The Grouchogate Affair

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Support call for inquiry into Police investigation of Groucho Club forum child pornography network

We are appealing to you as a person of conscience who cares about the welfare and wellbeing of children and the parents of missing children. We are asking you to support a full independent inquiry into one of the largest child pornography networks in UK history that is currently being swept under the carpet
The Groucho Club is a media club at No 45 Dean Street Soho London with almost 5000 members drawn mostly from the media and entertainment industry. In November 2010 a massive network of child pornographers was discovered operating on the Groucho Clubs members’ forum. The Groucho Club website forum was operating on such a huge scale with 42,348 members, 663,709 topics and 900,987 posts 
The discovery was reported to the Metropolitan Police Service and to CEOP by award winning filmmaker and writer, Tyrone D Murphy who was investigating the clubs web site for chapter 13 of his book about the famous club. A few weeks later CEOP stated that a Police investigation had concluded and they are not pursuing the matter further. This apparent decision by the Police not to pursue the matter was made with consulting or contacting the filmmaker who made the discovery
The child pornographers were operating on the forum for almost a year and had thousands of posts made by child pornographers as late as September 2010. Much of the web pages and links were dedicated to photographs and videos of young children being made available for sex. The forum also had numerous other posts advertising videos and photography of Rape, Incest, Bestiality and the rape of young Muslim children.
There is a massive cover up currently in place as the evidence is being destroyed as we write this. The Groucho Club forum pages were deleted quietly without informing the Police so action may have been taken against the child pornographers.  The links and cached pages on Google were the only evidence left that could help convict the child pornographers. These (snapshot) cached pages and links are now being destroyed so it is imperative to find out who is responsible for the destruction of the evidence as the Child pornographers would have simply moved on.  
Management of the Groucho club have completely ignored requests for information about the child pornography ring and although they are the legal owners of the website they refuse to answer who is responsible for destroying the evidence and refuse to issue a statement outlining their position.

A recent quote by Managing Director Mr Matthew Hobbs in the Guardian newspaper stated that the forum was “abused by spammers “and he insisted that the problem arose “when we were switching servers from the old website”
Clearly this was no simple spamming incident, it was a lengthy professional operation by a network of child pornographers that were members of the Groucho Club members forum and were posting gross and indecent material for almost a year unchallenged and unopposed. Mr Hobbs also stated that Murphy, a non-member, has a vendetta. 
Murphy who has been writing a book about the Groucho Club for the past year and a half says “ I am writing a book about management of the Groucho Club and this is certainly no vendetta” he went on to say “when you discover something so fundamentally wrong, so perverse you have a moral duty to put it right especially when the safety of children are concerned”
In order to reassure public confidence in the police and to find those responsible for destroying the evidence it is crucial that a full independent inquiry is carried out into the investigation undertaken by the Police. We would therefore ask you to search your conscience and to support our call for a full independent inquiry of the case and to hold the management of the Groucho club accountable for their actions. Justice must be done and must be seen to be done
Please send an email to info@cmefilms.co.uk and make a comment to support the call for an independent inquiry
Thank you for your support
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