I say, I have done nothing wrong, I have harassed NO ONE.
Course, giving out addresses has been mentioned in the MSM hit jobs aimed at me.
So let me make this quite, quite clear. The only address that I have given out is that of a LTD COMPANY registered with company’s house and the ONLY REASON for doing so was for “the purpose of detecting and preventing crime”.
I therefore strongly recommend that all you cunts baying for my blood read my evidence because A MAJOR CRIME has been committed that affects you all.
Finally, let me make my position quite clear on where things stand at the moment.
I knew well over a year ago that I had attracted the attention of the scum cunts in parliament.
I also knew that in doing so that they would try to silence me.
So know this, I was prepared to lose everything and even die if that is what it takes to wake people up to the reality of what is going on in this country… Sitting back, and saying nothing was not an option.
I have lived the last year having to watch my daughter break her heart in fear about what might happen to me.
And naturally she is concerned about who will be there for her and Clayton if something does happen to me.
I have also had to live with her pleading – and I mean pleading – with me to give this up.
What can I say to her to make it okay when she tells me to think about her and Clay rather than my “stupid website”.
She is 18 and doesn’t understand when I tell her that I do this for her and Clay and for everyone else if they did but know it.
And I will continue to do so.
I love my family very much.
So the British Government best take notice of me because I WILL NOT BE SILENCED and I am going to bring them down or die trying.
You have my absolute word on that.
Take note… My support is strong, loyal and grows at the moment by the 1000′s daily.
The government have opened a can of worms… I won’t allow them to put the lid back on it.
Lets go to war.


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