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I received a letter from a Scottish police officer called Neil Richardson last week.

In it he repeated the ridiculous mantra that a “thorough investigation” into Hollie`s allegations had taken place. Officer Richardson had clearly not bothered to check the facts before putting his name to such nonsense. Police evidence given on oath at my trial confirmed that not one of the 22 named alleged abusers of Hollie, whom the police have already described unequivocally as a victim, had ever been questioned, or had their computers examined, following Hollie`s statement to the police on 8th September 2009, which I witnessed. Additionally, the letter failed to address the fact that Grampian Police had withheld two crucial medical documents supporting Hollie from the Prosecutor.

The police officer who made this staggering confession in court was the one who had interviewed Hollie , DC Lisa Jane Evans. Of course, Hollie`s claims had been fully supported by a wide range of expert witness statements that are in the public domain. At the police interview, Hollie conducted herself throughout three and a half hours with astonishing courage and composure and despite her speech impediment and her recounting of horrifying ordeals, made her statements with impressive clarity and detail.

DC Evans` admission was supported by nine of those accused by Hollie, who was accepted as a truthful and competent witness, whom the prosecution had chosen to testify against me. All nine confirmed that the police had never interviewed them over Hollie`s strongly and professionally supported allegations made to DC Evans.

Significantly,the complainants against me did not include Denis and Greg Mackie, the two individuals against whom the expert evidence was overwhelmingly strong.

The nine who gave evidence in open court, with no reporting restrictions, are as follows.

That is all.

Although this cannot be included as evidence, the police and authorities would do well to heed the words of one of Scotland`s most prominent lawyers, Peter Anderson of Simpson & Marwick, who represents both Sheriff Buchanan and Denis Mackie. Mr Anderson is adamant that Sheriff Buchanan is innocent of all allegations, but has written to me to say that he thinks Denis and Greg Mackie may well have sexually abused Hollie and that others may well have abused her too. It is good to find a lawyer in Scotland who can not only be loyal to his clients, but be brutally honest when appropriate, especially when a small disabled girl has been raped.

Returning to Officer Richardson, what was most extraordinary about the letter is that he holds the rank of Deputy Chief Constable. This means that in the absence of the Chief Constable, the women, children and disabled of Scotland will have to rely on him for their safety and protection from sexual attack.

Now, having vigorously responded to his letter in a way that you might expect, DCC Richardson can reply in two ways.

Either he can admit his mistake and accept that no adequate investigation of Hollie`s claims has ever taken place that could be remotely described as “thorough”, or he can say that he does not think those accused of rape need to be questioned at all, even when the accuser`s claims are supported by extensive expert evidence.

Again, Police Scotland, just who are you really protecting?


  1. How can this policeman sleep at night having sold his soul to the Devil?


  2. From Rusty via Ally:

    Quote: Again, Police Scotland, just who are you really protecting?

    Good question Robert. Who precisely?

    To answer that question we need to take a step back and look at the excellent content of your last blog post of the 21st January: THANKS TO BILL MALONEY.

    Here’s the paragraph extract in your hand: ‘So many people, seeing the published expert witness evidence on Hollie`s case for the first time, ask me how it is possible for the police not to carry out the most basic of investigations and to even try to justify this inaction . They also ask why so few MPs or MSPs have the integrity to publicly comment or assist in this shocking case.
    The last question is easy to answer in one word – blackmail!’

    Very true – blackmail is a factor and for a variety of reasons. Simple drug or gambling addictions – even a past record. Marital adultery. Embezzlement / padding their MP expense accounts. A variety of crimes, past and present – which tend to include whoring and kiddie fiddling.

    But there are variations to the outright blackmail menace. Threats of violence or death towards oneself and / or family. The career threat of being stuck on the back benches – a non-achiever. Then there is the accolades / glittering prizes route – facilitation fees – aka ‘bribes’.

    And last but by no means least, and perhaps the most persuasive reason of all: Freemasonry. And in bonny Nonceland the Masonic ‘Speculative Society’ that hold sway over all aspects of government and officialdom’s branches: executive, legislative and judiciary – and this includes the plod squads – now reincarnated from its former corrupt satellites under the equally corrupt banner of ‘Police Nonceland’.

    And make no mistake on this score – the Masonic secret handshake club’s subjugation and mind control credo states that a blood oath Brother will do all in his power to protect a fellow Brother – including the requirement to lie and perjure themselves to protect other Masons.
    “You must conceal all the crimes of your brother Masons, except murder and treason – and these only at your own option – and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him. Falsify and keep his secrets”.

    Oh, viz the list of the Aberdeen paedo ring fingered by Hollie as her sexual abusers, it might be worth a mention to the uninitiated into the conspiratorial complexities of this entire scandal and its inherent coverup that the Sylvia Major who acted as a prosecution witness against you at your Stonehaven trial is the wife of the late Terry Major, also one of Hollie’s named abusers – and top dog fingerprint / forensics officer with the not fit for purpose Grampian Plod Squad.


  3. Police Scotland is a disgrace.


  4. Ally makes some great points


  5. The silence is deafening and the lack of action on the part of Salmond’s SNP government shameful as such parallels the state of denial posturing assumed by dictatorial Third World regimes when their human rights records are exposed to the public. And this gang of SNP hypocrites are pushing for Independence?

    When good men do nothing…..Evil flourishes – and in Scotland’s case, even when they do stand up to be counted – Evil and her sister Injustice still manage to flourish.


    On the 8th February 2011 DI Alex Dowall of Aberdeen Plod Squad’s paedo sex crimes coverup unit is credited with the following statement for News STV North regarding a drugs bust:

    “Grampian Police will continue to work with our communities and use all available recourses to target individuals and organised crime groups who operate in the greater Aberdeen area in order to make our communities safe.”

    This is the same hypocrite who claims to have personally investigated the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal and found there was no evidence of wrong-doing by his Masonic secret handshake club Brothers.

    Dowell concluded: “We are committed to working to identify those involved in the drug supply chain and to making Grampian a hostile area for these people to operate. By working with our local communities, we will continue to disrupt the supply of drugs in the North East of Scotland.”

    Hmmm, a pity the duplicitous Dowell didn’t apply this same propagandised rhetoric to the Aberdeen officialdom elite Satanists and their ‘untouchable’ paedophile coven that focuses its perverted attentions on the sexual abuse and serial rape – and ritual blood sacrifices – of special needs and disabled children.



    1. I am convinced that the public switch-off when they hear this management-speak propaganda and that they can tell when they are being sold a pup?

      Actions (or Inactions) speak louder than words and their conduct over the Hollie Greig Case speaks volumes about their lack of transparency and goes to the root of why the public in that part of the country cannot and will not trust Grampian Police until the truth is revealed?

    2. The joke is the police are chasing drug dealers while it is our governments that are the main drug dealers supplying the ones the police are chasing with the drug money being laundered through the Stock Exchange and Banks. Of course the police will stay away from all of that and chase the local dealers to make it look as if they are doing something meanwhile nothing will change until the REAL dealers etc are dealt with but like everything else that needs the people to awaken from their brainwashed slumber.

      Don’t kid yourself that it is just the SNP that is covering up for this and ALL of the other corruption that is going on – ALL of the political parties are corrupt and CONTROLLED by the Elites. ALL of the Scottish MP’s and MSP’s know about the Hollie Greig case as I have emailed every single one of them about it – some of them came out with the “not in my constituency so nothing to do with me” mentality – Alastair Darling being one of these.

      The Labour/Lib-Dem parties were covering this up before the crooked SNP lot got into power and these parties along with the Tories have a history of covering up pedophilia in their parties and country such as the Dunblane shootings.

      Here is a nice wee snippet for those who might have missed it at the time:


      And one of the links on that in case you miss it:


    Robert Green’s Hollie Demands Justice website is so correct on this.
    Yes the Public demand to know: just who are Police Scotland really protecting?
    Stephen House and Neil Richardson, what kind of Freemason brotherhood coverup is this travesty of justice?
    Anyway and regardless, it’s all bound to come out at the Rusty Rustage trial in February. Public exposure, gross embarrassment and many red faces for the prosecution and complainants and police who will have the whole Hollie Grieg rape scandal and her twenty-two named sexual abusers dragged out in full public courtroom view along with the fact Hollie’s abusers have never been interviewed by the police to this day.


  7. Hi Robert

    Keep going my friend. The truth always comes out in the end.





  8. Robert – I do not know if you have but you and Anne should report Grampian Police to the Police Independent Review Commission (PIRC) in Scotland for failing to investigate Hollie’s case correctly.

    I have just won a review against Strathclyde Police as was now Police Scotland. I reported a local SNP councillor Lorraine Cameron here in Renfrewshire for fraud in 2007 after having previously reporting her to the council and then reporting the council to Audit Scotland for covering it up. The police went to the council and they came back to me and told me that the council told them that they found no proof of my allegations and accepted what they had said and DID NOT INTERVIEW ANY OF MY WITNESSES TO THIS FRAUD.

    I spent the years since trying to get the councils “investigation” under FOI – Reported it to the police again who came back to me and said that this has got to stop (reporting a crime that is) The PIRC would not investigate this and said it was a Procurator Fiscal matter – Tried to get more stuff under FOI – Reported Strathclyde Police to themselves, of course they found themselves squeaky clean – and then reported them to the PIRC who have instructed Police Scotland to go back to this case re my witnesses. Don’t know how link will pan out but here it is http://pirc.scotland.gov.uk/reviews/1397_report-strathclyde_police

    If it was me I would report this case to the PIRC and see what pans out as I thought that they would be there just to make it look as if they were an independent body but who in reality would be whitewashing for the police but it seems that this is not the case – the police have been back to me and have to report back to the PIRC as to what they are doing with regard to the case.

    The police have clearly not done any investigation in your/Hollie’s case apart from teh initial one and have not followed that up and you have a mass of evidence to back that up so go for it if you have not already.


  9. Police Scotland, alike Alex Salmond and this Independence bid, are all more scent than substance. The man might be high on his own delusional rhetoric but totally dislocated from actual reality when criminally ignoring official demands from the Information Commissioner.
    And he wants Independence from England and the Crown? No problems. Make a bit of a fuck up of the Union Jack, losing the St Andrew’s blue cross – but that can be fixed with a Welsh ‘Ddraig Goch’ emblazoned across the centre.
    But Independence – let’s get real here – swapping Westminster ‘domination’ (sic) for Brussels and the EUSSR. Give us a break Alex and wake up. North Sea oil will NOT be Scotland’s.
    And what an export base you have to attract investment and trade – kilts, whiskey, cabers – and deep fried Mars bars –along with the well-established traditional tourist attractions of golf, Nessie-spotting and child sex pursuits for the paedophile inclined nonce elements.


  10. My case fell through today when cid’s finest gary winter decided to stop my interview next week. He stated the GOOD officers who interviewed me and I felt were doing a really good job of being sensitive and understanding that their actions were amateurish in respect to questioning nothing being writ down.

    He said this was not the case even though his boss found no information. How can one find and the other can’t? There is something seriously wrong with this. The call left me in total tears and I feel like I have been abused over and over again. The trauma I am currently experiencing is destroying me. No justice for the vulnerable



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