www.ufmag.biz ver since a child abuse network was

uncovered operating on the famous

Groucho Clubs own members

forum, the BBC alleged child abuse

scandal that has hit the headlines

and has now become a threat to the existence

of the BBC itself. Allegations of child abuse

now incorporate two inquiries at the BBC

and a Police investigation that involves

hundreds of complaints against celebrities

and a series of arrests have taken place.

The scandal bears an uncanny similarity

to another

recent exposé

of child abuse

in the UK.

The discovery

that the UK

Media Haunt: the Groucho Club, had one

of the the largest child abuse networks in

UK history operating on the clubs online

members only forum which was covered

up. Despite the network operating with

complete impunity for almost a year on

the members’ forum, where children as

young as 7 years old were sold for sex.

We now come full circle, and over a year and

a half later, one of the UK’s most well-known

and respected institutions is also under attack

over child abuse allegations and another

alleged cover-up. This time it’s the UK’s own

BBC that has been rocked by allegations that

children were abused at the BBC’s own studios

in London by a host of celebrities. The recent

avalanche of allegations followed claims by a

woman who alleges that she witnessed the

BBC celebrity presenter, Sir Jimmy Savile,

and a convicted paedophile pop star, Gary

Glitter, sexually abusing underage girls in

in the dressing rooms at the BBC studios.

Karin Ward made the claims in documentary

on ITV, a major public service TV network

in the United

Kingdom. Ms’

Ward claims that

she was abused

by another

t e l e v i s i o n

presenter when she was 14 years old, and

saw Glitter having sex with an underage girl

in Sir Jimmy Savile’s dressing room.

The Director-General of the BBC, George

Entwistle, said that he would like to apologise

on behalf of the BBC. However, he ruled out

an internal inquiry into the damning child

abuse claims despite a multitude of victims

coming forward stating they were abused

on BBC property. The BBC faced mounting

pressure to investigate the damning claims.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron,

called for the allegations of sexual abuse to be

thoroughly investigated. The PM said that the

women’s claims of sexual abuse as teenagers

at the BBC were “truly shocking.” He said that

the allegations should be looked into by the


Since our editor exposed the largest child abuse network

operating on the members forum of celebrity haunt, the

Groucho Club, one paedophile scandal after another has

followed in the UK with no apparent end in sight.



“Police investigating

hundreds of complaints”


Universal Film

Issue 11 – 2013

www.ufmag.biz BBC – and, if necessary, by the police. At this

stage the BBC then did a complete U-turn:

George Entwistle said the BBC Corporation

would conduct an inquiry into alleged abuse

of teenage girls after all, but only after a

police investigation had concluded.

Just hours after Mr. Cameron called for a full

internal investigation, former BBC chief, Mark

Thompson, who stood down last month,

made the astonishing claim that he knew

nothing about the alleged abuse of teenage

girls and had not even heard “rumours” at

any time during his eight years as Director-

General of the BBC.

Mr Entwistle told BBC Radio 4’s Today ,

“These are awful allegations that have been

made, and they are criminal allegations, and

the first thing I want to say is that the women

involved here have gone through something

awful, something I deeply regret they should

have to go through, and I would like to

apologise on behalf of the organisation to

each and every one of them for what they’ve

had to endure here.”

Entwistle added that

the BBC would conduct

its own inquiry “when

the police have finished

everything they have to

do, and when they give

me an assurance that there is no danger of us

in any way compromising or contaminating

an investigation.” He went on to say that any

investigation would need to be done in “two

phases,” and that the BBC would “take a look

properly” after the police inquiry. “So, it’s

critically important that we start by putting

the BBC at the disposal of the police in this

regard. Any BBC probe,” he added, “would

examine the broad question of what was

going on and whether anybody around

Jimmy Savile knew what was going on.”

After BBC presenter Jimmy Savile died on

October 29 last year, the BBC’s Newsnight

programme spent six weeks investigating

allegations that he abused pupils when he

was at the height of his fame in the 1970s. BBC

journalists spoke to ten women who claimed

they had been abused or had knowledge

of abuse at the Duncroft School in Surrey,

UK, which was shut down in 1980. But the

investigation was never aired after Peter

Rippon, the editor of Newsnight, decided to

abandon the broadcast in December, shortly

before the BBC broadcasted three separate

tributes to the alleged paedophile, Sir

Jimmy Savile, during the weeks surrounding

Christmas, 2011.

A British Politician, Mr. Rob Wilson, MP for

Reading East, has written to the chairman

of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten, urging him to

ensure the BBC is totally transparent regarding

all of the allegations being made. Speaking

on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme,

Mr Wilson said, “There’s a lot more to this

than criminality – this is about a culture

that apparently existed

within, particularly the

BBC light entertainment

department and who

knows where else.”

Wilson added, “It was,

according to those who were part of it, an

environment where young girls could be

molested and possibly worse, and female

presenters groped. Now, this was allegedly

tolerated, known about, and allowed to

continue, and it’s alleged that a blind eye

was turned to this. It’s becoming, with every

passing day, more and more obvious that Sir

Jimmy The Infamous Groucho Club

Savile was rotten, but he apparently was not

alone in this, and that the culture in at least

part of the BBC was utterly corrupted.”

Asked if he would call for ITV to hold an

inquiry as well, Wilson said, “I hope that any

broadcaster that has these sorts of allegations

moves very swiftly to deal with them.” About

40 people have now come forward. The

“Groucho Club forum

had children as young

as 7 on sale for sex”


Universal Film

Issue 11 – 2013

www.ufmag.biz police are also planning to investigate claims

that Savile and an accomplice ran a sex ring

at the BBC.

A BBC spokesman said, “Both the BBC Trust

and the Director-General have stated that the

police are the proper authority to look into

these serious allegations. The BBC’s internal

investigations unit is helping them in every

way possible.” Mr Entwistle met with police,

and subsequently wrote to his staff: “I wanted

to write to you at the end of what has been

a difficult week for the

BBC, following allegations

from a number of women

that Jimmy Savile sexually

abused them when they

were young teenagers

during the 1960s and 70s.

“Like everyone who works

here, I was appalled

by the things I saw in

the ITV documentary.

I am determined that

the corporation will do

absolutely everything

it can to help find out

what happened. I want

to make it clear that full

cooperation with the

police on this matter is

vital. If any staff member,

past or present, knows

anything they think might

help, I would urge them to

come forward.”

Although the BBC tried

hard to evade the issue

and put off calls for an

investigation into the

scandal, it would now

seem that there may be

some light at the end of

the tunnel for the abused

victims, as the Prime

Minister has taken an interest. However, it

remains to be seen if the BBC investigation

will be open and transparent, or if it will

follow in the footsteps of the Groucho Club

and the wall of silence surrounding that

reprehensible affair.

The famous Groucho Club opened its doors

in 1985 in what was seen at the time as an

antidote to the traditional members club. It

was in this spirit that the club was named

after the comedian Groucho Marx, who

famously remarked “I refuse to join any club

that would have me as a member.”

Over the years the Groucho Cub has had

its fair share of sensational headlines with

media quotes such

as “Members of the

Groucho Club, the

coke stained heart

of media London”

and “White powder

scare at the

Groucho Claims

that Damien Hirst

took cocaine at top

Club investigated”

The former head

of the British

Me t r o p o l i t a n

Police, Sir Ian Blair

once stated that

he’d happily raid

the Groucho Club,

and implied that

cocaine use at

the Groucho Club

was equivalent to

buying oranges

from apartheid

South Africa or

taking a holiday in

Burma”. The raid

never happened

and most likely

never will as the

Police in the UK

have no appetite

to take on a media

corporation. This

was evident during

the recent phone hacking scandal in the UK.

While one former manager, Liam Carson,

was found dead in a pool of his own vomit

on a London street, another manager of


Universal Film

Issue 11 – 2013

www.ufmag.biz the Groucho Club wrote a book “SoHo

Society” about his experiences. Bernie Katz is

renowned for his legendary abilities as a fixer.

Son of a gangster murdered in a gangland

hit in London, he is nicknamed “the little man

who can.” Katz was quoted as saying about

his book “It is quite tame compared to what

really goes on”.

A new exposé book on the club reveals a

more sinister side of the Groucho Club. The

book includes revelations of rape at the club

by a rapist who has yet to be apprehended,

and may still be prowling the corridors of the

club. The revelations at the famous Groucho

club get worse and include the discovery of

network of child pornographers operating

on the Club’s own members’ forum for almost

a year. The network was operating on a

enormous scale and had 42,348 members

and 900,987 posts.

As the book outlines, child pornographers

were operating on the club’s forum for

almost a year with complete impunity. The

forum had thousands of posts made by child

pornographers dedicated to photographs

and videos of young children being made

available for sex. Of the 42,000 members

on the Groucho Club members forum, not

one person reported the existence of child

pornography network to the authorities.

After the discovery was made, a colossal

cover up followed by people yet to be

named. The evidence on the Groucho Club’s

website was deleted and destroyed without

informing the Police.

There was no consideration for the victims

(the children) or the parents of missing

children. This callous act impeded any Police

investigation and it would seem allowed

the pornographers to move on and evade

justice. After this evidence was destroyed

additional evidence was also discovered on

the Google search engine cached pages and

links. However, an unspecified number of

applications were made (by people yet to be

named) to the search engine to remove all

the cached pages and links.

There is a wall of silence surrounding this affair

as both the management of the Groucho

club and their billion dollar corporation,

Graphite Kapital refuse to comment on

the child pornography network or issue a

public statement outlining their position.

According to the book’s author, Tyrone D

Murphy, the exposé about the Groucho Club

is an informative and in-depth account that

is the result of a two year investigation. The

book also writes about the failed libel action

by the Groucho club, when they sought a “pre

publication injunction for libel” to stop the

author from actually writing the book. It was

a libel action about what could be written

and not what had been written. The author

won the libel case and has since published

numerous articles about the club.

Since the expose, no media outlet will publish

or tackle the allegations that have been

made. All of the evidence was forwarded to

the Levinson enquiry, an inept investigation

into the UK media that appears to have

made no difference whatsoever. What make

matters worse is that the UK Police simply did

nothing for months; this allowed a cover up

on a huge scale to take place.

The Police later issued a false report to any

politicians who asked any questions after our

editor instigated an inquiry. This Police report

was later found to contain inaccuracies

by the Independent Police Complaints

Commission the UK Police watchdog. One

of the inaccuracy was that the Police found

only found legal porn on the Groucho clubs

own members forum, this was in reference to

children in swimwear on sale for sex as young

as 7 years of age.

This was despite statements from two serving

Police officers confirming the discovery but

were completely ignored. The Groucho club

is still in business, the press still have no

interest and the Police are simply doing what

they normally do. If you have information

about this issue please e mail us


We do not frequent the Groucho club, do



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