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Friday, July 25, 2014

Terror air attack on Glasgow movie clip- a George Laird film production

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T6zbjXKbeg]

Scotland’s inept Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill has washed his hands’ over armed police fiasco, par for the course, Scotland has been without a Justice Minister since 2007, MacAskill is destroying his brief to escape the Al Megrahi legacy, that stigma will stick to him forever, so he might as well do his paid job

Dear All

Scotland has been without a Justice Minister since 2007.

There is someone drawing the salary, his name is Kenny ¬MacAskill.

Kenny ¬MacAskill is famous for release the worst terrorist ever held in Scottish custody and then letting him left the jurisdiction of Scotland.

Al Megrahi is Kenny MacAskill’s shame, his stigma, his legacy.

After this incident, MacAskill has been trying to erase the stigma by leaving another legacy, destroying Scotland’s Justice System.

But, no matter what he does, the stigma of Al Megrahi will be around him to the day he dies.

Not a man to leave a thing part destroyed, Kenny ¬MacAskill has been quick off his mark to further the reasons why he should be sacked.

He has accused of “washing his hands” over armed police on Scotland’s streets.

Scottish Labour’s justice spokesman, Graeme Pearson, said Mr MacAskill was ¬“apathetic” to an issue which had caused huge public concern.

The arming of Scottish Police on the streets has been badly botched by the Chief Constable, and MacAskill really has been apathetic. In September 2010, I proposed the Scottish National Police Force at the SNP National Assembly, stage one was the creation of the force. Stage two involved further reforms, one of which was the armed force; post independence. This was because the Scottish army would be small and the Police would serve in time of war as a secondary force who would be weapons trained.

There would be no armed police force prior to independence because of lack of consultation, other than regular trained officers.

One of the PR disasters has been armed officers attending a routine incident at a McDonald’s in Inverness.

Also the motorist in Aberdeen who said he was questioned by four armed ¬officers over an alleged traffic ¬offence.

It doesn’t take four armed officers to do a traffic stop.

Labour MSP Graeme Pearson, a former police officer and director general of the Scottish Crime and Drug ¬Enforcement Agency, says MacAskill appears to be ¬“entirely disinterested”, however we should remember that if the Labour Party was in power, they too would be entirely disinterested as well.
The difference is that it would be their Justice Minister passing the buck. Pearson says received a letter from MacAskill which said the matter was one for Sir Stephen House, chief constable of Police ¬Scotland.

Pearson said:

“Kenny ¬MacAskill has completely washed his hands of all responsibility and appears to be entirely disinterested in an issue which has sparked significant public concern and calls for improved accountability at a local and national level. The operational independence afforded to Police Scotland should not extend to fundamentally changing the nature of -policing. Policing by consent has long been one of the central tenets of law enforcement in Scotland, but this can only be delivered when consultation with the democratic processes are delivered before action, not simply in hindsight.”

You should remember what Pearson says incase Labour win in 2016 because they wouldn’t do anything different, therefore Pearso’s intervention is not only meaningless, it is also bizarre.

As to the call for ¬MacAskill to appear before ¬Holyrood instead of “passing the buck” to Police Scotland, there might at some stage be a ‘show’ that achieves nothing if enough media interest takes hold.

MacAskill has said:

“On issues of operational independence, ¬effective governance and scrutiny, the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 clearly establishes that the chief constable is responsible and must account to the Scottish Police Authority for the policing of Scotland.”

Begs the question why MacAskill is still in place and why we should be paying him a salary!

The reason we are paying this deadbeat a salary is because he is the pal of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond.

Salmond’s Cabinet is a Cronies’ Cabinet in which for the most part there is very little talent with a few exceptions.

Not the best of the best and certainly not talented.

MackAskill has lost control of his brief then you could argue, he never had it in the first place.

At present the Scottish Government has been shut for the last three years as the SNP are all out chasing independence, Scotland’s on pause.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Scottish independence: lack of breeding, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond shows his lack of class and personal integrity by breaking his word not to politicise Commonwealth Games in a personal attack on George Osborne, just a gubby little man

Dear All
One thing about Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond of the Alex Salmond Party (SNP North East provincial Scotland region) is that his word isn’t worth a damn.
You can’t trust him whether you are a poor working class Scot or an American billionaire such as Donald Trump.
Alex Salmond is lower middle class with a lust for power and a taste for luxury; he is rather common in his dealings which betray a distinct lack of breeding.
His word isn’t his bond.
Alex Salmond made a ‘promise’ not to talk about Scottish independence for the duration of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games.
He promptly broke his self-imposed ban within few seconds.
The Nationalists have been warned not to use the Commonwealth Games as vehicle for independence however; it seems that Yes supporters plan to do just that by having Scottish Flags imprinted with Yes inside the venues.
When people think of sporting events being used for politics, the bench mark was the 1936 Olympic Games in Hitler’s Germany were Nationalists hoped to show Ayran superiority.
The Nationalists are so desperate to effect a ‘braveheart’ moment that they will attempt to hijack and use the sporting events to drum up support for a Yes vote. Piggy backing on the success of others as if they had something to do with it, quite frankly it is all rather pathetic.
The sight of Salmond’s rich Nationalists and Sein Fein lite republicans fawning over working class Scots sportsmen and woman like they are old pals is deeply offensive given the SNP under Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have done nothing but give lip service to the poor.
The Scottish National Party doesn’t stand for fairness, equality and social justice.
That being said, what does it say about the lack of moral fibre and personal integrity that Salmond displayed by using a press conference at the Games media centre to carry out a personal attack on George Osborne for being based in London?
It shows that as First Minister, he demeans the Office that he holds, and it isn’t the first time that Alex Salmond has done that, if we think back to Wimbledon Tennis, we saw the puerile spectacle of Salmond unveiling the Scottish flag behind the Prime Minister’s head when Andy Murray won Wimbledon.
When the widespread criticism started coming in, Alex Salmond ‘grassed’ up his wife as an accomplice saying she had hidden the Saltire in her personal belongings, it rather suggests that the sudden show of national pride was pre-planned and therefore just a meaningless and crass stunt to attempt to kick start the failing and ultimately doomed Nationalist independence campaign which has had little effect as the polls continually show.
At the 2012 London Games, the SNP were less than enthusiastic as they continually carped about money and contracts in the House of Commons with SNP MP Pete Wishart making some really embarrassing statements. Matters were compounded by the fact that Salmond and his Cabinet attempted to politicise the London 2012 Olympics, urging Scottish people to get behind the ‘Scolympians’.
A crass term he invented to describe the Scottish competitors, the video of the SNP Cabinet being rather narrow minded instead of statesmanlike was a new low even for the SNP, what their message should have been was to wish Scottish athletes well and also the rest of the Team GB athletes.
Apparently both sides of the referendum campaign intend to maintain a low profile during the Games, that doesn’t mean much, campaigning will continue if either side can find people to work for them.
A spokesman for the pro-UK Better Together campaign said:
“Alex Salmond not talking about his obsession for ten days? He can’t even manage ten seconds.”
In stark contrast to Alex Salmond’s personal attack on George Osborne, the Chancellor also in Glasgow delivered a speech to a Commonwealth business conference.
He did not mention Alex Salmond during his keynote address, you don’t give oxygen to a loser like Salmond; you just ignore him.
Osborne used his speech to announced £5 million of funding for Glasgow School of Art’s new Graduate and Research Centre. As well that that ‘goodie’ he unveiled £17 million of UK Government money to support the life sciences centre in Glasgow and £1.7 million for a business centre in the city.
After the defeat of Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, the Nationalists will have to address the lack of breeding within their ranks and the pre-occupation and tendency to act like pigs.
Pigs with money are still pigs; the lack of breeding and personal integrity rather says it all, playing the tradesman instead of the gentleman.
Yours sincerely
George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Scottish independence: President Barack caused a shock when he came out against Scottish independence last month, now he comes back again to say to Scots ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, the leader of the free world gives massive a vote of No confidence in Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon

Dear All
Last month, the Americans in the shape of President Barack Obama waded into the Scottish referendum debate; that was surprising because previously the Americans were sitting on the fence.
What got them off the fence was Faslane, the base is home to the nuclear submarine fleet of the UK and holds a key strategic position by its location in Scotland.
The SNP has declared they want to remove nuclear weapons off Scottish soil if they win independence.
Previously the SNP were very much anti Nato, however I believe their ‘conversion’ to sense is just a smokescreen as Scots want to remain part of the Nato alliance.
That policy will be reverse when they lose the indy vote and seen as the sham it always was, the SNP don’t want to be part of nato and never did, it’s all about trying to secure a vote cache.
As the vote gets nearer, the US president is back again, if it is worth saying once by Obama, it is worth saying:
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
President Obama has given Scots further insights why he believes Scotland should continue to work together with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
His intervention was a bombshell intervention because it was a resounding vote of No confidence in Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, obviously he wants the UK should remain united and strong.
Britain is a key US ally and has been so for decades, it was previously dubbed the special relationship in the 1980’s by President Ronald Reagan.
 Obama was speaking to Labour leader Ed Miliband along with Douglas Alexander at the White House, something which has been denied to Alex Salmond, he usually gets palmed off with a junior official.
Although President Obama is a strong No, he doesn’t get a vote, but he acknowledges that the matter is a choice for Scots.
It is interesting that the Americans should be so openly against Salmond and Sturgeon, however, I don’t believe that the opposition is just based on “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I would suggest that American analysis have looked closely into the Scottish National Party and how it operates and concluded that these are people that you can’t trust and can’t do business with on the international stage.
Trust remains a serious problem for Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man;’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon not just domestically but also abroad.
Some Observers were stunned that Obama publicly backed a No vote when the US is officially neutral but I wasn’t, in May 2012, while on the BBC Big Debate, I said the SNP needed to go pro Nato and pro Faslane remaining as a nuclear base.
Salmond and Sturgeon botched it with the simple minded student union politics mentality.
By going the way of pro Faslane, the Nationalists would have made it harder for the Americans to take sides, they don’t side with the ‘stupid people’, so no wonder they came out against the Nationalist leadership.
But George Laird got it right as per usual.
Yours sincerely
George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scottish independence: Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, needy and desperate goes begging for Labour votes for independence, Sturgeon scraps the bottom of the barrel, as the SNP manage to get 7 politically unaware pensioners, another epic Sturgeon failure!

Dear All
Some time ago I wrote a piece on the Scottish National Party’s attempts to reach out to Scottish Conservatives to vote for Scottish independence.
In my opinion, this was a complete non starter.
The article that prompted my post was something I read written by the SNP’s odious and publicly unelectable candidate Natalie McGarry. McGarry went on to be soundly defeated in the Cowdenbeath by-election having imploded the Nationalist vote by almost 50%.
During that failed campaign Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave her an endorsement saying McGarry was a ‘good friend’. That was probably like the ‘kiss of death’; Nicola Sturgeon as I keep saying is unpopular, if she thought her endorsement meant anything meaningful then she is sadly out of touch and totally deluded where voters are concerned.
After I wrote my piece, odious Natalie McGarry went on to link my blog to a hate account set up by someone McGarry and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon both know well.
In computing there is such a thing as ‘save as’, and I did regarding her tweet of 20th January. The person running the hate account has been arrested by Police Scotland and charged.
Just as odious Natalie McGarry couldn’t get the Nationalist vote onboard in Cowdenbeath, she won’t get the Tory vote anywhere else or even the women’s vote under the guise of women for independence!
Now, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, the ‘face of independence’ is trying to get Labour voters to build what she says would be a more equal Scotland by voting for independence.
That is a sick joke!
Nicola Sturgeon as Health Sec let Scots women die of cancer by failing to ensure that drugs available in England which could have saved them were made available here in Scotland!
No one is coming to help Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, so her desperate and needy plea to Labour voters that she already previously made at the SNP conference in April will fall on deaf ears again.
A few Labour voters will vote yes, but the vast majority of them will vote to keep Scotland as part of the UK on the 18th September.
Scottish Labour in response said that the Yes Scotland campaign is getting “increasingly desperate” as they realise they can’t reach their target.
At present the No side has a 16% lead in the polls, and the polls aren’t moving. All the efforts by the SNP are a complete waste of time, money, energy and resources.
In a piece of political analysis which is complete rubbish, Sturgeon said a ‘Yes’ vote in September’s independence referendum would be the “the chance of a lifetime for Labour voters to reclaim their politics and their party.
That’s just not credible any way shape or form; most of the issues that concern voters are already devolved to the Scottish Parliament.
To add to the tripe that Nicola Sturgeon spouts, she trotted out the failed SNP policy on Trident and coupled it with poverty since using Trident doesn’t sell at the ballot box. The People of Scotland have spoken on Trident; they want to keep the Nato shield of defence in Scotland. At Westminster elections most MPs returned are unionist, the SNP manage to get 6, the ‘feeble 6’ led by Englishman Angus Robertson.
Sturgeon said:
“I have canvassed many Labour voters in many elections, and failed to persuade many of them to vote SNP”.
In Govan, I have met many women in Ward 5 who refer to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon as an “arsehole”.
That being the case, it is understandable that she failed to persuade many of them to vote SNP.
She added:
“But I have yet to meet a Labour voter who puts bombs before bairns, which is one reason why I have spoken to so many in this referendum campaign who are voting ‘Yes’.”
Did she persuade anyone who thought she was an “arsehole” to vote Yes?
Or did she singly manage to avoid them while out canvassing, do tell us Nicola?
Apparently Nicola Sturgeon only meets enthusiastic supporters who think she is wonderful while out campaigning, it’s the stuff of legend and myth of the popular leader.
It’s also crap!
Ms Sturgeon’s latest call to Labour voters came at the same time that seven of the central figures from the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (UCS) work-in wrote an open letter to the Daily Record outlining their reasons for supporting independence.
I suppose a question to these seven people is; ‘why are you so politically ignorant’?
In their letter, the seven workers wrote:
“The UK government is attempting to portray itself as the protector of shipbuilding in Scotland, but nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the efforts of the trade union movement, shipbuilding has been neglected by Westminster governments, and there is a stronger, brighter future for our shipbuilding industry in an independent Scotland.”
90% of shipbuilding contracts in Govan come from the UK Ministry of Defence, if Scotland is out of the UK, both Govan and Scotstoun will go to the wall, military shipbuilding in Scotland will end, and pretty much kill the entire industry.
The letter was signed by pensioners David Torrance, Linda Hamill, Betty Kennedy, Jimmy Cloughley, Ronnie Leighton, Tam Brotherston and John Gibb, they aren’t risking their jobs but they certainly are willing to risk those employed in the yards by making such gullible statements which have no basis in fact.
The nationalists have also used two former Labour government ministers Peter Kilfoyle and Leslie Huckfield to try and advance their cause, one of their previous stalwart former Labour backers; John Cowan has been dropped when allegations emerged about his past behaviour regarding women.
Labour MSP Drew Smith said:
“Nicola Sturgeon has spent her life campaigning against the Labour Party. But her campaign is becoming increasingly desperate, no doubt because so many previous SNP voters aren’t buying the separation which Nicola Sturgeon believes in above all else. The SNP will say anything to get over the line in September, but I believe Scotland will see through the empty promises and unfunded polices which the ‘Yes’ campaign is trying to sell.”
So, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has managed to scrap together seven people who are politically unaware….. what a ‘star’, what a magnificent campaign strategy, what a coup, Labour voters can “reclaim their politics and their party”.
If there is anything working class Labour voters should be ‘reclaiming’; it is their determination to Vote No.
Is it not funny to see unpopular Nicola Sturgeon reduced to ‘begging for votes; rather shows how her substance lite indy campaign has spectacularly blown up in her face.
I guess the anti English, it’s all Westminster’s fault wasn’t such a good idea, not an A Team strategy!
Yours sincerely
George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, July 21, 2014

Scottish independence: due to the actions of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon spending decades fostering grievance, the Yes campaign is nothing more than a full blown anti-English campaign

Dear All
Brian Monteith of Think Scotland  has penned a rather interesting article in which he says that Scottish nationalism is about being anti-English.
I would say he is both right and wrong.
There are many people who would recognise the anti English element, and twitter is a poster board for that crowd.
That said, there are some in the independence camp whom anti English plays no part in their thinking.
These people however don’t really ever get heard even the Nationalist camp which is dominate by grudge, grievance and malcontent.
I would also say there is a stronger anti British element such as the ‘Sein Fein lite’, these are people aren’t nationalists but who hate the British for their involvement in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
The Scottish National Party in order to garner support sucked up to various little anti British factions as it tried to cobble together anyone to work for them to push their agenda.
At the head of this miserable group sits Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond as a puppet master, Salmond remains the most divisive politician in the UK.
His leadership in his own party is all about divide and rule, Salmond in my opinion isn’t a nationalist, he has no regard for the Scottish people. At the start of each new parliament, Salmond says ‘my first loyalty is to the Scottish people’.
A con trick as his record in government amply shows!
The poor and vulnerable in Scotland are suffering and Salmond doesn’t care. He is only interested in certain minority groups which have surrounded him and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.
A nasty vicious clique
The SNP has become under his and Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership a ‘rat ship’, a party within a party, unworthy of independence and unworthy of government, the saying ‘unfit for purpose’ could have been coined for his government.
Recently Alex Salmond went to Orkney.
At that Nationalist lovefest, he went onto talk about Scottish identity; there are three versions of that according to him.
1/ People born in Scotland
2/ People who weren’t born in Scotland but have Scottish ancestors
3/ People who live in Scotland  
Scottish identity is recognised by many as people born in Scotland, English identity is recognised by many as people born in England, British identity recognised by many as people born in the United Kingdom.
Number 3 on his list is linked with what the SNP call ‘civic Nationalism’.
This is a kind of nationalism is identified by people who believe in a non-xenophobic form of nationalism that is compatible with values of freedom, tolerance, equality, and individual rights.
That translated in the SNP landscape is boosting minorities to the detriment and interests of the Scottish people, at their expense.
In the SNP, a working class Scot is a second class citizen.
Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon also aren’t campaigning for Scotland to be run by Scots; they never did in my opinion. Some might describe as one group of foreigners replacing another group of foreigners approved by Salmond.
Alex Salmond’s nationalism stinks!
Brian Monteith recently argued:
“One can only conclude that the civic nationalism of Scottish nationalists and their cheerleaders is in fact racially, not institutionally based. It is an arrogant superiority built upon a conceit that Scots will behave better – whichever way better is defined by those that seek to set our moral compass”.
The problem there with that statement is that Salmond and Sturgeon are seen by many to use ‘Scots’ and ‘Scottishnes’s as a tool to promote themselves and the minority groups they have climbed into bed with.
Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon don’t care about the Scottish working class that is what the SNP brand of civic nationalism is. It is as false as their concerns about Scottish people.
After the referendum is finished, all the Political Partie;s unionist and nationalist will come together in a false show of unity for the cameras, but the hatred generated by Salmond’s campaign will not be going away.
People now know what they suspected; there is a deep well of hate that comes from the Scottish National Party and their cohorts.
So, when Alex Salmond did his speech in Liverpool to reassure Scottish Labour voters that we would all still remain buddies if Scotland votes Yes, you can be fairly certain that won’t be the case, either internally or externally of Scotland post 18th September 2014.
Salmond if he won can’t get a currency union so he will default on Scotland’s share of the UK debt, so how ‘buddy buddy’ will his administration be with Westminster if he got his way?
The SNP has always in my opinion wanted the Euro; they want that as a further wedge to ensure there is no going back.
Such is the strength of anti Englishness that has been developed that the writer Joyce McMillan has publicly said the Yes campaign is not anti-English.
Has she been asleep and missed the SNP Conferences where Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon blame Westminster, according to them, it’s always the fault of Westminster, the sub text is it’s always the fault of the English.
Decades of hate; conference after conference with the little anti British factions sitting waiting their turn to promote their “cause” whether it is anti Trident or anti Monarchy.
Recently I attended the BBC Indy debate at Bridgeton in Glasgow, SNP MSP John Mason attended along with Louise Bachelor for the Scottish Greens. During the show, available to listen to online, John Mason said that Scots were more popular in Europe than the English. That statement didn’t go down well with the audience. Having made that political gaffe, a few minutes later, he felt compelled to say it again.
Wrong the first time, wrong the second time, if he had gone a third, it still would have been wrong and not found favour with that audience.
Have a listen.
You can also if you listen out hear me asking question number 4 on the EU, and speaking on why there is Israeli involvement in Gaza and making a point about Article 49 regarding EU membership and why the SNP is wrong.
Anyway; are Scots more welcome than the English in Europe as John Mason said?
I wouldn’t say this is the case, to Europe, we are mostly seen as British, are Scots superior to the English, are we more fairer as the Nationalist camp says, the answer is no.
Whether a person is fair has nothing to do with nationality.
Finally, yes, the current Scottish independence campaign run by the Nationalists is anti English.
Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon haven’t a positive vision or message to sell; they just peddle grudge, grievance and malcontent which is now flowing out as hatred of the English.
Yours sincerely
George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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